Dec 2, 2010

baby Maia Fae is home ... :)

after 52 days at the NICU, we finally mustered up courage to take baby Maia Fae home :) it will be a week tomorrow and man ... i have forgotten how difficult it is to care for a little one after a 5 year break. especially this little one ... who was born a preemie at 29 weeks and had difficulty in breathing for most of her stay at the NICU. usually, they don't do this, but we manage to loan an apnea monitor from the NICU so that mommy (already a nervous wreck) would get some sleep in between feeds.

it's uncanny how baby Maia would be turning 2 months soon, yet, in the order of a normal pregnancy, she is just at 37 weeks gestation and should be still in her mommy's protection until Christmas arrives.

our little bundle of miracle amazes us to no end ... how one so little and fragile can fight so hard and do all the things that she can.

thank you Prof CT Lim and his team of doctors and nurses for taking care of our precious little Maia ... no words can express how much we appreciate you guys!

baby Maia was 1.315 kg at birth ... now, she's just a little over 2kg.

and with a preemie ... one can't be too careful ...

at the moment, she's on house arrest ... and according to the Prof ... it should last a year!! ARGHH!!!

big sister Llara is as curious as curious can be ...

AWWWWW .....

ok guys ... it's not what you think it is ...

now now now ... stop being a drama queen ... mommy did NOT strangle you ...

what? i just burped you and you want milky again?

remember what the Prof said about your distended tummy???

after ...
the milky...


  1. AAAH Luthien I love your pictures and seeing your little Love. and that BIG sister there too. I bet she is proud and momma's lil helper.
    I think of you often and say a lil prayer for you and family. Take care!! Love Shel

  2. congratulations! You have a lot of work ahead of you! enjoy and good luck keeping your art going with the new addition. xoxo. cory

  3. ~oh luthien...i have tears of joy as i am reading of baby maia coming home..look at her and how she is growing!!! she is so beautiful...a sweet strong one she and baby and your family will remain in our thoughts prayers and continued blessings...your heart must be overflowing being able to hold your precious little one...the age difference you will come to find much handy...ours are six years apart and i have always said i would never do it any different...a proud and wonderful sister to be helping her mama...enjoy each minute with your two well and much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always~

  4. She is absolutely beautiful!! What a wonderful blessing, to have 2 such beautiful little girls! Much love to you all!

  5. I remember reading your previous post--I'm so happy for you! She is a beautiful gift.

  6. Just yesterday I read your post from October about Maia's early arrival into the world. It was so good this morning to read how things turned out and see a thriving Maia! Many blessings to you and your family!

  7. Dear Luthien
    I had no idea that you wherw pregnant and that you are a mummy since 5 years.
    Congratulations to your little miracle and of cause to your beautiful "Big Daughter" aswell.
    I wish all of you the very best. I hope your baby will become strong and healthy enough to face the big world outside soon.

  8. this is a beautiful post, luthien... thank you for letting us in with the pictures... she is just breathtaking...
    it brings back memories of nicu's and monitors... i am glad you were able to get an apnea monitor for home... it gives you a little peace of mind... take care of your precious family, and your precious self... xo

  9. Luthien, I am so happy the baby is home now. She is absolutely beautiful!!

  10. Ahh, Luthien, thank you for updating us all! Baby Maia is a beauty and so precious! Our prayers must have been answered that she is home and doing well. Plus she must have had excellent medical care and love from her family. Don't forget to take care of yourself amidst all the hard work. I love the picture of big and little sisters!

  11. Ahhhh Luthien,
    What a gorgeous post!
    I'm sooo glad baby Maia Fae had a safe but early arrival.
    Remember "Mum knows best" and I'm sure she'll grow up to be a strong, healthy pretty young lady like her big sister.
    Big hugs,

  12. Hello,dear Luthien!

    How beyond touching is you little Maia...I got a smile and a tears on my eyes:-)*
    Oh,my Godness!!!Help please to Luthien and one precious little angel Maia to be more strong!!!

    Wish you,my dear friend patience and much blessed days:-)*


  13. Oh I am so happy, I have tears running down my face. I am sending so much love to you and your special family - whoosh, here it comes... Did you feel it! Big hugs to you all.xxxx

  14. What a precious little girl! Thanks for sharing photos of her. I will keep the both of you in my prayers.

  15. L-Such as relief to have M home and to know tjhat she thrives. The whole family including big sister must be filled with joy. Stay well and go well. B

  16. She is so gorgeous Luthien, just like her sister! What an angel! Hoping both of you and the whole family are in good shape. ;)

    kisses & hugs,

  17. Congratulations Luthien! She is adorable and I am so happy the baby is home now.

    Wishing you all the very best this holiday season! Enjoy every minute with your two little angels!

    Sending big hugs across the miles!

  18. thank you all for your lovely and uplifting comments! enjoying every moment with my new bundle of joy ... including the sleepless nights ;)

  19. WOW! What beautiful little angels! This is an awesome post - the pictures are wonderful and tell such a heart warming story! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

    "Her" and Romeo

  20. I can't believe I missed these wonderful pictures! So beatiful and heart warming, I can tell you are doing an incredible job......I love ALL the pictures, but if I had to choose my top 2 faves; they would have to be the one of Llara peeking at baby Maia and the one of you holding her- so beautiful!

  21. Congratulations! I'm so happy your story ended well. Your girls are precious. :)

  22. Oh Luthien, I am so glad to hear that the wee one has come home finally. She is beautiful! My prayers have been answered. I love these images and the ones with Llara are precious. You look lovely friend. Best wishes for your little family.

  23. Oh my Luthien she is just GORGEOUS!! Your finest creation so far :o)) I'm so happy to hear she is home and snug as a little bug! Your pictures are dreamy as always and big sister is looking as beautiful as her mommy :o) xo Michele

  24. Oh I have missed her arrival, I am so happy for you that she is doing well, the photos are totally gorgeous of your tiny little bundle and I cant believe how small she was when she arrived. Big sister is beautiful too and looks very proud to be holding her. ♥ Love to you all and take care of yourself as well as Maia Fae of course.

  25. Gorgeous babygirl! Best wishes for you and your family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hugs

  26. Oh Luthien....she's beautiful! This is how far behind in Blog visiting I am.....I didn't even know she had arrived so early! I have happy tears for you!


  27. ~good morning my dear sweet friend...warm christmas wishes and brightest blessings upon you and yours...may the day ahead be filled with the wondrous magical moments that this season has to offer...filling your spirit with only great joy and love...i hope this finds you baby and your family doing well and thriving...luthien...i feel blessed to have stumbled upon such a dear kindred spirit and to call you a friend...i thank you for this past year for all of the enchantment and mystical magic that you have brought forth...a guiding light of love and inspiration you are to each of us here and i can't wait to share more adventures in the new year love light and blessings be with you always~

  28. What a perfect gift to have your sweet baby girl home and your family all together for Christmas! Luthien she is ADORABLE, both your girls are so beautiful! Wishing you all lots of love, luck and happiness for the festive season and for 2011
    Angie xxx

  29. Merry Christmas.
    She is such a little angel.

  30. Congratulations!
    The photos are beautiful,and good to see Maia Fae's progress.
    Happy New Year for you and family
    Mariette xox

  31. She's so beautiful, and you've been through so much, I glad your wee one is home now. I've had many traumatic hospital times in my life and my mum and dad still go through hell even now I am 41 so I can empathise a little with the stress. Best wishes from a new follower :) Michelle

  32. What sweet photos, I'm so happy you've shared them with us. With all of your friends, me included crying all these tears of joy for you and your precious family, surely we could all sail away to see you on a river of love. How blessed you are and all of us to have grown so close. Who would've ever dreamed we all could live worlds apart yet be so close and share such friendships through these blogs!

    I so look forward to seeing pictures of Baby Maia Fae and young Llara as they grow. It really won't be long and Maia will be right there, too creating something along with you. Bless you my dear friend.


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