Sep 15, 2010

anyone interested in a makeup tutorial?

our little 5 year old has been obsessed with 2 ladies on youtube lately ... lady gaga O_O yes ... and from the lady gaga videos she chanced upon a makeup artist named michelle phan who does tutorials on lady gaga's numerous personas and other sorts of character makeup.

yesterday, as always, the little one was surfing youtube in my craft room and suddenly she decides to burst out into this rendition of michelle phan's makeup tutorial ...

the things that these little 5 year olds can do these days!!


  1. Ha ha she's so adoooooorable!! She sounds really professional too - she was obviously concentrating hard on that tutorial! Off to hunt out some pink eyeshadow and have a go lol! x

  2. Hey, she's good--I've seen these videos on you tube before, and michelle better watch out :)
    (What a sweetie!)

  3. Why cant they stay this cute forever!Big Hugs,Cat

  4. OOh too cute! Give her a hug from me! xx

  5. That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. She is so right to use pretend makeup as she is so gorgeous without it. That performance needs to be saved to show her again when she is wearing makeup, which will be all too soon, unfortunately.
    Thanks for sharing and now on the google the original tutorial......


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