Feb 4, 2011

the beginnings of my RustART Series

wearable rust... who would have thought rust was wearable. but i truly believe in their beauty and their worth. remember my post about the washers i rusted under a controlled environment ? well, i created some neckwear with them :)

here's to the beginnings of my RustART Series ...

Reserved for Vampires

I Am Yours


Broken Wings

The RustART Series is an assemblage of the normal and the curious. Every piece in this series begins with a rusted washer. An assemblage of different objects, some pretty, some not so (or rather not normally perceived as pretty), are put together to allow the process of alchemy to occur, thus creating the perfect concoction of beauty ... to the artist's eye.

*RustART : A washer is organically rusted over several days and several layers under my watchful eye, in order to get the best rust formation in every piece. When the perfect rust formation is achieved, it is immediately sealed in with several layers of fixatives and sealers to preserve the beauty of the rust. The sealers also act as a protective layer to skin that might be in contact with the washer.

do tell me your thoughts on wearable rust ...


  1. I LOVE them Luthien!! The broken wing is my favorite!! They are really cool :o))) You are so talented!! xo Michele

  2. You are after my heart with these relics...I just love things that are otherworldly...I love them all, but 'I am Yours' is crazy-good!!!

  3. I love these! My two favorites are the encapsulated heart and the broken wing. I'm new to your blog (found it via OHOW), and I'm really enjoying it. One of my favorite teachers is Michael DeMeng, and these really remind me of him (similar, but different). I love how you bring a softness to the rusted work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. L-love the way you are connecting your assemblage and rust making skills. The washers hacv a soft rust and provide a great platform for the other bits; and of course would sit well on the skin given you've sealed them so well. Hope this is a successful selling series. B

  5. these look awesome. wish i could wear those but it doesn't work with my classical face... once again you inspire me!

  6. Oh Luthien,
    These are amazing! My special favorite is "Reserved for Vampires" faBuLouS!
    Your new style just continues to grow and grow in such a beautiful way!

  7. Congratulation for continually creative flow in your jewelry making.

  8. Beautiful, luthien! I especially love Broken Wings. Looks so steampunk. And the I Am Yours with the heart.

  9. thank you all for leaving me such wonderful feedback :) now i know that designs like "i am Yours" and "broken wings" are designs that most people would favor :) and i pretty glad that i'm not the only one that thinks rust is wearable PHEW!!!

    luthien :)

  10. I'm just so amazed at the beautiful things you create!! I know you're going to go far with this, I just know it!

  11. fabulous pendants, so unique and so creative
    hope all is good with you and that your week is going well
    take care for now

  12. Broken wings is altogether fabulous! WOW! I love your jewelry! ♥

  13. Loving your RustART series, especially Reserved for Vampires. Also enjoying browsing through your blog.

  14. Hey! I loved your work! Specially tje one on Broken wings and teh "I am yours" I loved it, I am just a begginer in this, I will study for doing things like these, I admire your work, it is original, beautiful... just perfect! I would like to have one of those necklaces, how could I buy them?

    1. hi Carolyn :)
      thank you so much for your kind words on my pieces! Unfortunately they have all been sold, and I have already discontinued this range some time back. so sorry to disappoint you.


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