Feb 27, 2011

what does time and superman have in common?

answer : they both fly :)

another year older but not necessarily wiser ;) ... this year my birthday was spent quietly at home with my 2 girls, altho i did manage to steal about 2 hours away from home and spent the time with Llara having kentucky fried chicken, ice cream and browsing thru magazines at borders. quality mommy-Llara time :)

didn't know when Llara managed to sneak up to my desk and took some of my stuff there, but she made this for me :)

and this ...

Llara: Hey mommy ... i made this for you for your birthday!

Wow!! thank you! it's very pretty!

You see... i'm an artist too! just like you

You certainly are!

I know you like rusty stuff ... (thinks for a bit) and shiny stuff ... so i made all this shiny stuff for you! (pointing at everything on the cover and the orange jewel)

So where's the rusty bit?

(pointing at some obscure bit on the little star stickers) there!

of course, there are no rusty bits to be seen ... in fact she's the one who likes shiny things :) but my heart melted all the same ... rusty or shiny :) moments like these are enough to last me a lifetime :) perhaps next year we would be able to celebrate a bit more when Maia is older and stronger ... and when Jason don't have to work out of town. but today was all about mommy and Llara.

wokie dokie ... it's time to announce the winners to my giveaway :)

"Bloom" metal bookmark won by Laura of Artfully Musing

"Lamia" polymer clay pendant won by Cinner of Things about Who, What, When, Where & Why

"Curiously, it's Autumn" mixed media earrings won by Kim of Kim Schoenberger

"RustART" cards won by Mary of What If I ...

congratulations ladies!! and to all who have played, thank you so much for joining in the fun!! please take some time to visit these ladies :


  1. Wow oh wow!!! That's fabulous. Thanks so much Luthien.

  2. Many Happy Birthday wishes Luthien! I've just had a birtday too!
    And Congrats to all the lucky winners of your stunning creativity.
    Love, Suzy

  3. Happy Birthday, Luthien, though it's a bit late. And congratulations to your winners - lovely gifts. Speaking of gifts, Llara's are delightful - truly her mother's daughter.

  4. LT - what a joy to have a daughter who already knows your work and makes the effort to create for you. Happiness and joy and creativity be yours for the year ahed. B

  5. YAY! I won something!!! I just found out by Barry on my blog and had to come over here straight away... How appropriate I win the mixed media piece, congratulations Luthien on all your hard work. Thank you for your gift I will treasure it forever...

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Happy, warm wishes to you...

    ...and congrats to the lucky winners :)

  7. Congrats to your very lucky winners! :) How sweet that your daughter made those lovely gifts for you. :) Like mother like daughter, so they say! :) Glad you had a wonderful birthday! :) Theresa

  8. Belated wishes for your Birthday - may your days be full of love, health and happiness...

  9. Luthien, Thank you so much. I am so excited about the pendant. I just loved it when I saw it, I will treasure it forever. I love pendants,,,,so glad you had a nice birthday. I will email you my address. thanks again for your loving heart. Hugs.

  10. Congradulations to the lucky-ducks :D

    Spending time with your daughter is the best birthday gift...how sweet...the card almost made me cry...
    Your new creations are awesome...wow-za

  11. Awww . . that's wonderful. It brought back memories of when my son made me cards. I have all of them. And the little school projects thoughout his life. They are very precious!

  12. Happy belated birthday!!

    Aren't kids awesome!

  13. Happy Birthday again- it sounds like you had such a marvelous time with Llara- and such beautiful treasures she made for you!
    Congrats to all the lucky winners- I know they'll treasure their prizes too!

  14. happiest of birthdays! how did i miss this? i am so very sorry -
    and a giveaway too? congrats to the winners - they are very very lucky...
    and llara did a beautiful job!


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