Mar 3, 2011

drama, dance & music ...

for as long as i can remember, i have always been inclined to the arts. during my younger days, i performed quite a bit. sometimes, we did shows nearly every night. we sang and danced at hotel ballrooms, exhibition sites, discotheques, pubs, clubs ... we did company dinners, weddings, parties, product launches, road tours, etc etc etc ...

yup ... those were the days when "we" were just "i". but as "i" became "we", the shows slowed down ... and when "we" became "us all",well, they stopped altogether. only on special occasions i would "take out my dancing shoes" and do a show or 2. i preferred working behind the scenes, directing the show and choreographing dance.

last week and this, i have been feeling just a little more than nostalgic ... i was cleaning up the laptop and ended up looking thru my photographs from yesteryears. the stage, the lights, the cameras, the costumes, the makeup, the people ... the emotions, all came rushing back to me ... like a movie on rewind.

so for the past few days, i have been reliving my past in my head ... and my craft. i thot it apt that i made a tribute to my long lost friends ... drama, dance & music ...

i also found some images that made me smile ... images of some of the last shows i did ...

this came from a performance we did in December 2007 ... my last real performance on stage. i remember we had quite a huge cast, probably 40 people which consist of dancers, stunt people, dragon dancers, stiltwalkers, fire eaters and such. we did a solid month of rehearsals for this 5-part show.
LOL!! getting all dramatic here as the story unfolds. becos we couldn't find a dancer who could do martial art, Jason (my hubby) who did martial arts in his younger days, was put on stage under duress :p to take the part of the lead male! and i had to revamp the dance movements to cater to his dancing abilities ;) this show was a lot of hard work, but we had a lot of fun too ...

this was a later show in March 2008 for the International World Trade Conference ... that's Luciano, one of the lead dancers ... i directed and choreographed this one, taking just a minute role, only becos it was a hassle hiring one more person just for 30 second appearance!
ahhh ... my boys! pretty cool aren't they? that guy on the bottom left, he's been training with me since he was 19 ... and now, he's a dance choreographer too *smiles proudly*

i hope i haven't bored you guys to death ... i normally wouldn't share these things on this blog, but this time, it felt like therapy for me ... perhaps one day, i would get a chance to don the costumes and the makeup again ... even for just a while ...


  1. Luthien I loved seeing your picture and hearing the stories! I remember when you posted costumes that you had designed OH and the commercial you did about smoking! That one was very powerful! xo Michele

  2. OMG that book ring is sending me over the edge. It is absolutely to-die-for gorgeous!

  3. I am reading this thinking wow what a fantastic life. so glad you have these wonderful memories. what is that never know when you will make another memory. love all the photos, that ring that looks like a book, that is very cool too. have a great day and week. c

  4. Wow! Luthien you are a real star! What wonderful memories you have to look back on. Your rings truely emulate the stage and performance, 'Dance' is very playful :-)

  5. What an amazing post! You have bored me at all. :) I loved learning more about your background in music and dance. And your gorgeous new works strongly reflect that love! Thank you for sharing your memories. :) Theresa

  6. Luthien, you're certainly not boring! Your photos are delightful and give a nice insight into your earlier life. As for your three rings, Drama, Dance, Music, they are really wonderful. I especially love the one depicting Music.

  7. You have such fabulous moment on stage :)

  8. Your post brings a smile. I used to dance too. A lot of work but very joyous and freeing! Seems to release the spirit!

  9. So wonderful! 'dance' made me catch my breath. And 'music' totally blew me away!

  10. LT-a post that made me smile - you are creative and a star in many ways - so many facets to LT. The rings are very quirky and such a reflection of the dance and drama. Thanks for sharing this additional facet of your life. B

  11. Hi Luthien,

    Great post. I love the rings. I am busy making dolls, so I wont post for a while.

    I love the rings.

    Happy spring!!

  12. those are gorgeous rings! i love the book ring, excellent job!

  13. thank you all :)

    Michele :)
    yes ... i had to make the costumes too, cos we were too poor to pay the costume makers LOL!! but it was also another creative outlet for me and i enjoyed it!

    Nancy :)
    LOL!! thank you :)

    Cinner :)
    yes ... sometimes we tend to forget how lucky we are to have had experience all of this at one point in our lives ... no regrets at all ...

    Kim, Theresa, Carol, Lay Hoon :)
    yes ... great memories ... and great stories to tell my girls next time :)
    thank you ladies ... i'm glad you enjoyed this post :)

    Jann :)
    wow!! what sort of dance form do you do? yes ... dance will always have a place in my heart.

    Stregata, Dena, Beth :)
    thank you very much :)

    Barry :)
    certainly not a star ... but still glad i made you smile :)

  14. Hi Luthien . . the words here were USED TO . . dance . .
    Started with dance aerobics, then classes (ballet, jazz, & tap). (Also ballet in elementary school) Those of us who were more mature were choreographed a piece on stage, in a theater . . about 20 yrs ago! I still remember, that with all those people, being on stage, all I could think of was the dancing. Nervous before, a little shaken after, but not during . . . totally exhilirating!

    I love to dance but physical challenges now. :)

  15. You are so talented. Great photos and I love the rings, Drama looks like a jaunty top hat, Dance shows movement really well and Music is so good I could almost eat it! I'm aiming to do some tiny books soon. I collect very old books (if I've already told you forgive my weak mind lol) and some are falling to bits so I'm going to recycle them. I've already used a few as backgrounds for my pendants. I'll post some more soon and you can tell me what you think. Hugs to a pretty clever lady :))

  16. Hi Luthien! So wonderful post! andyour rings are simply gorgeous! What a talent! I like to read your story and see your pictures... and you are so beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. I LOVED seeing these pictures!

    That book ring is the most lovely ring I have seen in a long time!

    Hope you and the family are well!


  18. Miss those days dancing with you Winnie, now I hardly dance too. Feels like my moves has become so rusty and I started to feel ashamed to dance. Seems like time has fly real fast. From the day I started performing under your training until today... it's been ten years (though I did not dance throughout the years but it lasted till today).

    Missing those days... missing those dancers I used to work with when I first join CA. ^^

    Do you think there will come a chance that we can be on the same stage again?

  19. Wonderful post! I adore the pieces you've shown here - they are all inspired, dramatic and so creative!!

    I hope you will get back involved with drama and dance again some day. Even though "you" has turned into an "us" it's important not to lose touch with the things you love as an individual :)

  20. wonderful post Luthien and your work is full of inspiration.. as are you!

  21. How cute are you! It's never to late to get you're groove on baby. Love the little book ring. Each one so unique and different.

  22. What an amazing post! I just wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed visiting your blog today. I have loved every minute of the time spent looking through all your pictures!
    Your rings are brilliant, Luthien. I especially love the one with the book!
    Gaby xo


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