Sep 12, 2010

numerology ... three muses challenge

it's been a long time since i played at the three muses challenge. i didn't think i could make something this week either ... and i still don't think i could have made it if i kept thinking about it :)

well ... the theme is "numbers" ... as you all know, i am on my curiosity jewelry roll :) so i just let my mind continue to roam into the realms of the curious and this was one of the creations that i came up with, which i named ... you guessed it!


initially these were just a couple of leathers, aged ... then for some reason, i said to myself, i needed some words there, but then again, i've been using a lot of words already, why not numbers? i looked at my very cheap stamping set and thought ... these worked on metal ... i bet they work on leather too! and wallah!!

i didn't stamp them too hard, cos firstly i didn't want the number to go thru to the back and make a hole, but mainly i wanted some sort of faded effect ... just like it's gone thru quite a bit of wear and tear. i really like the effect ... tho i hope you can see it thru the photograph! LOL!!

and then ... i remembered the numbers challenge at three muses and was totally delighted that i could actually submit this piece!!

well ... since i was making them earrings anyway, of course proceeded to make another pair ... this pair has nothing to do with the challenge, but everything to do with asymmetry :) hmm... doesn't asymmetry sound "math" to you? ;)

this is scholarly ...
a cousin to the scholar choker i made earlier :)

aren't the "eyes" on the black agates amazing looking ... it's like the earrings are staring back at you!! and i'm so proud of the the silver plated curve wire (14 gauge!!) i bent and hammered into shape, and oxidized organically!

well ... i sure hope i haven't bored you with all my curiosities ... but if you are not bored yet ... these are at my etsy shop AlteredAlchemy :)


  1. Oh wow Luthien these are fantastic.
    Wonderful jewellery art. Stunning.

  2. Now, those numbers must surely be a secret code to something. Do they unlock the portal??? Maybe you need a third set for the combination to work - a set that's engraved into a necklace. But who has the necklace and will our adventurers find it in time?
    Your creations just inspire stories my friend, they really do!!

  3. I love the worn, antique look of all of these, especially the numerology earrings! I'm glad you were able to complete them for the Three Muses challenge!

    Your comment on my 'numbers' girl made me smile! I can see that she would have the same cheeky attitude as Llara! I can just picture her! It's astonishing how fast they grow up though...I still think of Llara as barely past the toddler stage! But of course she's a bit bigger now!

    Have a wonderful week!


  4. Oh, I meant to say ~ LOVE your new blog design!!

  5. We're glad you found time to stop by our challenge too! The earrings are unique and creative. Thank you for sharing the journey of creation!

  6. These are fabulous Luthien! I am also loving the new look of your Blog!

  7. You have created a pair of beautiful antique looking ear rings and they are gorgeous. You are so talented and I am so pleased you brought them here to the Three Muses for all to enjoy. Bravo my friend.

  8. OMG your work is just totally amazing! I love them all. You make altered art the way it should be. I love the aged look. I like your altered journals too. so cool!

  9. So beautiful- girl you are tempting me, as usual.....;)

  10. You always make such wonderful jewelry! This earrings are quite unique, Luthien. I love the aged look.
    Enjoy your day and make more fab art!


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