Oct 21, 2010

wow!! it's been over a month!

wow!! it's been over a month since i wrote anything ... i even missed my 2nd blog anniversary which was supposed to fall on the 5th oct. let's just say that this must be the MOST challenging time of my life. i haven't actually settled down yet, still running around like a headless chicken, but i just wanted to say "hi" to you guys ... :)

i haven't actually created anything in a month, but i realized that i didn't even post my last batch of mixed media jewelry! so i guess this is a good excuse to write something, say "hi" and post some pictures :)

these were made just before my life turned topsy turvy ... they are still in my shop cos i was actually on vacation mode for quite a bit ...

Faded Glory ... inspired by a jean button ...

Literature ... another pair of miniature book earrings

Genesis ... this design came to me in a dream

dunno when i'll be doing my next post ... but for now, take care you guys and thanks for being patient ... especially to those of you who have just added me to your favs, i wish i had more things to write and show you...


  1. Hello,dear Luthien:-)*

    The time fly away...and so icredibly fast!
    You new ''dream-creation'' is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    HOW beautiful do you made you necklace and earrings...
    Such fabulous idea with a book,like it so very much!

    Hugs and Love to you,

  2. Love you, miss you and thinking of you!

  3. Beautiful designs! I just love your creative genius! Hope your life can get back to normal for you soon♥

  4. Gorgeous jewelry!! I was thinking of you this morning, hoping for some good, and I miss you!! xo Michele

  5. Luthien these are all so gorgeous (and beautifully photographed as usual) It's good to hear from you, was just thinking of you today. Sending lots of love and hope things are much easier for you soon xxx

  6. hope you are well... these are beautiful...

  7. take good are of yourself- that's what matters!

  8. You are in my thoughts everyday...take good care of yourself and your sweet family! (congradulations)

    PS: I love the new pieces...I am wearing the heck out of mine...takes peoples attention off of my terrible hair...at least that's what I am telling myself :D)

  9. hello ladies :)
    thank you very much for all your sweet sweet comments and well wishes :) thinking of all of you often eventho i'm not always on bloggieland nowadays :) hope everyone is well!

  10. L - Love your assemblage work; and love your courage. Hope all goes well with M. Go well and be well. B


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