Jan 23, 2011

immunization, poop and books

yesterday was immunization day for baby Maia. she went for her second dose of shots ... yup two shots to be exact ... one on the right thigh and one on the left ... blame it on daddy! we missed one earlier so she had to get two shots yesterday. and our brave little preemie merely squeaked once, when all the bigger kids who went before her nearly tore the clinic down! BRAVO baby Maia!!

after that, we proceeded to gate crash the doctors' clinic with no appointment (not that mommy knew that we had to make an appointment!!), anyhow they kindly let us in cos there was no one else there :) having gate crashed, daddy and mommy tried to stay as low profile as possible in case they decide to throw us out again ... but of course baby Maia had other thoughts in the form of a huge ear-shattering poop during weighing session! and guess what ... mommy forgot the diapies ... UGH!! and had to cower in shame when the nurse exclaimed "huh? you mean you didn't bring any diapers??"

fortunately the day didn't get worse ... the doctor checked her and was pleased that she's gained a good amount of weight. baby Maia is now 4kgs ... a far cry from her birth weight of 1.3kg :)

despite having a slight fever, a reaction to the shots i think, she slept soundly last night :) which gave mommy some time to put some finishing touches and list 2 new journals on etsy

an ever favourite of mine ... old world romance, vintage maps, uncharted places, ancient discoveries ... this is Exploration

256 pages counted on both sides, the brown craft paper pages are hand torn and stitched to a leather spine. the cover is made of mdf, painted, papered, stamped with my very own compass design (which i finally turned into a rubber stamp WHOOT!!) and of course an assemblage of rusty bits :)

and the second journal which i totally adore! is ...
Book of Celts

also a 256 brown craft paper paged journal, i love how the cracks and 'peeling paint' effect turned out on this one! the celtic inspired heart motif is also another one of my designs turned into a rubber stamp. i wanted this one to look like some medieval door to a castle and i must say i am totally pleased with how this cover turned out!


  1. Ha, love that story about the diapers (nappies as we call them). I've done that before too, the frantic rummage in the bag as you realise that you truly did come out without them! I remember when my son was newborn - I had been out of hospital one day after a labour that lasted two days and an eventual c-section. I was a bit tired and not up and dressed when the midwife arrived (at something stupid like 9am) and she told me off! I felt like hitting her!!

  2. wonderful work as allways, your books are brilliant.

  3. Wooo Hooo way to go baby Maia!! LOVE LOVE the new journals! I think the book of Celts is my favorite! It totally looks like an old medieval door! So glad to see you finding time to do your fabulous artwork! So gorgeous! xo Michele

  4. ~such wonderful news to hear baby maya is growing and thriving and being nothing but a wonderful blessing to her beautiful parents...hehehe!!! you gotta love those moments...sigh...been there too...no shame no shame dear friend...i think it has happened to the best of us...we once ran out of diapers...we were staying with family and as we were ready to make our way home our little decided to have one final explosion leaving us empty handed...so a dishtowel and duck tape came to the rescue till we could get to the store!!!

    as for your books...you are the master of such masterpieces...everytime i come...you have ventured down beautiful roads leading to wondrous creations...just gorgeous...much love light and blessings always be with you and yours~

  5. Tell Maia I feel exactly the same way about doctors...At least she can get away with it :)
    I remember wrapping my son's butt in my t-shirt! LOL!
    I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the second journal...wow! The texture and effects are the best! Reminded me of a castle door right away. What a masterpiece!

  6. SO great to hear that Maya hav gain weight to 4kg :)

    I like your new journal book , very cool. I wish I can hold it.

  7. I'm glad to hear that Maia is doing so well!
    And these journals are both wonderful- tho' I must say that my fave is the Celtic one. I love the way you aged the door with your beautiful new stamp (it looks so hard to make!) and that washer and key- all beautiful!!!

  8. I think some of the leaking problems people have are due to incorrect prep and washing so if you follow the directions and use the correct soap you shouldn't have a problem. When she is big enough for the mediums, I will buy them again. We have never had a problem with diaper rash. As you can tell, I'm happy with these and although the washing and stuffing the diapers is a little more work, we make it happen. We will soon be using cloth wipes because it won't be anymore work for us and better for our little girl!
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