May 24, 2011

... of Maiar and Ainur ...

Spring is well on the way … I continue to extend my stay with the Lady of the Woods. The magical woods of LothLorien never cease to fulfill my heart and renew my soul. I cannot return to my own land, for if I did, I would be a mere shell of my existence. This eternal land has captured my imagination and I am a willing prisoner. This day, the Lady of the Woods takes us back to a time long ago, when the Ainur were first created by Illuvatar and the Maiar walked amongst us …

Seed of Maia

Light of Ainur

i have been having so much fun with the brass wires i just cannot stop! and discovering the beauty of the Picasso Jasper doesn't help either. this jasper stone must be one of the most beautiful stones i've ever see. rustic and nature's work of art!

ooo ... guess what came in the post last week?! this BEAUTIFUL stash of vintage copper washers from Renate! thank you sooooooo much Renate!! i soooo LOVE THEM!!! and they make me wanna do COPPER!!!!

oops sorry! gotta go ... my little Maia is wanting her mommy :)

p/s ... i just realized that baby Maia's name actually represents a race in Tolkien's world. they were one of the first races ever to walk Valinor after the Valars or the Ainur. they were the kins to the Valars and were called the Maiar (plural for Maia). Gandalf is a Maia ... how cool is that!!

May 14, 2011

it's been ages ...

or it feels like it's been ages since i've been here! tho i have been popping in and out whenever i can steal time to visit, but never longer than 10 minutes. yea i know ... me bad! "gaga, you've been a bad girl. a bad bad girl!" and if not for an article i read over at Create Mixed Media, i would have continued to be a bad bad girl :) but you know ... i am serious about my work, i am!

i am serious because eventho i haven't been here for, what ... 2 weeks? i have reasons. firstly ... poor Llara!! had mumps and then conjunctivitis! first she looked like part hamster, and then she looked like a panda! and then Maia, was producing weird looking poop which made me fluster for a bit, eventho mil said it was teething poop. only 2 weeks ago, my little slitty eyes was pooping every other day, and now she's destroying at least 8 diappies a day! i am right to be worried, am i not?

also, i have been making things like crazy! spending every hour i can steal. you see, i have been given a display space at a boutique!! isn't that cool?! it's a really small space, just enough for a table, but a table which i can dress up according to my style of work, and display my jewelry :) so i've been busy with that and still toying with ideas as to how i would want to dress up the area.

of course, i haven't forgotten my etsy shop ... i managed also to make 4 new items (1 already sold) so that there is constantly something to see :)

there is Romancing Lorien ... yup, i'm still there, at LothLorien ...

Byte Me II. another USB necklace and this one got sold almost immediately!! whoot!! remember those colorful wings i torched on my kitchen stove :) fits perfectly!!

and then ... Music of the Night

"you alone can make my song take flight
help me make the Music of the Night"

Christine should have gone for the Phantom ... he is so much cooler than Raoul, and not to mention she can wear gothic jewelry on their wedding day ;)

today, i uploaded these ... Entwine

and i'm really stoked with this new lighting i'm trying out for the product shots! it's shadowy which makes the jewelry look more mysterious. i so love the effect!!

off to make some more stuff! see ya! and oh ... do go into the link i left earlier on Create Mixed Media. that article was on blogging and what an art blog needs to be attractive to readers. it's got some good pointers :)