Apr 26, 2011

ethereal elf vs. goth alchemist

"Spring approaches … I continue to extend my stay with the Lady of the Woods. My elf friends have missed me as much as I have them. The magical woods of LothLorien never cease to fulfill my heart and renew my soul. And each day is spent forging adornments inspired by this eternal land …"

it seems to me that my elven alter ego has reemerged after some time away on a vacation, and now she wants to play! she keeps me awake every night thinking of swirls and leaves, berries and vines ... arghhh!!

my elven alter ego has also decided that she wants some colors back in my life! she told me that she's tired of my "just" browns and blacks!! she's got the nerve, that girl!

i tried to argue with her, but the problem is ... i keep losing. i think that's becos, i am secretly beginning to like it! i mean ... hammering and bending, firing and adding colors ... i like it! so i don't protest much. i guess it's my own fault ... that i lose.

tho i did manage to sneak in a pair of "not-so-elven" earrings whilst she was snoozing with Maia yesterday afternoon :) i even got to add in my salvaged vintage Indian coins without her knowing! HAH!

altho i am enjoying this (just a little more than i should), i do have this little issue that's been nagging me. the issue is "varying style" ... ya ya ya, i know you guys would probably say "huh?". well, let me explain ... you know most artists are recognized by their trademark style? well ... what's mine? DUH!! would you believe that the person who made the swirly girlie elvenie stuff above, was the same person who made ... say ... this?

you see what i mean?

so now that ethereal elven girl has come to visit, what happens to evil goth alchemist?
(good thing it's either or ... dun think i can deal with a third persona!!)
is there a way i can reconcile the both of them?

do you guys think that an artist should stick to just one style, or is it ok to be confused?

Apr 21, 2011

angel ... MY angel ...

When i saw this week's challenge theme at Inspiration Avenue, i just had to participate. the challenge themed "angel" by Tammy of Art & Inspirations coincided perfectly with an image i had taken. mind you it is nothing arty, but i thought it would make a wonderful entry to this week's challenge.

this is Maia and Me ...

i love this image so much ... even if it was just an impromptu thing with the i-phone. Maia was sleeping on the bed and i was just smelling her sweet breath (yup, i like to do that) when i decided to whip out the phone cam to capture some shots of me and her sleeping together... her for real, me pretending ;) and of course with a few clicks of the buttons from one of those i-phone apps, wallah!! ahhh ... technology!

i think it is also a good time to mention that Inspiration Avenue is having their 2nd Art Charity Auction for Angel Faces! for more info please go here. it runs from 1-7th May and you will get to bid on some fabulous art pieces by the ladies, where ALL the proceeds will go to Angel Faces :)

Inspiration Avenue

here's the button for you to place in your sidebar :)
please link back to ~ http://inspiration-avenue-team.blogspot.com

Apr 9, 2011

elves & chemical reactions

it's been a long time since i visited middle earth and i think my elven frens at Lothlorien must be missing me so much. i guess they'll understand, with the new baby and all, i'm bound to earth for the moment, altho there will always be a little part of me who remains elven ... for all eternity ...

of course i won't tell them that besides the baby, i have also been hiding way up in my tower of transformation messing with alchemy ;) shhhh ... not a word!

yes! i have been experimenting with turning metal into ... well, not gold, but something close to gold. you see, i had some 14 gauge silver plated wires and i do miss my elf frens, so i formed them into swirls that will remind me of Lothlorien.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost ...
~ JRR Tolkien ~

in addition to the neckwear, i also made a pair of earrings

... and these silver elven swirls, she formed by hand, hammered and added beautiful beads of jaspers from the ocean, and then brought them up to the tower of transformation for their final journey ... the process of alchemy ... oxidization by eggs :p

HAH!!! at least it's organic and eco friendly!

well ... that's silver and egg ... now for something hotter! brass and fire!

i bought some raw brass wings from etsy and of course, how can i resist not turning them into something else??

that's what a kitchen stove can do to brass ...

this one was on the stove for a little longer and you get a nice brown vintagey look ... of course it takes some sanding and polishing to bring out its beauty. i left the other side, untouched, as comparison.

i think my elven frens would be quite pleased with the outcome of my experiments even if it means i don't visit them ever so often, don't you think? here's a little impromptu video i made on my last piece of brass wing. sorry for the amateurish recording, will strive to improve :)

music : since i don't have any songs on kitchen stoves or brass wings, i used Celtic Women's UNICORNS instead ... at least it's pleasant to the ear :)

and oh ... sorry for the quite dirty ... erm, actually very dirty, stove ...

Apr 1, 2011

puffy cheeks & slitty eyes ... I Am Maia ...

hey hey ... just wanted to give you guys an update on my little preemie :) she will be turning 6 months next week and so far so good. she's feeding well, grown a little ... i should think she's more than 6kg now, tho she's still considered small for a 6 month old baby. she looks more like a 3 month old actually ... i guess i just have to be patient. it takes 2 years for a preemie to catch up with their full term friends.

when she's in her 50% angel mood

this one reminds me of something Flynn Rider (in Rapunzel) would do ... she can be quite expressive ...

and cheeky ...

bad mommy!

big sister Llara loves her to bits!

special Mommy-Maia time ...

cuddling each other in the morning

and she loves the camera! another drama queen in the house!