May 24, 2011

... of Maiar and Ainur ...

Spring is well on the way … I continue to extend my stay with the Lady of the Woods. The magical woods of LothLorien never cease to fulfill my heart and renew my soul. I cannot return to my own land, for if I did, I would be a mere shell of my existence. This eternal land has captured my imagination and I am a willing prisoner. This day, the Lady of the Woods takes us back to a time long ago, when the Ainur were first created by Illuvatar and the Maiar walked amongst us …

Seed of Maia

Light of Ainur

i have been having so much fun with the brass wires i just cannot stop! and discovering the beauty of the Picasso Jasper doesn't help either. this jasper stone must be one of the most beautiful stones i've ever see. rustic and nature's work of art!

ooo ... guess what came in the post last week?! this BEAUTIFUL stash of vintage copper washers from Renate! thank you sooooooo much Renate!! i soooo LOVE THEM!!! and they make me wanna do COPPER!!!!

oops sorry! gotta go ... my little Maia is wanting her mommy :)

p/s ... i just realized that baby Maia's name actually represents a race in Tolkien's world. they were one of the first races ever to walk Valinor after the Valars or the Ainur. they were the kins to the Valars and were called the Maiar (plural for Maia). Gandalf is a Maia ... how cool is that!!


  1. Way cool Luthien... as is the baby Maia herself. Love the Picasso Jasper but my latest fave is Sea Sediment Jasper. Pity I'm too busy painting to make jewels at present.

  2. omgosh!!!
    What beautiful work, and taking care of a baby blessed from Tolkien's lore too! How do you manage?
    I am still hobbling about the studio, waiting for a few remaining parts to come to start another stole, and making a new blog....
    The fun never ends, eh???
    beautiful indeed!


  3. Both new creations are exceptionally lovely - but the pendant just tugs at my heartstrings...
    Can't wait to see what you do with the washers...

  4. LT - great to see that the LL muse is still running for you and helping you create beautiful pieces. And what a wonderful stash of washers - love copper. Go well. B

  5. Hi Luthien, I love these new pieces that you have created. Thanks for visiting me, that is Isabella my youngest daughter in the party photo, she just HAD to be in the picture!

  6. Very, very cool! These creations are just beautiful, and I love the Picasso Jasper. Great collection of washers, which I'm sure will turn into something magical.

  7. Luthien, your work is just divine! Always so magical and beautiful! xo Michele

  8. Gorgeous new goodies! I never want to leave Lothlorien, either. :) That is so cool that your daughter's name is actually a Tolkien race. Gandalf would be most proud. :) Theresa

  9. Luthien I thought you would enjoy this and have a photo to contribute to the blog...

  10. Absolutely beautiful, every time I wear my necklace someone comments on how beautiful it is. have a great weekend. hugs.

  11. thank you all for your lovely and encouraging comments :) hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)
    BIG HUGS!!

  12. these are beautiful luthien - and how cool about maia's name! renate is such a wonderful woman - have fun with those washers!

  13. I can see your passion for working in the brass wire Luthien, they look great! The copper washers are inspiring....

  14. I wish that I could make such wonderful jewelry too! Your new creations are to die for, Luthien! I would love to be a fly on the wall when you are creating:)

    Have a lovely week my friend!


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Luthien :)