Apr 9, 2011

elves & chemical reactions

it's been a long time since i visited middle earth and i think my elven frens at Lothlorien must be missing me so much. i guess they'll understand, with the new baby and all, i'm bound to earth for the moment, altho there will always be a little part of me who remains elven ... for all eternity ...

of course i won't tell them that besides the baby, i have also been hiding way up in my tower of transformation messing with alchemy ;) shhhh ... not a word!

yes! i have been experimenting with turning metal into ... well, not gold, but something close to gold. you see, i had some 14 gauge silver plated wires and i do miss my elf frens, so i formed them into swirls that will remind me of Lothlorien.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost ...
~ JRR Tolkien ~

in addition to the neckwear, i also made a pair of earrings

... and these silver elven swirls, she formed by hand, hammered and added beautiful beads of jaspers from the ocean, and then brought them up to the tower of transformation for their final journey ... the process of alchemy ... oxidization by eggs :p

HAH!!! at least it's organic and eco friendly!

well ... that's silver and egg ... now for something hotter! brass and fire!

i bought some raw brass wings from etsy and of course, how can i resist not turning them into something else??

that's what a kitchen stove can do to brass ...

this one was on the stove for a little longer and you get a nice brown vintagey look ... of course it takes some sanding and polishing to bring out its beauty. i left the other side, untouched, as comparison.

i think my elven frens would be quite pleased with the outcome of my experiments even if it means i don't visit them ever so often, don't you think? here's a little impromptu video i made on my last piece of brass wing. sorry for the amateurish recording, will strive to improve :)

music : since i don't have any songs on kitchen stoves or brass wings, i used Celtic Women's UNICORNS instead ... at least it's pleasant to the ear :)

and oh ... sorry for the quite dirty ... erm, actually very dirty, stove ...


  1. GOSH!!!!!!! I So want those earrings!!! :D

  2. Thanks so much for the info on the wings. I wonder if you could do the same thing with a heat gun? Laura

  3. Clean that stove at once young lady! Ha - only joking... you should see my house!!

    I have spoken to the Elves and they quite understand. They do visit you every now and again but they said they always seem to turn up when you're asleep, so they just sprinkle some magic about then pop off again.

  4. omg.....WOW!!! And you've been busy with other things too! ;-)
    I love the pieces (of course, I loved Tolkeins books) and what you did with the wings is amazing! I use my stove to torch the paint off anchovy tins..... your stove is CLEAN!
    BTW---would you share the source for the wings? I've been looking all over for them and have yet to find any.


  5. I have torched copper but not brass. Will have to give it a try as your results are just gorgeous.

  6. Oh that necklace is amazing! That is one of my favorite quotes. Seeing the entire LOTR series (which my hubby has read 14 times) was transcending for me. The elves would indeed love this necklace - and the earrings, too. I cannot believe how the heat from the stove transformed those wings...amazing!!!! Theresa

  7. Omg Luthien you are so very very talented!! Your jewelry always rocks!!! Gorgeous work!! Just gorgeous!! xo Michele

  8. You do live up to your "Alchemist" blog name Luthien! Lovely work, the angel wings are DIVINE! You've transformed them. You're allowed a slightly dirty cooker if you produce work like this ;)

  9. Wow! The brass wings look so cool! I like the irridescence...oh and thank you for the video.

    I really like the necklace you made too by the way..great quote!

  10. LT - I had a good chuckle when I read and saw your inventiveness. I often am amazed by what you create in your small space but also how you use so many domestic things to create changes etc. The aged wings looked great. Create well. B

  11. I love your elven swirls and the earrings - they're just gorgeous. Thanks for the video, so very generous of you to show exactly what to do. The wings are stunning, the irridescence very worthy of elven folk.

  12. I love your humor and your great video. I've been wanting to see how other artists get the heat patina so vivid. I use my brulee torch and it always seems to go dark too fast. I have trouble keeping it in the colorful zone. I think I need to turn my flame down. And I totally love Unicorns!

  13. I have successfully flame patinaed copper, but brass evades me. I find my brass discs just becoming a dark brown - no colors - what do I do?


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