Jan 29, 2011

i know i'm a little fanatical and ...

i know you must think i'm crazy but ... :p

i am genuinely EXCITED about how these RUSTED!!

i love how these washers have a "rust line" thru the center. the lines were achieved by several layers of vinegar solution soaking; first soaking half the washer and then soaking the whole of it in. i called it "controlled rusting" :)

these two were also rusted over a period of time ... and over several layers. i love the "rust waves" and the "dark shades" on the last washer.

another rusted panel ... the rust pattern is achieved yet again thru several layers of "controlled rusting" . the shapes were achieved by placing half rusted hexagon nuts on the metal panel and allowing "alchemy" to do the job.

OOOOO!!! speaking of alchemy, i just wanna share with you my first batch of Altered Alchemy Blank Cards ...

this is a set of 6 cards, all images of my previous/current work in mixed media :) they come with 6 pieces of A5 envelopes. laser printed on good quality textured cardstock, there are 3 horizontal cards and 3 vertical ones. these can be found in my etsy shop now :)

i've always wanted to do something out of my images ... i'm quite pleased that i finally did it :)


  1. You do rust like nobody can!! You are the Queen of rust :o))) Hmmm...now that sounds like a doll I need to make!! I love love the cards!!!! Wooo HOOO on finally doing it!! Boy can I relate...my brand new printer is still sitting here factory sealed lOL! The cards are to die for Luthien!! You did a great job on them! xo Michele

  2. Beautiful! I consider rust aphrodisiac!!

  3. you take my breath away... these are gorgeous! how are you?

  4. Me liky the rust...oooh how beautiful.!!I think your cards are a cool idea.Way to go!!!Hugs,Cat

  5. Hi L - I love your experiments with rust and the way you manipulate it to create the patterns you want for your work. Always good to imagine you doing that in your compact 'studio'. And of course I love the fac t you now have cards with your images for sale. Go for it. We have visited your etsy shop and will return after a quick trip we need to do away from our mountain. Go well. B

  6. i've always been fond of rust myself and you've done a beautiful job with these! love the cards! hope you've been well L and thanks for stopping by the winter wonderland!

  7. ok, now you convinced me for real: i just have to try this out! if my DH starts thinking i'm loosing it, i'll tell him about you! lol thanks for sharing!

  8. The rust turned out very well.
    Just wonder it's brown at one side, green at the other side :)

  9. OMG!! I found your badge on a blog that I visited for the OWOH event and just had to come see what you were about. and OMG I love it here. Can I move in? I won't take up much room. I can sit in that corner over there and just watch! LOL


  10. I understand perfectly. Rusty bits thrill me too! Your cards are really wonderful!

  11. I love the rusting - amazing! Makes me want to try it and then experiment with it in Polymer Clay. Beautiful!


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