Apr 1, 2011

puffy cheeks & slitty eyes ... I Am Maia ...

hey hey ... just wanted to give you guys an update on my little preemie :) she will be turning 6 months next week and so far so good. she's feeding well, grown a little ... i should think she's more than 6kg now, tho she's still considered small for a 6 month old baby. she looks more like a 3 month old actually ... i guess i just have to be patient. it takes 2 years for a preemie to catch up with their full term friends.

when she's in her 50% angel mood

this one reminds me of something Flynn Rider (in Rapunzel) would do ... she can be quite expressive ...

and cheeky ...

bad mommy!

big sister Llara loves her to bits!

special Mommy-Maia time ...

cuddling each other in the morning

and she loves the camera! another drama queen in the house!


  1. She is sooooo precious!!! I just want to kiss those puffy cheeks!!! Beautiful doll baby!! and big sister is every bit a gorgeous princess! xo Michele

  2. Ooh such a poppet. She's definitely got that Flynn Rider smoulder going! Butter wouldn't melt eh?

  3. Soooo sweet and precious!!!Enjoy enjoy..every minute!!Hugs,Cat

  4. Luthien, she looks so healthy and happy! And very photogenic! I love the picture of her and Llara.

  5. so absolutely beautiful... she thrives because of your love and care... you are doing a wonderful job luthien...

  6. She's a darling Luthien, and obviously thriving. Great pictures.

  7. She's beautiful, Luthien. So happy to hear she is doing well.

  8. Luthien -

    Your girls are just so adorable! And I love the faces that Maia makes. What a precious little gem.

    Elaine Allen

  9. Oh she is just yummy and adorable! And big sis is quite the little lady. Don't worry about her catching up to her normal weight. She looks healthy and happy. My little guy didn't take long to catch up and you would never guess looking at him now that he was 2 months early and only 3 lbs.


  10. Ahhhhh, I want to nibble those cheeks! She is sooooo cute!

  11. LT - great to see M so healthy and cheeky - that left eye has a great twinkle in it. Thanks for sharing - has been a bit of a journey but looks like it is settling and big sister seems to be so proud. Go well. B

  12. Mostly sweet and wonderful post for today,dear Luthien!!!

    It's so special to see you and your little Maia...
    She is indeed a little Qunnie for camera:-)*

    I have a very big ''smeltmyheart'' smile on my face!!!

    Much love and hugs to you and your wonderful daughters,

  13. Aww what a sweetheart! And she does have the "smolder" look down (in the second picture! btw- i love that movie!)

  14. Oh-she's beautiful!!
    P.S. LOVE that little top too

  15. What a little sweetie pie!!! :) Theresa

  16. Soooo cute.......enjoy, they grow so fast.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  17. What sweet little cherubs you have! Little Maia makes adorable faces. I am happy to hear she is growing and healthy.

  18. thank you all for your sweet sweet comments on my little puffy cheeks :) tonight was a long night for mommy, becos little puffy cheeks decides that she wants to play instead of sleep. she did finally sleep at half past midnight ... i do hope she doesn't make a habit out of this :p

  19. What a houseful of beautiful girls you have there, including you, Luthien. Maia and Llara are gorgeous. xox

  20. Oh she is so beautiful- and I totally agree about the Flynn Ryder smoulder! It's so good to get these updates, so happy for you!

  21. She's lovely! I have a granddaughter named Maia - they named her after my cat named Maya. Funny. Glad she is progressing well. She'll catch up eventually. Relish her small for as long as you can. They grow so very very fast.


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