Feb 10, 2011

what the Imagination seizes as Beauty ...

must be Truth
*John Keats*

being an accounting and economics major was not really something that i was crazy about. but it was something practical to study, according to the elders. needless to say, i constantly had to drag myself to classes, especially when it comes to double accounting or double economics. thank goodness, i chose to do an altogether different subject, English Literature ... doesn't matter if it was an extra subject that i didn't have to take to qualify for 3 'A' levels, having already taken accounting, economics and law ... it was a subject i wanted to take ... my choice.

our english literature lecturer, ms Davina, was a joy. she was passionate, full of energy sometimes verging on dramatic (which i totally stoked), but most of all, she was inspiring! she made it alright to sit thru double economics knowing that english lit was next. she made it just fine to fall in love with Heathcliff, she made it cool to think "Odes" are really well ... cool, she informed us that "iambic pentameters" were NOT related to the Pentagon, she even made sense of Chaucer! but most of all, she introduced me to this quote :

"what the Imagination seizes as Beauty, must be Truth"

which has become the inspiration to my art ... actually to whatever i do.

this week's challenge at the three muses requires us to come up with an artwork with a favorite quote. i have not any specific artwork that has this quote in it, because this whole art blog is built on the basis of it.

however, i can show you what my Imagination seize as Beauty, at this point in time ...

yes ... RUST.

these are new additions to my RustART Series :) for those of you who have not been introduced to my RustART yet, here's a description of it :

The RustART Series is an assemblage of the normal and the curious. Every piece in this series begins with a rusted washer. An assemblage of different objects, some pretty, some not so (or rather not normally perceived as pretty), are put together to allow the process of alchemy to occur, thus creating the perfect concoction of beauty ... in the artist's eyes.

*RustART* - A washer is organically rusted over several days and several layers under the watchful eye, in order to get the best rust formation in every piece. When the perfect rust formation is achieved, it is immediately sealed in with several layers of fixatives and sealers to preserve the beauty of the rust. The sealers also act as a protective layer to skin that might be in contact with the washer.

do you see the Beauty in RUST like i do?

**more RustART pieces here


  1. LT- you have been incredibly productive and the rust work is looking great. You must have great sources for your bits and pieces to add to the assemblages. Go well. B

  2. Luthien, I can't get over how much I LOVE your RustArt--LOVE it!!

  3. Oh I love Keats too. I also studied him for A Level English Literature - alongside his other romantic poet buddies. I always liked Ode to Indolence! This post is so beautifully written, in that it really gets us inside you - deep into your creative heart. I adore all your work - but you know that already!

  4. I LOVE and covet your rustart series.....soo beautiful!
    I also enjoyed hearing a little of your history, I loved college but I must admit to wishing I'd had an English Lit teacher like yours!

  5. your truth inspires me always... and i love your rustart series... luthien, how many ways can one express how delightful it is to see the world through your eyes?

  6. Yes . . I too love your jewelry . . . and rusted washers! But does one have to find old washers . . before they the metal was anodized?

  7. I think anything that has aquired the patina of time be it a metal object, a garden gate or even a woman is beautiful.

    BTW- more people should understand Chaucer and Odes and iambic pentameter!

  8. Hi Luthien! I thought I would pop in again to see what beautiful things you were up to. I LOVE your rust art. Your work is so inspired...love that quote. And I love how you present your pieces in those gorgeous photos. I remember falling asleep in Micro Economics. I had a 7am class (bad choice). But I absolutely adored English and Japanese Lit and lived for my Shakepeare class! My professor had a strong southern acccent and it was so fun to listen to him quote the Bard with a Texas drawl. Have a lovely day :)


  9. Barry :)
    thank you :)
    the baby has been rather good so i get some extra time to craft. and yea ... i do have a hardware store just outside my place :D

    Diane :)
    thank you so much!

    Lisa :)
    awww... thank you :)
    i'm glad you liked this post! Ode to Indolence ... ooo yes! i love that and Ode to the Grecian Urn too :)

    Steph :)
    thank you :)
    i did love college and uni eventho i didn't like what i read. but the experience and the people made it the most amazing time of my life :) given a chance to choose, i would have loved to have done Musical Theatre ...
    sigh ... but it was not to be.

    Maire :)
    you're the sweetest! thank you :) you have been a great inspiration to me as well :)

    Jann :)
    thank you!
    nope, you dun have to get old washers. i rusted my new ones with white vinegar. however the rust doesn't sit as well as the natural old rust, so it has to be sealed in.

    Laura :)
    i totally agree with you! age is definitely beautiful and graceful :)

    Anna :)
    thank you!
    OMG 7am??!! i won't even wake up for it! mine starts at 9 and i remember dying in class!! LOL at the drawl ... i can imagine how cute it must have sounded!!

    Femmy :)
    thank you very much! :)

  10. This rust series is very beautiful, Luthien, you are changing my way of thinking about several things. I've always loved rusty things but usually see them as something for the garden, not to wear. I'm very happy to change my mind.

  11. This is absolutly beautiful, I love your ewellery.
    You are so creative.
    have a great weekend

  12. Oh rust is soooooo beautiful! I love the colours and the gradiants of texture that can be created.... gorgeous!
    It seems we studied similar 'A'levels. I adored English Lit but also Psychology (which I did instead of Law). Like you, it was the 'pull' of both the teachers and the material that enabled me to survive all the economics and 'number crunching'! Such a fantastic quote to inspire your creativity.
    Hugs Jo xx

  13. Absolutely awesome art jewellery. I love it.

  14. The power of the imagination is indeed something truly special. Treasure it!

  15. Love John Keats and LOVE your Rustart! Beautiful creations, Luthien. You did an amazing job!!!! Theresa

  16. BONJOUR LUTHIEN! THank you so much for coming to visit with me! It is so nice to see you and your beautiful art. I have been so busy with my new addition that I was unable to visit yesterday, but your comments are most kind. I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR VALENTINES DAY TODAY!!!! Anita

  17. Hi I was bloghopping for rusted enamel and chance upon your blog. Incidentally, I had a Ms Davina for Eng Lit some 20 years back too. She was truly inspiring! She taught at KDU college, one of the few colleges around back in 1989. I wonder if they are the same person. And your blog is great. Love YOur work !

  18. Always love seeing a peek into your thoughts and motivation behind your art work! English is what helped me get through Nursing school before I changed majors! Same thing, I took Nursing because it was a practical thing to study. You're artwork is special as always! xo Michele

  19. Hey Luthien
    Would you please check your email or my blog ?
    I have a OWOH suprise for you.
    You are one of my winners !!!

    Kind greetings Rian from Holland :)

  20. ~oh my dear friend...i think your mind has always held beauty and it shows through in all that you write and all that you create...beauty magic wonder and enchantment lies in the hands of you...these piece are gorgeous and i am so happy that you are able to seize moments for yourself to let your amazing imagination run free...a gift you are to us...much love light and blessings always shining brightly upon you my friend~


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Luthien :)