Sep 11, 2010

more curiosities ...

i've been on a roll this week ... and i'm so totally delighted that my mixed media art journals and jewelry pieces at Altered Alchemy are getting so much love!

it's a holiday over here ... we're celebrating the HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI ... it's the new year for our muslim frens. everyone has left town and gone home, so the city is like a vacation resort! no cars, no traffic jams, no pollution ... HAH!!

some frens came over to our condo to swim today, but it rained ... oops sorry! but i was making chainmaille (well ... a very simple one) for the new necklace so i didn't get wet ;) *snicker*

sorry, i'm just idling away and muttering to myself again, watching adam lambert's year of american idol (a rerun) whilst taking product pictures and listing my new piece on etsy ... oh btw ... it's 4am.

here it is ... the new piece which is called SCHOLAR

over the week i also made and sold these 2 pieces ... WOOHOO!!


i made the tiniest books i've ever made with pages measuring 1x2cm altho they become 2x2.5cm with the covers on :) for some reason, i've been making stuff along the lines of books and the written word ... ancient knowledge and curiosities ... this is FUN :)


  1. They are indeed very FUN and prettiest earrings,dear Luthien:-)*
    SO delicate and very precise work,OMG!!!
    Making all small deatils is not easy and you need SO much patience...
    Keep it curiose:-)))*

  2. LUTHIEN!!!!!!!
    These are happy to see you are selling...I am not suprized! There are lots of bookworms like me in the world.
    You are amazing...I can't stop looking at my new necklace :)

  3. Has filming started of The Hobbit yet? These magical creations need to be in that film - why not send the director a picture. There's something very special about these creations.

  4. My Freedom journal arrived yesterday, and again..i'm grinning ear to ear. Truly a beauty on its own, I can't wait to start sketching again..this time on a beautiful journal called Freedom p/s: my cullen journal is still too precious to use :)

  5. These are gorgeous beyond words- I'm not surprised either that you've been selling! I think you have totally found your niche! It makes my fingers cramp to even think about making books that tiny......keep on being curious- on you, it's quite magical :)

  6. Wow, I love these tiny books! They're so cute! I'll have to look you up on etsy =)


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