Mar 27, 2011

Windflower ...

Windflowers, their beauty captures every young dreamer,
Who lingers near them,
Ancient Windflowers,
I love you ...

this is a total coincidence that i managed to enter Inspiration Avenue's challenge "hello spring" this week. remember my "byte me" adornment? well, my fren Myza saw it and she loved the concept. she said she wanted to commission me to make a hybrid USB necklace for her too.

Myza and i go a long way. i think i've know her for at least 15 years, maybe more ... and she's a very very good fren who's been there for me thru thick and thin ... erm ... and also, fat and slim :p ... i dun think i could ask for a better fren to share my life with. we danced together, worked together, laughed, fought, slogged and even bought our first home in the same area at the same time. to this day we remain close and often have tea when we send our kids to ballet school ... at the same place :) now that's what i call true friendship.

it was her birthday yesterday ... what better than to give her a gift she wanted :) so i made this USB necklace for her. she's a much more daintier person and definitely more ladylike than i, i thought a more delicate design would suit her better than my humongous scary looking biker dude "byte me" design. and so i came up with this. it still has my trademark rusted washer, a milder version but with prettier shades of oxidization.

i wanted to give this piece a name ... when i look at the piece and think of Myza, 'delicate' comes to mind ... also, sweet and gentle, carefree (the vision of running in the windy field), ornately romantic but not vintage, more of innocence romantic and a little daydreamy nostalgic. immediately the word Windflower came to mind and soon after, the tune from the song Windflowers by Seals & Crofts comes drifting into my head. PERFECTO!

i googled Windflower and found out that it belonged to the buttercup family, is an anemone species and blooms in spring. wallah! isn't it perfect? just like the song, just like the harmony in the song, just like Myza ... perfect ...


  1. You are sooooo talented. I too have been searching in vain for that USB - clever lady :)

    I especially love the little scrap of sheet music. Just lovely my friend.

  2. wow lucky get such a great gift (Happy birthday to her, by the way!) and customized too to fit her own personality! This surely would make anybody's day!

  3. Absolutely uber-fantastic! So gorgeous and then the secret ingredient - I love it!

  4. You are my wonder,dear Luthien,realy:-)))*

    Ideas,wich do you have and use in your creations amazed me again and again....
    Wonderful work!!!


  5. Your imagination and talent work in wonderful ways!! This is so beautiful, and I know your lucky friend loved it. I'm so glad the timing worked out for the IA challenge!

  6. These necklaces are amazing---hiding a USB in a piece of jewelery! Lovely work~~still like your best as it has that MDM feel to it might take on a life of it's own if left in the computer too long! ;-D
    Lovely work!!!


  7. I have never seen jewelry like yours--Just beautiful!

  8. I bet you totally bowled Myza over...the perfect gift! Don't you love when everything lines up so perfectly, rhythmically...
    Great to hear from you, Luthien, xox

  9. Happy Birthday to Myza. You have created a beautiful gift for her. Lovely, delicate but with an edge.

  10. What a great birthday gift...your work is soooo beautiful. My birthday is next week (just kidding.
    Thank you for visiting my site and for the lovely comment.

  11. Luthien, you never cease to amaze me! Gorgeous work as always! Your friend is so lucky to receive such a fabulous gift! xo Michele

  12. A Special creation for a special friendship! How lucky you both are!!!

  13. Yet another amazing piece - you really are a wizardess of creative jewellery! Your friend must have been overjoyed with such a wonderful gift - Happy Birthday Myza! x

  14. Beautiful piece Luthien. Your talent knows no bounds.

  15. What a truly lovely necklace! I am sure your friend will love it. :) Theresa

  16. What a fabulous birthday gift! This necklace is divine, Luthien! Your addition of the little scrap of sheet music is so original and add just the perfect touch to this outstanding creation!
    Your friend is so lucky to receive such a marvellous gift!!!

    Have a sunny week!
    Gaby xo

  17. What a divine necklace and pendant. Your friend must be so deserving of your amazing creation! Luthien all of our windflowers are out at present and look just so amazingly pretty
    in single pinks and double whites!
    Enjoy your week.

  18. Happy Birthday Myza!!!Luthien,your creation is stunning as always!!She's going to love love love it!!Hugs,Cat

  19. Wow this is really stunning.
    You are so creative.
    I love the steampunk- look of this necklaces.

  20. thank you all for taking the time to read about our friendship and leaving such wonderful comments :) Myza was here and i'm sure she's delighted with so many birthday wishes :) she loved the necklace (phew!!) by the way :) and now i can't stop listening to the song!!!!


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Luthien :)