Jun 13, 2011

mommy look!

Llara : (very excited) i made a necklace for you! ... it's a ScreamMunk necklace!

Mommy : wow!!! it's very pretty!! what is it called again?

Llara : ScreamMunk ... you know ... ScreamMunk!

Mommy : (trying to be civilized and not to laugh) ScreamMunk? why such a funny name for a pretty necklace?

Llara : (indignantly) it's not funny!! you told me about it ... remember?

Mommy : (puzzled) me? told you about ScreamMunk? when?

Llara : last night!! you showed me the photo of the hat and the book ... you said this artist makes ScreamMunk!! remember??!!

Mommy : (light bulbs) hahaha!!! OH!! you mean Steampunk!

Llara : (blushes and says in a little voice) ... yea ... Steampunk.

the night before, i caught my little 6 year old hovering around my messy craft table and picking up little bits and pieces and putting them into her plastic tub of collections :) she came to me when she couldn't make a loop or attach a "junk-ring" (she means "jumpring") so i helped her, wondering what she was up to combining funny elements together! AHHH ... now we know that she was making a ScreamMunk necklace for her mommy :) what a sweeeet child!!!

well ... i dunno what you think, but honestly, i think it's quite pretty!! lopsided ... yes, but surprisingly unique! i would proudly wear her ScreamMunk necklace out anytime!


  1. I think its beautiful she has tallent!

  2. Your dgtr did that??? WOW!! She definitely inherited your talent!!!

  3. I'm really fond of ScreamMunk jewellery. How come you've never heard of it?

  4. Definitely following in your footsteps, it is such a pretty necklace, I'd wear it as well. So when is she getting her own Etsy shop, lol?

  5. Hey! I am ALL FOR *ScreamMunk* as a new trend!!!
    I think it sums up my life very well...heeheehee!
    It always amazes me how children really do listen, and what they hear, how it is processed.
    Little artist in the making. :-)


  6. I think it's beautiful and that much more special because SHE made it just for YOU! Awesome job!

  7. She did a wonderful job on her screammunk is beautiful! Her Mommy has taught her well! You're gonna have to clear a space for the new talent in the house.

  8. Definitely talented! And ScreamMunk is definitely a new favorite word. Junkring is great too.

  9. Hi L - I am amazed that your daughter picks up so much at a young age and it willing to have a go. The end product is great. And I really like ScreamMunk - I think L has started a who new art genre. Go well. B

  10. Llara made that at age SIX??? Puts me to shame - I couldn't make something that pretty! The Luthien talent obviously runs in the family! I love ScreamMunk - I think it could catch on... xxx

  11. How gorgeous!!!! I see the apple doesn't fall far from tree. ;) You have a wee talent on your hands here! :) xoxo

  12. Haha, ScreamMunk...how sweet is that!

  13. I thought you had made that, it is really great for someone so young. You might have some competition. lol.

  14. Well done, Llara, that's a beautiful piece of jewellry. It's great that she's learning by watching you, and you are able to encourage her talent. Just wait until both girls are wanting to share your work space.


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