May 14, 2011

it's been ages ...

or it feels like it's been ages since i've been here! tho i have been popping in and out whenever i can steal time to visit, but never longer than 10 minutes. yea i know ... me bad! "gaga, you've been a bad girl. a bad bad girl!" and if not for an article i read over at Create Mixed Media, i would have continued to be a bad bad girl :) but you know ... i am serious about my work, i am!

i am serious because eventho i haven't been here for, what ... 2 weeks? i have reasons. firstly ... poor Llara!! had mumps and then conjunctivitis! first she looked like part hamster, and then she looked like a panda! and then Maia, was producing weird looking poop which made me fluster for a bit, eventho mil said it was teething poop. only 2 weeks ago, my little slitty eyes was pooping every other day, and now she's destroying at least 8 diappies a day! i am right to be worried, am i not?

also, i have been making things like crazy! spending every hour i can steal. you see, i have been given a display space at a boutique!! isn't that cool?! it's a really small space, just enough for a table, but a table which i can dress up according to my style of work, and display my jewelry :) so i've been busy with that and still toying with ideas as to how i would want to dress up the area.

of course, i haven't forgotten my etsy shop ... i managed also to make 4 new items (1 already sold) so that there is constantly something to see :)

there is Romancing Lorien ... yup, i'm still there, at LothLorien ...

Byte Me II. another USB necklace and this one got sold almost immediately!! whoot!! remember those colorful wings i torched on my kitchen stove :) fits perfectly!!

and then ... Music of the Night

"you alone can make my song take flight
help me make the Music of the Night"

Christine should have gone for the Phantom ... he is so much cooler than Raoul, and not to mention she can wear gothic jewelry on their wedding day ;)

today, i uploaded these ... Entwine

and i'm really stoked with this new lighting i'm trying out for the product shots! it's shadowy which makes the jewelry look more mysterious. i so love the effect!!

off to make some more stuff! see ya! and oh ... do go into the link i left earlier on Create Mixed Media. that article was on blogging and what an art blog needs to be attractive to readers. it's got some good pointers :)


  1. Missed you Luthien. Hope the small ones are recovered. Love your new work, and the photos are superb (as always). Congrats on the boutique space... now you'll be busier than ever (if that's possible).

  2. Really impressive !!
    Love each piece of your art-work.
    By the way, may i know where u the boutique.
    Love to pay a visit to :)

  3. Hope your little sweeties both feel better soon! Your newest creations are just amazing - I especially love Entwine and Romancing Lorien. I agree that the lighting you are using gives the pieces a really dramatic look! Take care of you and yours this weekend! Theresa

  4. LT - great to see that you are well and creating heaps - hard work being an artist and a mum of two little ones - but also glad that L&M are OK. Congrats on getting your boutique "table" - the new works are looking good and to sell before they really even hit the stands is good. Positive vibes for the mini exhibition-sale. B

  5. Oh I love the new creations! So beautiful!The lighting is awesome in the pictures too. Definitely does give the piece some mystery. Congratulations, by the way, on the new boutique space!

  6. Your jewelry is beautiful and so original. Have a great day.

  7. Wow these are amazing Luthien!!Congrats on the new space and Im off to read the article!!Hugs,Cat

  8. Hope the babies are feeling better Luthien. You are such a ball of energy! I don't know how you do it...all of these beautiful, mysterious creations...And a spot in a boutique!!! Yay YOU!
    Remember to take care of are loved ♥

  9. Love ALL your new things Luthien - those little book pages! Those gorgeous swirls!! "Romancing Lorien" is just divine!

    Hope your poorly girls are soon feeling better and congrats on the boutique - woo hoo! Sure you'll do amazingly well there with this quality of work xx

  10. All your new work is beautful. It's great that you have found time to create with all the kid chaos. Laura

  11. Luthien, you are a bad bad girl~ BAD means awesome, those jewels are SWEET ~ means great. Those are some SICK new items~ SICK ~ means awesome, sweet, bad, right! Whatever they mean tomorrow all I know is those pieces are FABULOUS! I'm too old to keep up with the lingo anymore and have no idea why I'm talking this way. LOL Sorry about the little babies ;(

  12. Like, far-out Luthien! That's alot on your plate, and still to be producing beautiful works, working toward a display, shows great strength in character! Yes, I remember you tourching those wings. Congrats on the sale and mini exhibit.

  13. Recently discovered your blog, your work is truly enchanting~ "Romancing Lorien" and "Music of the Night" are stunning pieces that took my breath away.
    Cheers to you for being productive in the midst of wee sick ones!

  14. Your jewellery is made for elves, beautiful and amazing , you are very very VERY talented!

  15. I have no words....for your new pieces....they leave me speechless...



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