Sep 5, 2010

time for change ... would you change your blog's URL?

it seems like ages now that i've been blogging. but in fact i'm less than 2 years old. tho in a month's time i would be. i have been contemplating change for many months now ... it all started when i bought my own domain name now i know that wasn't even the first step ... that was a preliminary.

after going back and forth with the thought of change, today i decided that is was time to change the look of my page to accompany the metamorphosis my art is going through. i started with twitter, and the day ended with changing my blog look too. in the midst of that, i decided also to change the name on my blog banner.

pimp and paint has brought me lots of joy during these two years, and now it's time to grow up a little ... i feel. altered alchemy may not last forever ... but i am hoping that luthien thye would. so my first step is to put my name on the banner.

when i started blogging i was really shy and didn't really feel like telling people that i hardly knew, my name or my family name. but now i feel that it is essential to put my name out there. i feel more confident with the work i do and perhaps it can and should be something that i would do for a long time to come ... (tho i have this funny feeling that when the baby comes, i'll probably have to spend a little less time on my work ... we'll see :) ...thus, perhaps it's a good idea to put my name to my work.

the next step to this change would probably come in the form of changing my blogname officially in blogger. now "pimp and paint" is still showing on your dashboards. one of these days you might find that it's "altered alchemy" or just my name showing on your dashboards instead. i hope i won't scare away too many followers!

of course the last step is actually to purchase a domain name in my name and transfer all of pimp and paint's links and followings to this new domain. just like what i did when i changed from to 5 months ago. this last step would be crucial ... i dunno if it's a normal practice to change one's blog URL ... but if i didn't do it, i know the gnawing feeling would bug me to no end. it had to be done period. i expect a drop in viewing, page ranks and followings ... i only hope that it won't be too drastic. that is why i am making this change slowly.

i'm not too old in this area or have such fantastic page ranks that i cannot afford this change. if i want to do it, it'll better be now than later. but i'ld like to hear what you think ... would you change your blog's URL?


  1. I have been thinking along the same lines, Luthien. Like you have not been in the blogsphere long enough to hurt me if I change. I am getting ready to get a domain name in my own name. I think it will help others view me more as a real business/artist rather than a "hobbyist". You won't lose me as a reader. I look forward to see more of your lovely work.

  2. Hey Luthien,
    I'm sure you'll have those die hard followers that will continue following you! lol
    Yes, I think we need to move with the times as we grow into "business"
    Live Joyfully,

  3. Loving the new look! I've been wondering too about a name change, but it has to be the right one and I think yours suits you far more - getting something magical in there was a must! I would say that as long as your old url then points to the new one, then why not?
    For me, when I started it was about the 'writing' then the art elbowed its way in too and suddenly the word 'stuff' seemed less appropriate... Right now though I just don't have the will to change!

  4. Luthien, I would follow you to the moon! I mean that, girlfriend :) everyelse will too.
    I love the new name, it suits you so much better...I think you will have even MORE ears perking up to your magic! I swear, I think you have thought enough about it...this is your year for birth...and re-birth.

    AND I think Lisa should stick with wrightstuff.
    I always thought that was as smart a name as she is.
    Big Love

  5. I totally agree that it's time for your blog to reflect your new art style- and I LOVE the new look! I really liked the old one too- but for me, this really shouts "Luthien".
    I agree with both Lisa's too, this new magical alchemy is perfection!

  6. thank you so much for all your feedback ... finally completed the layout change today with a new background and some new navigation tab designs. looking forward to changing the name soon ... but i'll give it some space in between the changes ...

    lisa W .. i've always loved the name wrightstuff ... like lisa M says, it's clever! but i guess if your heart tells you that it's time to change .. then you should follow that instinct. otherwise you'll always be wondering. and i dun really like that feeling of wondering "what if" ...

  7. Good for you for making a change! A change I like, love your new blog name. So many of us don't want to get out of our "comfort zone", to use that tired old phrase but it is so true. May you have continued success with your new venture. Your work is beautiful, Luthien! ♥

  8. Boy, I'll tell you, this sure is a tough subject but I think your new business is just fabulous!! Love the whole look and feel so I say go for it!♥

  9. I am going through a similar thing myself, change is good but it is hard to decide what to do without losing or upsetting your followers. I think your new name suits you well and your business, I wish you luck with all your changes. It all looks fab!!

  10. ~at sometime change seems to be inevitable...we all go through feelings of such...and i think one should always follow there heart and allow it to guide them on a new would never know until they tried and i think what you've come up with is brilliant and suits you to a t! no one will leave...we are here for good! wishing well on this what lies ahead...may it be filled with only an abundance of blessings and magic~


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