Jun 10, 2011

junk talk ...

JUNK TALK 1 : chainsaw massacre

Luthien swerves (safely) into a sliproad when she spots some men trimming down some overgrown trees by the road. her heart is racing ... faster than her truck.

Luthien : hey sir :) ... you know those logs that you have in the back of your truck ... do you have them in smaller pieces?
Man : nope ... they are what you see ... why?
Luthien : (disappointed) oh ...
Man : but i can cut these up into smaller pieces for you.
Luthien : (ecstatic) REALLY??!!

sound of chainsaw fills the air ...

Man : how thick you want them?
Luthien : erm ... YA YA ... there will do

sound of chainsaw on wood ...

Man : (shouts) how many pieces do you need?
Luthien : (shouts back) erm ... 3?
Man : (continues to chainsaw logs) why do you want them for? as chopping boards?
Luthien : (still shouting) no no ... i dunno yet, maybe for display (jewelry display :)

chainsaw stops

Man : where's your car?
Luthien : over there ... OMG ... thank you so much!!
Man : no problem :)

this is what i got from that nice guy :)

JUNK TALK 2 : what rubbish!

Husband and wife taking a stroll. wife stops dead and stares at something on the ground.

Marcus : what are you staring at?
Mellie : (bends down)
Marcus : are you picking up rubbish?
Mellie : yup
Marcus : (staring disbelief at bits of rusty stuff) are you taking that home?
Mellie : (says nothing)

after a second

Marcus : is it for Luthien?
Mellie : yup
Marcus : oh ... alright then ...

this is an example of what Mellie brings for me :)

JUNK TALK 3 : rust or shine

Luthien walks into her favourite hardware shop to snoop around ... again. from the corner of her eye, she spies some rusty chains holding together some battery packs.

Luthien : my fren!! that rusty chain you have there, can i buy it off you?
Owner : huh? that's old and rusty, i can cut you some new ones
Luthien : no no ... i want that rusty one
Owner : (stares at me in disbelief) how am i going to charge you for rusty chain?
Luthien : not too much i hope

Owner shakes his head and proceeds to remove the rusty chain holding the battery packs

Owner : (handing chain to his assistant) let me just get my boy to measure this and cut some new chains for my battery packs
Luthien: ok (grins) ... thanks!!

rusty chain comes back

Owner : (puts them in a bag) there ... take it
Luthien : so how much?
Owner : free ...
Luthien : oh WOW!! thank you!!!

Owner VO : (take it and go ...)

this is it!! the original rusty chain :)

JUNK TALK 4 : coveted hardware

Luthien was walking to the washroom in someone's office when she spotted some discarded keyboards piled at a corner. she looks around (for anyone) ...

Luthien : excuse me ... are these keyboards going to be thrown away
Guy : yup ...
Luthien : (eyes light up) ... oooo ... than can i have a couple of these?
Guy : (not sure how to respond) erm ... ok ...

Guy :
(guy picks up the newest of the lot) well ... you can have this one and there is a usbdrive too but it's got virus in it
Luthien : doesn't matter ... thank you!!

Luthien still eyeing at the old one at the bottom of the pile, slightly embarassed to ask for more ... but heck! then her scavanger alter ego takes over

Luthien : oh! if you don't mind, can i have another ... that old white one at the bottom of the pile?
Guy : that's really old ...
Luthien : ya ya ya ... that's what i want ... old :)

Guy proceeds to dig up the old white one

Guy : erm ... i'll have to ask my boss about this one ... well ... i guess it's ok ... there ...
Luthien : you sure? cos if you ask me back for them later, they'll be in pieces ... (grabbing the keyboard) thank you very much!!!

Jason (the hubby) walks in ...

Jason : gosh ... even in here you can find junk to take home!?
Luthien : (:D)



  1. Hahahaha, this post is me all over, I know just how excited you feel about it all and how great it is to get it for free! One mans trash is another mans treasure eh? :)) x

  2. Hahahahahaha.. i see my name here and can't stop laughing while reading your post! Now hubby knows why i always carry extra plastic bags in my handbag - for emergency cases like these :) p/s: i've got a few more smaller washers for you (but its all shiny, not rusted yet) hugs :)

  3. LOL!!!!
    Anne going into pharmacy (second trip as the first one they didn't have the meds) and hot as a wet hen! Looks down at pavement....sees AMAZING RUSTED WASHER!!! (like your pic) Picks it up, stashes in wallet.......smiling; life is GOOD!!!
    I love your salvage stories! I feel right at home....
    Moving my *junk* around today, trying to stash and organize. (yes, you may roll on the floor laughing at that last statement...)


  4. Love it! I have some great finds I picked up in the road too! Rusty and squashed beer can that had been run over by man a truck is one of my faves!

  5. SCORE!!! Your a woman after my own heart! A Junk Sole Sister! You Done us Proud. We have a steel junk yard here that is like Heaven ~ way better than the mall! Can't wait to see what you create. HURRY.

  6. A true treasure hunter is always on the hunt. Everywhere.
    Now I want to see what you will create....

  7. What an entertaining read that was! Haha! Loved it...and the excitement of seeing how you put it all together :)

  8. VERY amusing Luthien and yes, I can relate to that. Morning walks are a trial for R as I stoop to pick up old bottle tops that have been run over by many cars and left in the weather to rust. It will be a treat to see some of your 'junk' in your usual beautiful pieces.

  9. I cannot wait to see what you make with all your wonderful treasures! One can almost always find something amazing when you're not really searching too hard! Enjoy!!!! :)

  10. LLLOOOOLLL!!! What a laugh I had! As the others above, that is me. Wonderful, creative way to convey this story!

  11. Love the conversations!! And the junk! I'm always picking up odd bits on the road when I find them.


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