Sep 18, 2010

metamorphosis ;)

pimp & paint is now
Altered Alchemy by Luthien Thye
on your blogger dashboard :)


sorry for being cheeky steph ... but i had to do this!!! check out inspiration avenue for this week's challenge "metamorphosis" :)


  1. ~yeah!! i really do think this name you chose is perfectly suiting fo ryou and your art you create! wishing you well and blessings always upon you and yours~

  2. Hahaha, the challenge came along at the perfect moment! I'm sure Stephanie won't mind, sometimes one just has to be cheeky!

    I do love the metamorphosis of your blog :D

  3. this space was ALREADY GORGEOUS but with youR "METAMORPHOSIS" you have taken it to the next level! Bravo!

  4. This is the first time I have been to your blog, but I really like the name and the look of your blog. I also think from the looks of your blog banner the new name probably better fits your artistic image. Nice metamorphosis and lovely blog!

  5. Gorgeous...congrats...lovely to meet enchanting space!

  6. I am rockin' the necklace...doing Eli proud.
    Altered Luthien, I hope you are feeling better. Saw you on facebook...can you believe I can't figure out ANY of it without Mia???
    I'm a simpleton sometimes.
    Health, wealth, abundance and LOVE to you, Girlfriend

  7. I love that magical name - it's completely "you" Luthien - you couldn't have chosen better x

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  9. Loving the new name Luthien!!You asked me about Ebay,well I have been selling on there for about three years now and I am not getting the traffic I once did..I dont want to leave it due to some return customers,but sales have really gone down.The fees are better on etsy even though ebay has been lowering thier fees lately.I think I like spreading the love..I'm even thinking of opening a third etsy shop..i just wish I could have one email address for all...ugh!!Hugs,Cat

  10. Simply perfect! Love the new name, Luthien!
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. Lady, you make the most gorgeous things!!! Even your banner is to die for!! I have missed you my friend! I'm doing a blog give away, if you are interested, drop by! xo Michele

  12. Luthien,

    It's Melissa from the former Sunbonnet Cottage.

    I closed out that blog. It became too depressing.

    I hope you can visit me at my new blog.




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