Feb 19, 2011

200 stories from a faraway land..

and more than 300 beautiful people love me !

maybe it's time for an ...


this blog was born "pimp and paint" because it began as a place where i would jot down all my nonsensical DIY projects i do around the house ... like "pimp" the study room table, or "pimp" the lampshades and stuff like that. in 3 years (less actually), it grew up and decided to turn into an artblog (without me realizing it), where my "pimping" projects turned into ... well, art pieces, if i may call them that. and when i was expecting baby Maia, there was a little voice inside of me (perhaps it was Maia's :) that urged me to rename "pimp and paint" to something more serious, something more grown up, but most of all, something that reflected her mommy now ... hence Altered Alchemy emerged like a phoenix from the ashes.

now, let's take a ride down memory lane, shall we?

waaaaay back to my first post : decorative art mirrors it was titled. i remember being really stoked with folkart at that time, and roses, yes ... it appears that i once had really feminine tastes :) i painted roses, lots of them! and an occasional sunflower ;)

that was my first post dated 10 October 2008.

ahhh ... here it is! i found the "pimp that worktop" post ... you see i wasn't lying when i said i "pimped" stuff around my house?

it's still there, only it's been taken over by Llara the princess conqueror now :)

now let's see what happened a year later, in October 2009 ... oh yes, the post on inspiration avenue's weekly challenge "shimmer". this was around the time when i got hooked on polymer clay. some of my earlier creations were for the house ... and these were napkin rings :)

of course, polymer clay napkin rings soon turned into polymer-clay-elven-inspired-middle-earth-jewelry ;)

i also remember at about the same time, i started making books. and of course there HAS to be one made on ... who else? Edward Cullen of course! ^_^

with the swoon-worthy line "... i promise to love you every moment of forever ... would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me ..." *plop* i just fainted ...

OH! ... let's move on before i start telling you how much i'm in love with Edward Cullen and go all teenage on you! let's see what we had on October 2010 ...

ooooo... now i remember. i didn't get to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Altered Alchemy because i went into early labour with baby Maia. after having many bleeding spells between 24 and 28 weeks of gestation, baby Maia was finally born at 29 weeks on the 6th October. and i remember only sharing my story a couple of weeks later when i've somewhat recovered a little from the traumatic experience. here it is, if you wanna read it.

hmm... seems to me i haven't been at this for very long. it's only been 2 years 4 months since i began this blog and since i started making art ... that's queer ... it feels like ages ... feels like maybe 5, 6 years or more! gosh!!

anyhow, whether it be 2 years or 6 years, i think 200 posts and 300+ sweet friends definitely call for a celebration! furthermore, i didn't get to celebrate my 2nd anniversary right? so let's do it altogether here and now with 4 giveaways!! WOOHOO!!! just for all my sweet friends who have stuck with me thru thick and thin, elves and vampires, Middle Earth and Narnia, Edward Cullens, Paul Bettanys, Benecio del Toros, Viggo Mortensens and Mr Spocks ;)

these are what i'm giving away :)

a metal bookmark from my pimp & paint days

a polymer clay pendant from my ithilien days

a pair of earrings from Altered Alchemy

and a set of 4 blank cards from my RustART Series :)

just leave me a comment and tell me what inspires you, whether it be in your work or in your everyday life :) and i will announce the results on my birthday, 27th February :)

thank you so much for everything!! i love you guys soooooo much!!

the drawing is now closed :) thank you for playing!!


  1. Oh gosh, I am the first to reply. Did you want to know what inspires me about your work, orwhat inspires me in my work.
    My fav thing about your work is your jewellery as it is quite different from what I usually see.It would be an honour to receive any one of these giveaway gifts.
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog too if you have time to come over for a peek.

  2. And next we want stories of fairies and magic, elves and fawns... I know you have it in you my dear sweet child for you burst with creativity. Go grab a quill and ink (or one of these modern computer things) and pour out your dream stories...

  3. It has been a pleasure taking this journey with you my friend and watching you grow. I am so thrilled to be here and sharing it all :)
    Thank you too for all your wonderful words of praise and encouragement from half way across the globe. It means so much.
    Warmest wishes

  4. Well Lisa it seems you have a few very good reasons to celebrate here! and congratulations for all of them - you well deserve to be followed with such inspirational work. I am one of your more recent fans and I am so glad I found you! I was so drawn to your journals and cards - they stand alone! - absolutely amazing!
    You have come along way in these last few years - just imagine where you will be in another 3-4 years.
    Have a great birthday - I'm celebrating mine just4 days before you!
    Love, Suzy

  5. It's artists like you that inspire me--your enthusiasm and your willingness to try something new before you talk yourself out of it. And your art is so freaking cool--Thank you for keeping up with your blog, and I'm so glad that all is going well with your little babe--she was born on my wedding anniversary! :)

  6. LT - you have come such a long way over 200 posts; and I am so glad that we made a connection through our interest in rust, recycling and assemblage. May you continue to create great stuff out of your mini studio. I am always impressed by the fact that you build all the infrastructure that enables you to create your art. May you, your family and art continue to go well. B

  7. My dear sweet Luthien, I remember so much of all that!(and more! Where were the costumes you designed? Loved those!) It was so fun to take a trip down memory lane with you, and I wouldn't have missed any of it with you! You've also shared with me, as my blog has transformed over time :o) What inspires me is having a creative soul like you to share the journey with :o) And guess what?? My birthday is Feb 26th ;o) Did we ever know we shared a birthday a day apart? My youngest son actually shares his birthday with you! His is the 27th ;o) Happy Birthday week ;o) LOL! I look forward to seeing how your artwork evolves in the coming years :o) xo Michele

  8. wow Luthien,

    I just dropped in to say good morning and mention about my lucky lucky post, that I almost felt guilty about... almost... lets see if I am still riding with lady luck.

    What inspires me are things of beauty, and what I believe to be most beautiful are found objects, lost relics and antiques, even newly altered things, assemblage, anything that reveals the flow of creation.

    Your creations inspire me!

  9. I loved seeing your evolution from Pimp & Paint to Altered Alchemy. Congratulations on 2+ years and 300 avid readers! I'm so inspired by friends like you, seeing the love and passion that goes into your art, and how the finished pieces just sparkle with creativity! I can't wait to see what you will show us in 2011 (I know 2010 was a trial at times, but you made it through, yay!!)

    Your generous giveaway is amazing ~ I would love to win any one of these pieces! Count me in!


  10. You always surprise me with every handmade piece.
    Really can't get my eye off it.
    What inspired me daily are those beautiful things around me.

  11. CONGRATS, 300 followers WOW!

    Great taking a walk down memory lane with you. Gorgeous give aways, thanks for the chance to win :)

  12. What a great post, Luthien :) I remember all of it...and I have so many little pieces of Luthien in my life...my jewelry, my bookmarker (that I use everyday) my pimpy placemats :)
    You are a big inspiration to me, you and other women like you...the ones who keep evolving and growing more into themselves...it's a beautiful thing. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, and Happy, Happy Birthday, dear one <3 XoX

  13. As a fairly new follower (found you during OWOH), it's fun to hear about your blogging past. I'd love to win one your prizes.
    Right now I'm inspired by all of life's little happinesses, from getting back to a yoga practice to watching my son's soccer team win a championship.

  14. I am a new follower from OWOH, and i gotta say, your blog instantly had me ... your work is inspiring ... but my main source of inspiration ... my daughter and a little bit of glittery magic!

  15. What inspires me is a beautiful bead or finding. As simple as a vintage key can create a new design. Looking at your journey is very inspiring...you've come so far & have so much more to create. Happy to find you along your path!

  16. I KNEW there was a reason why we connected! First, happy anniversary and 300+ blog followers. Now, I am a really big Viggo Mortensen fan, but I must tell you that I prefer Jacob to Edward (must be the furry wolf thing...LOL). And didn't you just fall in love with Paul Bettany in Inkheart? I am enamored of faeries and elves and magic. :) What inspires me...nature and fantasy and faerie tales. I'm so thrilled we met through OWOH. I'd be honored to win any of your lovely creations. Enjoy the weekend! Theresa

  17. Congratulations, Luthien, what a great achievement - 200 posts and 300 followers. One thing I find inspiring is that you have achieved so much with a very young family and continue to make extremely beautiful and amazing art.

    What else inspires me? Other book and assemblage artists, light against the trees, the moon, the Milky Way, travel, natural history, rusty things... and my little grand children of course.

  18. I found you through WrightStuff. Congrats on your 200th post. I am inspired by so many things as a grandmother...living my everyday life...nature...watching birds come to the feeder...and by other artists and creative friends.

  19. Thank you for sharing all of this. I love finding out about how blogs come about and changes. you are very talented. love to see the phases one goes through as well. congratulations on your 300 followers. that is wonderful. have a great week.

  20. I am so gratefull that I got a chanse here to meet you and you bizarre talent,dearest Luthien!

    All these posts I know,I know,I know...they are all realy special and totally different!!!

    Much Love,

  21. Wow, you have come a long way, my friend!
    I guess I met you about halfway through? You were still "Pimp and Paint" and very into the faerie realms- in fact I fell in love with your work when you created the dream catcher that now lives over my daughter's bed, I wonder if she would give it to me when she leaves for college? Probably not.....she loves it as much as I DO!
    Please include me in your lovely, genrous giveaway- I'd be thrilled to have any of those beauties!

  22. I love your blog!
    I come here because of Wilton Art.
    Nice things you give away!
    And now you have almost your birthday...
    Have a nice time...


  23. It's been amazing watching your style develop and your work go from strength to strength Luthien! I remember your first experiments with clay!

    What inspires me? Rusty old keys, chipped paint, beautiful words, buttons, colour, and artists like you!

  24. Congrats on 200 posts and 300+ adoring friends!
    I am inspired by so many things - finding a special rusty bit, a good conversation with a friend, a new tutorial online, paint cards from the hardware store, a special piece of fabric, a favorite quote, and blogs, blogs, blogs!


  25. I think I'm inspired by so much of everything that is around me, things I see and read. My art is something I'm driven to do, it's my therapy. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks Laura

  26. So much inspires me - mostly the junk I find and try to resurrect into something funky, Shadows... When I'm painting I see the world in shadows. I never use to see that before. Artists that do the unusual and those that share their knowledge. This technology driven world has made available a endless search of inspiration for me. Your art is lovely and of course I'd love any of it.

  27. I only discovered your blog recently through the OWOH event, but I am totally smitten. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your progress over the last couple of years, your art has changed a wee bit, eh? ;-).
    Sometimes I am inspired by a line in a book I am reading, sometimes by a boot fair find, but most often by the wonderful artists in blogland.

  28. Your work amazes me. I am inspired by artists like you - who continually stretch themselves to try new things and work with different mediums. As a paper artist, I am also inspired by paper patterns and colors I love to work with as well as antique bits and pieces found while treasure hunting.

  29. Well Luthien, I normaly don't enter the giveaway's but I love your altered art. Therefore count me in.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Love, Svetlana

  30. I can't believe you've just been making art for a few years. You are so talented at so many things. Old things, worn out things, natural things inspire me, usually, but lately nothing is very inspiring unfortunately. Please sign me up for your give away. And happy birthday on the 27th. Mary

  31. Hi Luthien... only just found you through Kim Schoenberger. Congratulations on so many posts, and followers. No wonder, you are extremely creative. As an old bird, and a very new blogger, I am inspired by the fact that there are so many young people, like you, who find joy and beauty in this very scary world. Your children are fortunate, and will thrive surrounded by your delight and enthusiasm.
    Do you think a senior citizen could wear those gorgeous errings?

  32. I couldnt help but laugh with the "plop I just fainted" comment about you stunning edward piece..It was really cool to see your journey and now I want to go hunt down my first post!!Anyway Im thrilled I made it in time for this generous giveaway...pretty please count me in.Hugs,Cat

  33. Hello Luthien and happy birthday to you. Don't you just love these connections that are happening, I sure do!!! I would have to say my inspiration, is life itself! I do like your sense of fun... :-D

  34. Dear Luthien,
    happy belated birthday to you.
    Your daughter Llara is right, she is quiet an artist.
    Thanks for posting all that beautiful and inspiering photos.
    Have a super week


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