Mar 19, 2011

gifts gifts and more gifts!

has it been so long already? UGH!! i 've been down with that dreaded flu and cough and trying very hard not to give it my girls! i already killed one whole pack of 50 surgical masks and goodness knows how many mils of antihistamine, but the cough just won't go away! it just gets worse at night.

now comes the happy news ... woohoo!!! i just wanted to show off the 2 door prizes i won for the OWOH event :) and another mysterious gift which magically appeared on my doorstep yesterday ;)

the first OWOH prize that arrived was this gorgeous digital art by Rian of Freubel-Art which came almost immediately after the announcement of the winners :) isn't this set of 8 vintage beauties just breathtaking? i love the vivid colors and these ladies of old sure know how to set the mood with their expressions. i can so imagine what wonderful stuff i would make with these!!

Rian's blog is full of beautiful digital work, some you can purchase and some are free for the taking. yes ... free! so if you are a lover of digital art, you might wanna give her a visit real soon!

the second gift came last week (or so) ... sometimes i wish i lived nearer! but you know what .. it was worth everyday of the wait. this very beautifully crafted ATC comes from Laura of Artfully Musing. when Laura told me that i won this, i couldn't believe my luck! the ATC depicts autumn, my favorite season that holds many fond memories for me of my UK days.

Laura is not only a wonderfully inspiring artist, she has a big heart as well. on her blog she shares with her readers many tips and tutorials of her art techniques, very informative and so very interesting. she's even made up a segment of "blog of the week" which comes on every Friday and i was one of the lucky ones who got featured :) you can read the post here.

and just when i thought i had received everything that i was expecting ... a package mysteriously appears on my doorstep yesterday morning! my first thought was it's probably some supplies i bought from etsy. upon opening it, my jaw literally fell straight to the ground and i was rooted for a minute!

it was the most generous gift from a friend i met over an online class hosted by Michael deMeng.

YES!!! it's Mr deMeng's book on Rusty Things! woohoo!!! could this get any better?

it was a gift from Anne of El Milagro Studio ... one minute, we were talking over the email and i was like whining that i can't seem to find this book here ... the next minute, WALLAH!! the book magically appears on my doorstep!

*oh ANNE!!! you ROCK! thank you so much for this wonderful gift! *

i told Anne that i will be in her servitude for all eternity!! Anne is an amazing and fascinating assemblage artist! she literally transforms trash to treasure, anchovy tins to shrines! and you know what, Anne actually won a piece of art by Michael deMeng himself. during the online class with Michael, we had a little competition amongst us on colorwashes, and the students were encouraged to submit new colorwash combinations. and Anne's color Crypt Corrosion won hands down! here is the post on the art piece that she won.

ahhh ... i am looking forward to many happy hours pouring thru this fantastic book! perhaps i may come back, or i may forever be lost in the deMengish world of Rusty Things!
so ... Adios Amigos!


  1. All this is enough to make you feel much better Luthien, at least I hope so. Congratulations on your good fortune. Enjoy, and get well soon.

  2. Oh Luthien! How fabulous!! You're such a sweetie I'm so glad you won so many wonderful goodies!!! What what a great surprise!! I have that book and love it ;o) I'm sorry you have been sick! I hope you are feeling better soon!! xo Michele

  3. Heehee!!!
    Am I not the sneaky one....well, sometimes! ;-)
    Glad you little surprise got there, especially after hearing about how ill you were with the flu. You can read and laugh (which will help induce couching to break up the congestion!) and you will love the book. I read mine over and over when I am needing a cheer-up, especially the part where he is unhappy with a piece of art.....hahaha!
    Get well, enjoy all your lovely prizes (Rian's work rocks! and your ATC is stellar!) and get well!


  4. You and Michael were definitely meant for each other! Dusty diablos is also fantastic.

  5. Luthien, I hope you're feeling better soon. What great things have come your way. The two OWOH gifts are lovely, but how wonderful of Anne to send you Michael's book. I've been reading it avidly and love it. Anne is so sweet and generous, I can't believe how many lovely people I've met on the net from doing the deMeng course...

  6. I hope that cough goes away soon!! :(

    Congrats on those beautiful prizes!...and I saw that book and knew immediately it was from Anne! She does rock :)

  7. Isn't it wonderful to get lovely things in the mail? I find it is a little like Xmas and birthdays...
    Rusty Things is a fabulous book and the other gifts are just gorgeous.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  8. So many wonderful goodies..each one unique and full of yummy goodness.Congrats to you and happy creating!!!!Hugs,Cat

  9. Wow! They're all such fabulous prizes/gifts! Lucky you!!!

  10. So sorry to hear you are sick and I hope you turn the corner soon. Your wonderful bookmark arrived and I can't wait to use it! I'll be blogging about it next week. PS my sister went crazy over the necklace. Hugs Laura

  11. So sorry to hear you have the flu! I send healing wishes your way! What lovely gifts you received during OWOH. And what a kind gift from Anne - the book seems to be meant for you! Enjoy! Theresa

  12. Cool Luthien.
    The book is fabulous, I can't see it in either Kinokuniya yet.

  13. Yum yum yum ... nice pressies u got there. The book looks 'very' interesting tho :)


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