Apr 26, 2011

ethereal elf vs. goth alchemist

"Spring approaches … I continue to extend my stay with the Lady of the Woods. My elf friends have missed me as much as I have them. The magical woods of LothLorien never cease to fulfill my heart and renew my soul. And each day is spent forging adornments inspired by this eternal land …"

it seems to me that my elven alter ego has reemerged after some time away on a vacation, and now she wants to play! she keeps me awake every night thinking of swirls and leaves, berries and vines ... arghhh!!

my elven alter ego has also decided that she wants some colors back in my life! she told me that she's tired of my "just" browns and blacks!! she's got the nerve, that girl!

i tried to argue with her, but the problem is ... i keep losing. i think that's becos, i am secretly beginning to like it! i mean ... hammering and bending, firing and adding colors ... i like it! so i don't protest much. i guess it's my own fault ... that i lose.

tho i did manage to sneak in a pair of "not-so-elven" earrings whilst she was snoozing with Maia yesterday afternoon :) i even got to add in my salvaged vintage Indian coins without her knowing! HAH!

altho i am enjoying this (just a little more than i should), i do have this little issue that's been nagging me. the issue is "varying style" ... ya ya ya, i know you guys would probably say "huh?". well, let me explain ... you know most artists are recognized by their trademark style? well ... what's mine? DUH!! would you believe that the person who made the swirly girlie elvenie stuff above, was the same person who made ... say ... this?

you see what i mean?

so now that ethereal elven girl has come to visit, what happens to evil goth alchemist?
(good thing it's either or ... dun think i can deal with a third persona!!)
is there a way i can reconcile the both of them?

do you guys think that an artist should stick to just one style, or is it ok to be confused?


  1. I haven't commented in a while, but I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE everything in this post! But I've always been partial to elven things, so no wonder. ;) I don't think it's a problem for an artist to have lots of styles- I think it's GREAT when my art muse lets me create in a variety of colors and types of art, ya know? So I don't think it's a problem at all that you're making different styles. Variety is the spice of life, right? :)

  2. I think in jewelry there is a broader stretch for variance in work.
    In traditional art (or nontraditional, as we alchemists know!) it is important for someone to develop a style and work it to it's next natural progression. Easier said than done.
    The one thing I see in both your styles is a sense of knowledge of the material, attention to detail, repeat use of materials and a lovely finished product.
    Maybe both of these will meld sometime, when the time is right and you will discover something all together new.
    Do what you do well, do what you love.


  3. I just love your new pieces. They are fab particularly the Vines of Lorien

  4. Hi Luthien. I know what it is to be torn. However, why shouldn't you work in varying styles?... at least it's not boring. The only thing that matters is that you maintain your usual standard... and that is EXCELLENT!!!! Great pieces.

  5. Luthien -

    I think an artist should go with how they feel inside. If that means exploring other things or styles, go for it! Your heart will always show in your work if you do what you enjoy.

    Elaine Allen

  6. Well, seeing as my elven self (or at least my MMO elven self) has been reborn (I'm playing Rift!), then clearly this necklace just had to be mine... It will protect me from the warriors of Regulos... (and look mighty fine too!)


  7. i was lost, but i found me, annnnddd...THANK YOU luthien for the beautiful jewelry. my sister will LOVE IT! i was astonished at the beauty in person...and tried to get good photos on my blog to tout your work.
    love love it!
    thank you,
    wanda xoxo

  8. I absolutely love your Elven pieces, I think there is always room for diversity in anyones work, as Meri says Variety is the spice of Life!

    I love to make what I feel is right that day, week or month and you should be proud of what you make as it is always beautiful, unique and wonderful craftmanship!

    Just go with the flow that grabs you!!!

    Elaine ♥

  9. I love your new necklaces! Glad you are back at it. As an artist I have to try new things. No matter what I do I have to keep exploring. Certainly if you find a style that you love continue to let it evolve further there is nothing wrong with that. It different for everyone, but with your style I can only see you being more and more creative trying different things.

  10. At least you only have two different directions your muse wants to go... my muse just can't make up her mind! Your work is gorgeous and you should just go with your inspiration. We all consist of a multitude of facets...

  11. Luthien, your commitment to excellence just leaps out in all your work, regardless of the style. I love your elven work but I also find your evil goth alchemist work really appealing. Wonderful pieces, just keep making them, don't analyse it all too much. Carol xx

  12. Miss Luthien!!! I love these new pieces and to me, they are just another burst of your creative growth! The elven pieces ARE more colorful but you've still incorporated your alchemist side into them. I think it's brilliant and probably a hint of where your inner artist wants you to be headed. BTW, how much is that ring I think it might NEED to be mine :D

  13. You blog is stunning!!
    And the jewelry is so much amazing!
    I love this pieces, is so . . . magical :)


  14. This is sooooo fabulously gorgeous!!! LOVE them!


  15. Just gorgeous !!
    Each piece are eye catching !

  16. LT - never a bad thing to have many facets to the gem of our artistic selves - as long as they are our facets - and without a doubt these are you. Experiment and create well. B

  17. your wirework is so sinewy and alive - it is just gorgeous... each piece more beautiful than the next... in the u.s. they are releasing the extended versions of lotr in theaters... i guess they are beginning to build up to 'the hobbit'... and the final piece is terrific... you know, i was talking about that the other day - i go between soft fibers and metals and patina - it is nice to have different ways to express what you are feeling... kind of freeing i think...

  18. Your new jewelry is awesome, Luthien! Each one is quite unique. Brilliant!

    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
    Hugs, Gaby


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