Feb 22, 2011

immortal, eternal, eclipse

*p/s ... a penny to anyone who can guess where the inspiration of my latest RustART pieces came from :) Lisa? Stephanie?

i don't have a lot of chance to go on outings nowadays becos i don't really want to leave baby Maia with mil in the house alone. it will be too taxing on the dear old lady, and baby Maia is not exactly a very, well ... demure preemie :) and of course she needs her mommy's milk every 3 hours or so. but when i do get a chance to go out, it's either to the craftstore or the hardware store, two of my most "favouritest" places!

a couple of weeks ago i managed to sneak a visit to the hardware store to have a looksy. i was looking for real huge nuts (not the ones you eat) and i found something called a flange nut. it's a really interesting nut (never thought i'll say that!) becos the nut sits on a platform kinda thingy ... anyway, i bought a few. didn't know what i wanted to do with them, only i knew i wanted to rust them. as it turns out, they actually make very nice bezels :)

these flange nuts were huge, so i wanted to make something with a stronger and darker connotation. i also rusted some washers together with the flanges and gave them a harder rust.

and with that ...

was born.

my idea of Immortal was to give it a heavy main necklace, gothic in nature, but i also wanted to add a kind of sexy "neckline" to it ... something that rest close to the jugular ... a lure ... for Edward ;)

doesn't it screams "Bite Me!"?

like i said i had a few flanges so i made another gothic-ie necklace in the same theme.

what is Immortal is also ...

normally i would use a 2 part resin to coat these but resin give out such a bad stench, it is not very advisable to use it around a baby. so i used a Ranger product called Glossy Accents and it works just as well minus the smell.

Eternal also spots a lethal-looking 2 inch vintage spike (O_O), brass gear and an AA quality ocean jasper set inside the flange bezel.

and finally, i thought it would be sort of cool to round these two up with an ...


i burnt bits from an old storybook and added it to the washer to make it look like thru time some bits of paper got caught on the rusty washer. (tho this bit's got glossy accents on it :) i also composed the gear off center and the flange in the center to symbolize an eclipse. embedded in the bezel is another beautiful ocean jasper.

overall, i'm quite happy with how these babes turned out ... i just wonder how many people have the same taste as i do ...

**pp/s ... dun forget i have a giveaway ending 27th feb ... to get to the link just look for it on my sidebar :)


  1. OH yes they say bite me and being a twilight fan I love them.... I can see you wearing them to the new dawn movie...but watch out for the immorals

    Hugs Wendy at http://blissangels.blogspot.com

  2. WOW!! You never cease to amaze me with your talent! These are gorgeous! I think Immortal is my favorite but they are all so wonderful it's hard to choose!! xo Michele

  3. Fairy Godmothers don't usually spend too much time around vampires - even though we are both immortal. However, even I would make an exception for Edward Cullen!

  4. That is just one amazing piece. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. These pieces are just fabulous. Great interpretations for Eclipse. And the answer to your question; I do! Laura

  6. These are bEaUtIfUl! I love these and admire you creating your art and being such a wonderful mother.

  7. Those are all gorgeous. I especially love choker.

  8. those are so yummi, 'cause not only they're gorgeous, they also have a symbolism that speeks to me. See, you're not the only weirdo around!

  9. Gorgeousness incarnate!!! Just love the earthiness and rawness of your creations... truly divine!!!

  10. You are a true alchemist! To take something as mundane as a washer from the hardware store and change it into a work of art...what will you be doing next...changing base metal into gold? I wouldn't be surprised! This is gorgeous, and I love how you described the process.

    I'm glad you found something a little more benign than the resin you usually use. It's got to be much better for your health :-)

    Have a great week!


  11. Luthien you are a genius! Yet another beautiful piece of jewelry. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  12. WOW!!!!!! GORGEOUS piece! Love it!!!

  13. thank you all!! i am so thrilled by the fact that there are others out there who share my weird tastes ... and yes papillon i AM a fellow weirdo!! LOL!!

    hehehe ... i am also tickled that there are fellow Edward lovers here :) team Edward ALWAYS!!!

    Maggie ... if only i can change base metal to gold! I'll be RICH!!!!!

  14. OMG--your jewelry is so awesome!!

  15. Senasational jewelry! I guess that would be Stephanie's influence but your the master.

  16. They are just stunning! They came out beautifully - I adore them. Theresa

  17. Luthien, you are amazing. Truly an alchemist.

  18. So does this mean you owe me a penny? It's funny, but I got all excited when I saw that Eclipse had a piece of a book on it- I thought at first it was a snippet from one of THE books....but of course that would be sacriledge!
    I myself can't do without a reread at least once a year.......for me, it's like visiting old friends- see I'm weird too:)
    Big Hugs to you my friend!

  19. Fantastic stuff! I have been collecting lots of rusty bolts and nuts and flanges from my dads garage with the aim to use them in my jewellery, you really are an inspiration :))

  20. These are exciting pieces Luthien. Love those rusty bits ... and the photography is great.

  21. Well...I for SURE share your taste Luthien !!
    It is so interesting to read how it all came together is this unique artpiece !!!
    I did not understand all the first time but I've copied some text parts in my translator program LOL

    It is a feast to see your work Luthien !!
    Greetings from Holland

  22. LT - just inspired work. Very edgy. B

  23. OK Luthien,

    Your taste is awesome! Keep doing what you know you love!!

  24. Luthien,Stephaine would be sooo proud..Amazing pieces and I cant help but think...ooooooh I just wish Breaking Dawn was out already!!Love your style!!Big Hugs,Cat

  25. Love, love, love your jewelry...great pieces.

    Thank you for the kudos on my necktie bangles, glad you like.


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