Jan 2, 2011

hello 2011, some art, accomplishments and resolutions ...

Hello 2011!!

wow! another year has gone, not that i'm gonna miss 2010 ... it wasn't exactly a fantastic year for me. on the contrary it took first place in the "most stressful" category. anyhow a new dawn has approached and may this new year be a magical one for all of us :)

i have missed all of you ... the visits and the conversations. i have missed your daily going ons and your art. i have missed my art too. art has become a luxury, now that baby Maia's home. but in between dirty diapers and my new occupation as a milk cow, i stole time to make some wee art just before the year ended. it was something i had to do ... simply for self expression and to release all the pent up energies in me.

i guess you can say that these pieces have been inspired by baby Maia and me being a newborn's mother all over again. after a 5 year break, i feel like an novice mom!

i dunno if i should call these 5 pieces 'a series' ... they all look different to me, yet they were inspired by the same source.


feeling like i'm in some sort of crossroad, where the traffic is coming from all directions and i have no where to run ... an upheaval of the life i've grown used to, the difficult task of learning to re-adapt.


on one hand, i am grateful and happy that everything turned out fine, yet at times, it is so overwhelming that i just want to curl up in a corner and cry. a feeling of not in control, inadequate and incompetent ... feeling like too little butter on too thick a toast ...


unless you have the experience of having a preemie, you'll never know the things preemie parents have to go thru to protect their babies. others might look at us as being paranoid or overly protective of the baby, but the health hazards and dangers to a preemie are very real.

* p/s ... inside the bottle there is a seedling, a green bean which i grew ... anyone knows how to preserve the seedling so that it would stay in this form for the next decade or so? dun laugh, but it's in vinegar now ... :p


like i said ... my new occupation is a milk cow :)
on the metal strip are a series of numbers ... well, if you look closely, they are time, in 3 hour intervals. my new occupation states that i am to foster a good relationship with my co-worker 'the pump' and use him every 3 hours for maximum productivity ...


especially for my little 29 weeker baby Maia Fae :)
the number is her identification number on the NICU tag. and of course, the littlest washer represents her ... tho small, but standing unique and firm amongst her larger friends.
... my wee one, my fighter, my miracle ...


and before i go and be a mommy again ... my teammate Linda of Beck Lee Cottage Design has come up with an interesting challenge for Inspiration Avenue this week .. something to do with accomplishments in 2010 and resolutions for 2011. i really miss the ladies at IA, and this week seems to be a good week to pop by, wish them a Happy 2011 and join in the fun :)

well ... i'm sure there were some things, art-wise, i have accomplished in 2010. it's funny that i can't seem to remember them off hand now. i guess it's becos they all pale in comparison to our greatest creation of all. so i'll say, my greatest accomplishment last year was to bring my baby, Maia Fae, into the world safely.

as for 2011's resolutions ... hmmm ...
* stealing time to make art
* (while breastfeeding) visualizing a studio ... so that it will materialize some time down the road .. YAY!
* further my research into altered art and assemblage ... i am so totally hooked that i signed up for Michael deMeng's online course!! looking forward to that!!
* rusty stuff rulez ... so i'm going to be on a look out for more rusty stuff to make art with
* and of course above all ... be as best a mommy as i can to my babies ... big and wee ...


  1. Warmest wishes toyou all for 2011, may it be healthy and productive and very creative!! We are missing you here in blogland. Looking forward to seeing more creations soon. Love all the rust and grunge in these and the special meanings too. Hugs xx

  2. Hello
    I am a new player at Inspiration Avenue and I love your art. I am new at mixed media art and THIS is amazing!! Congratulations on baby Maia and wish you both love. My 2 girls are 6 almost 7 years apart so I completely understand the feeling like I started all over again when I just got my life back. But my older one will be 23 in a few weeks. So I offer to you that it is well worth these days in the longer run. Take care and wish all the best in 2011.

  3. Oh Luthien she is so beautiful, every picture you share just warms my heat at how precious she is!! Love love your artwork as always, so creative, and the elements always flow so nicely together. I can always tell there is a piece of your heart in them. Happy New Year and I hope this year is stress free, filled with love, creativity and success!! xo Michele

  4. You made some great things and some fine projrcts, but your greatest project is your little beautiful babay.
    I wish you and your family a happy new year, feel invited to join my giveaway if you like.

  5. Those art pieces are marvelous.
    Happy New Year. Wishing all the best to you.

  6. Oh Maia Fae is a darling, darling doll of a baby!! What a miracle she is, looking beautiful, healthy and smiling! And I know I can only imagine the work and stress of arriving at this point...I know we've only heard SOME of the trials of tending to a preemie baby...

    I'm so glad you were able to enter this last challenge of the year. I love that you were able to work some of what's going on in your life into these pieces...that's what art is all about, isn't it?

    Here's to more wonderful art, a new studio, and lots of rusty stuff! Happy New Year! You made it through a most trying year!!


  7. L-it has been great discovering your work and sharing your life and determination in 2010. May 2011 be lighter and more for you; and maybe less as a 'milk cow' though that is a great gift to Maia. Keep visualising that studio it will come - just can take time. The series you created to document the year are strong pieces. May rust rule for us all. Go well and be happy. B

  8. These pieces are so wonderful and I LOVE the symbolism behind each one. The Maia is so beautiful, I had tears in my eyes after reading the meaning of each piece and then, to see your glowing little beauty! WOW, words cannot express how this touched me!
    Here's to YOU, because, you are doing an amazing job being a Mommy to both your girls! May you continue to find time for your art- I know it must be an amazing outlet for you!
    BIG hugs to you, my friend!

  9. This is my first time visiting your blog and I am HOOKED. Your art is over the top gorgeous. I hate cliches, but I love your art. I love rusty bits, metal of all kinds, and paired with paper, it really speaks to me. No, it SHOUTS at me. And your write as well as you make art, so I'm sure I'll be returning often to see what you've made.

    So glad to read your sweet preemie has made it into the world and I know you will take your responsibilities seriously. Especially the milk cow part, which put a smile on my face.

    Here's to a rusty, healthy, and artful 2011.

  10. I forgot to add, if you want to preserve the seed, you might try resin or that two part stuff called "liquid water" or some such (I'm actually not quite sure that's the right name). It's resin, but not as expensive and can be found at craft stores in the floral department.

  11. Firstly, what a darling photo of Maia - truely your creative masterpiece!

    I love your art made in stolen moments - very meaningful and perceptive as well as visually beautiful.

    I have missed drooling over your work Luthien, so am so happy you found time to create and share these! Art is such a great release and way of expression, definitely a necessity not a luxury for a natural artist like you! xx

  12. Wow, Luthien, your art is always so amazing. The textures and layers lie in perfect harmony. I love how your muse is working while Laia is sleeping. It is important to listen and make time for your creative self. It's called sanity. =)
    Oh and both of your little ones are beautiful!

  13. thank you so much everyone for ALL your lovely comments ... they warm my heart and i feel so VERY LOVED and SUPPORTED by you :) and altho we are miles and miles apart ... i FEEL you, your words mean so much to me esp during this period of my life :) thank you :)
    BIG HUGS!!!
    luthien :)

  14. Luthien, it has been so long! I'm so happy to be reading this and I see I've missed the homecoming of Baby Maia Fae, I'll read that post next. I must say you've done good. Real good. She is perfect. What a beautiful child. And your new work! Oh! I am taken with it. I especially am drawn to the Stretched. I giggled, cried and smiled at this wonderful post. I hope you're getting back on the blogging post as you find the time. I've missed you!

    much love,


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