Aug 29, 2010

introducing ... Altered Alchemy

the time has come for me to announce a project that i've been hatching for a month now. in the midst of difficult times, upheavals, financial instabilities and physical changes that has been happening in my life, i found solace in art. art has not helped me solve my problems, but it served as a sanctuary that i could escape to, a dimension where all worldly matters seem to fade and where only me and my world exist.

and i feel my art has evolved.

i don't know why it feels different, but it does. for one, it feels more matured. my art has "grown up". it feels deeper, a little darker, older ... it feels like i've traveled way back to the beginning, to genesis. but most of all ... it feels not bogged down by principals. i do less conscious thinking and just allow my being to roam (probably with the desire to escape). i feel freedom. i desire freedom perhaps.

having said and felt all of that, i realized that i have outgrown pimp and paint. it's a little sad but it's something that is inevitable. i am thinking of slowly phasing out my pimp and paint etsy shop ... tho part of me still wants to keep that innocence. i dunno, i'm undecided as of now.

phasing out pimp and paint doesn't mean going out of business. no ... on the contrary, i am hatching a new phoenix from the ashes.

and from the ashes ... i introduce to you

if you have the time, i would really appreciate it if you could pay me a visit there :)

i also want to thank you all of you for supporting my work thus far, i don't think i could have ever done this without all your love and encouragement :)


  1. yes, yes Yes!!! This is what you should be doing! I've been telling you for weeks that these journals are getting better and better. You are incredibly talented my friend. I have a very good feeling about this - very good indeed :) - The pheonix rises and takes flight...

  2. Your new shop looks wonderful Luthien! Congrats!

    I don't have as much time for Blog reading as I used to but I am still around!!


  3. Congratulations, my friend!! Your new shop is fantabulously scrump-dilly-iscious! I can't say enough superlatives about it! I really think you have hit on the perfect type of art for you, and pieces that everyone will love!

    Let me know if you have a badge to put on my sidebar. Would love to spread the word...


  4. Luthien, your art journals (and Etsy Shop) are OMGoodness Awesomeness At Its Best! I just want to hold one of your beautiful journals, feel the textures ... and the passion that went into creating them. If I should be asked "what do I want for my birthday" this year, one of your journals will definitely be my first and only response! You have tremendous talent going here, and I wish you all the best with it. I would love to see you continue to grow in this direction. You have tremendous potential!

  5. I scored!!!
    Thanks for the heads-up...
    I beat the crowds and got my necklace!!!
    Right after I paid, my internet wouldn't connect...I guess my excitement short circuted it:)
    Now I have to go back and brouse...You know how I felt about Eli...I was too selfish to let anyone else have it...I AM a brat :D

  6. I am so happy for you- and I too have been saying that your journals are getting better and better. I think you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be- the muse always seems to guide us where we should be. Oh, and I adore your new name!!!

  7. How great to be able to reflect and see the evolution of your journey as an artist. The items in your new Etsy shop are spectacular. Congratulations!!

  8. it seems to me a lot of people are reinventing themselves of late. that's what difficult days do, push you to introspection.
    i hope you find joy in the deeps.

  9. What a fabulous work,dear Lithien,CONGRATS!!!

    I saw all your Journals...and I have not enough words to describe you,how much you amazed me!

    My absolutely fav.creations from there is your Art Journal:-)*

    Wish you many,many success,

  10. awww... thank you so much for everyone's support!! woohoo!! i'm excited!

  11. Your words ring true sweet Luthien..I knew the change was coming, for I too could see it in your work and I have to tell you that I am so excited for you.When I looked at your Etsy page,it was like a breathe waiting..that at last had arrived.I think I drooled all over my keyboard as I swooned over your "Seek" Necklace.Wow!Blessings on this new journey.Cat

  12. Absolutely gorgeous work Luthien! Very elegant and classy approach to a new phase!
    I agree that art provides one a very exclusive haven , the more one dwells in it the finer and more polished is the piece.
    Best of luck on this new path you've taken.

  13. I've received my Cullen journal today, and what a surprise it is..truly amazingly beautiful hand-crafted journal. Wonderful work of art, I'm still grinning ear to ear each time i look at it and yet its still too precious for me to write anything on it! Thankyou again Luthien! p/s : Can't wait to receive my second journal .. *rubs hands with glee*

  14. Luthien, it seems so long since I have been here. You're art is amazing, and your blogs have changed so much, they are great.



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