Jan 8, 2011

my messy lil space

i have been visualizing ... visualizing for a studio. i would like a real one. like a space just for creating ... not just a space, i would love a whole room ... or maybe a whole loft with large ceiling-height windows, domed ceilings, stone walls and old wooden floors ... or maybe a rustic conservatory, surrounded by greens and looking out into a lake backed by mountains or miles of meadows ... a combination of cement countertops and reclaim wood would make lovely work areas and fittings don't you think?
... sigh ... no harm dreaming big is there?

ah well, i just have to be content with what i have now, cos i know some of you work on the dining table and have to clear up every time after a session. at least i can leave my mess on the table and no one's gonna complain except me!

i have a corner in my study-cum-store for a studio ... i mean, for a space. i share this tiny room with Llara and her desktop, my hubby, his laptop and his mattress, shelves of books, golf and home magazines, and loads of hoarded stuff which i dun even remember i have!

i was telling everyone that i have a 4 x 4 work area ... well i don't. i measured the space today and realized i dun even have a 3 x 3 work area, i have 28 inch x 31 inch area. and it looks like this ...

it's still got some work space on it becos when it gets full ... i shove everything into empty shopping bags and promise myself that i will sort them out another day ... of course 'another day' doesn't ever come!

here's a full shot of my messy lil corner ...

all my 'frequent use' things are there ... stuffed into every crevice i can find around me.

this space not only serves as my creating space, it's also my storage space and my makeshift photography station ...

ahhh ... thank goodness for improvisation!

and did you know that i built this workspace myself? yup, i did. cos i couldn't find anything in the market that came close to what i wanted. so off to ikea i went and bought some pinewood shelves ...

got some tools ...

ok i know ... i've been reprimanded already about using the foot as clamp ... and ok ok ... i know i bought the wrong saw ... but i still got the job done ... only with a couple more blisters on the palm ..

ahhh ... there was a time when the messy lil space was new, clean and pristine :)

with ample storage and work space ... and it felt like a 4 x 4 :)

i even decorated the doors LOTRs style :)

becos then, the doors could close ...

well ... not anymore!

i hope you've enjoyed my little creative mess ... it's your turn to show me yours :)


  1. L- I just love your creative space - what an ingenious person you are to make such a wonderful (though slightly less than an open field) space to create your beautiful work in. I love that you decorated the doors and then folded them down - but it means all your work is underpinned by the beauty that resides under your work area. F and I are fortunate that we now have larger dedicated studio space but like you have had the journey from kitchen table to a corner desk but now quite larger working areas. May your space gradually blossom into a larger space in the days or years ahed. Health to you & M and the rest of the family. Thank you for sharing your story. B

  2. Blimey is there anything you can't do?! Hahaha. Very innovative stuff, you use every bit of available space. We live in a small flat,so I can empathise with you. We do have a spare room but it's full of crap and my giant paintings/paint etc so I'm now forced to paint on my knee in front of the telly lol. We're having a new kitchen/bathroom/whole flat re-wiring going on soon so have lost of boxes filling half of the room too. My aim once all that is over is to turn it into some kind of tiny studio. Hopefully heh.

    I found you originally on deviantart you know. I can#t remember if I said that already as I have a very poor memory. I'm on there too so shall put a comment up on one of your wonderful pieces and then you can see some of my work. I haven't put anything new up for a hundred years because I've been so unwell, but hopefully that will change soon! Huge comment here sorry lol. I'm called 'groovyfeet' on there. I may change my name too soon heh. Take care Luthien :) x

  3. Luthien, you are the most amazing creature! I am trying to catch up on blogging and I am totally blown away by you new series!!!!!
    I can see all of the feelings and passion you poured into everypiece! Gorgeous! Beyond gorgeous! I love your work so very much and I am anxious to see how Micheal's class inspires you. I am a huge fan of his, but I have to be honest and admit I like your art even better...I think it must be the feminine touch.
    Maia is incredible...I honor your strength and devotion...being a Mother is tough in any circumstance and you are a shining star! This will be a magical year for all of the arts and I know you will soar above us all.
    Love to you and your family.

  4. I love your little space. The LotR style door is awesome. My space is currently in my bedroom. I just can't seem to find the right spot/flow for my creative area. I don't really have an option to move else where in the house either. Even if I had a bigger space, I'd still probably have everything piled around me with in easy reach.
    PS: Love your art.

  5. First of all I believe, that a young mother like you has a good excuse to have a messy workspace, and second your shelfe is great and the decorations on the door phantastic. How on earth did you mede them?
    I would really like to know that.
    I wish you a great week

  6. Luthien, thanks so much for connecting with me via Barry's blog...love your work and your style...especially the little books you use in your pieces and your assemblages. Genius studio solution...I think most of us started in a corner and grew.. one thing is for sure...there is never enough space..though you look like you've got everything in it's place..

  7. You are so clever! Imagine making that workspace from scratch ~ it boggles my brain. But do be careful of your feet!! You need some steel-toed boots hehe.

    In my experience, no matter how much workspace I have, I fill it up and it becomes cluttered. You will create amazing art pieces no matter the space you have. But it's fun to dream...

  8. Your space is amazing, and even more so because you built it yourself! Tho' I must admit I worried for your toes a bit.....And the messyness just means that you're an active artist! If it was always neat and pristine that would be because you never did anything new :)
    And I love your dream studios- ALL of them! We recently replaced our garage door with some pretty french doors leading to what will someday be my studio. For now, I have a space carved out of the dining room and I paint with my larger canvases sitting in my lap.......It's nice to dream of someday, isn't it?
    Big hugs and love to you, my friend!

  9. Luthien!! How did I miss this post??? LOVE your work space lol, you saw mine ;o) I love that you built it yourself and that it totally has the Luthien touch on the front doors!! I'm so glad you shared those pictures!! xo Michele

  10. Hi Luthien - I loved this post! What an amazing space and you are one smart woman doing it all yourself. I think if we want to create we will find a way and make a space; and yours is amazing! Continue to create!


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