Aug 27, 2010

grunge time ...

ahh ... a new week is coming to an end once again! it's amazing how time flies ... the older you get, the faster it flies ... "time on turbo" i call it! UGH! there's just not enough time in a day to do all the things you want to do, there's not enough time in a lifetime actually ...

with all this limited time ... it's a good thing i managed to make one creation for 2 challenges!

this week's creation is for simon says stamp and show's "tim holtz inspired" and inspiration avenue's "the power of words". two separate challenges, that have somehow combined my life philosophies and my creative style.

a handbound journal in the style of grunge ... i hope ;) the covers are a hodge podge of various papers with words ... newspaper cuttings, pages from an old novel, pages from an old dictionary and a couple of printed words in different type fonts. these are stuck together and then distressed using tim holtz's distressed inks which i love so much!

the clock face is my own illustration and printed on the paper hodge podge. a rusty washer (which i rusted myself *smug* ;) and an antique key all laced together with a rustic leather strap completes the look.

finally, a leather/denim spine to go with the grunge theme, cool black handtorn pages and an antique colored brass chain with a split heart as pagemarker :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am drooling on my keyboard that is gorgeous I love it. Great work. Yes time flies by. I say it is "Time is like a roll of toilet tissue the closer to the end the faster it goes." LOL.

  2. You know these journals just get better and better and better and better and....

    I treasure my Book if Isildur - look other readers it's just on the right in the sidebar. I bought that. It's lovely!

  3. Oh this is so gorgeous! I love the clock face and the way it's connected with the key and all held together with the old leather. Very good interpretation of time!

  4. You are so right,Luthien about the time...

    You work is inspirational as always,my dear talented friend!-)*

    SO much impressed me details,you have realy great eye for the creativity!!!

    Wish you a very calming last summer days,


  5. ~sometimes...just sometimes i wish i could push "pause" and have limitless amounts of time to do as i wish...i think may of us can relate to your thought and feelings...time not stops ticking...

    as for your journal...i l♥ve them...these pieces you create are unique...none ever the same nor have i seen another make ones like this...i adore the hodge podge of materials and layers and texture and the handbindings you do...each one is a piece to celebrate and the one who receives such will have a beautiful piece to hold all their written words in such a treasureful are pure magic! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. OMG OMG OMG this is absolutely stunning. So wonderful grunge album. Amazing design. Love it.

  7. This is just stunning! Love what you do - all the layers and textures are delicious!! Your bookbinding is absolutely breathtaking. Gorgeous work.
    Hugs, Donna x

  8. Another gorgeous piece Luthien. So much detail, it's fantastic!
    Kim x

  9. You, dear Luthien, continue to amaze me...each project so beautifully thoughtful. A little piece of your soul everytime.

  10. This is just so beautiful, I don't even have words to describe it - all fall short! Wonderful work combining all those clippings and embellishing with the clock face and rawhide strips. A totally inspiring work. So happy you could join in the fun with us this week at Simon Says Stamp and Show! Hope to see you back with us again next week.

  11. hello ladies :)
    once again thank you so much for all your sweet thoughts, insightful comments and encouragement. i am so glad that my journals are being loved by so many. i am about to embark in a new direction in my art, and these journals have been my testing grounds. so far the response have been really encouraging which means i am actually heading the right way :)
    hugs to all of you!!
    luthien :)

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!! I'm v intrigued to know about the new direction - are you telling yet? x

  13. OMW....can't even find a good enough word to describe this....STUNNING, FABULOUS, AMAZING....

    thanks bunches for playing along with the Design Teamies and Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge!!

  14. WOW! Another beauty! So happy you're entering your gorgeous artwork on Simon Says Stamp & Show challenge blog.

  15. Luthien, your journals are simply a word of art and an extreme PLEASURE to view. I enjoy seeing EACH AND EVERY ONE.

  16. This is extraordinary. Really sensational. The texture, colors, background, binding, details...okay everything is brilliant!

  17. I am so in love with your so glad l subscribed to your l never miss a word or imagexxthanks for sharing your art with us. lyndax
    and my daily image blog is

  18. Oh my goodness. While trolling thru the thumbnail pictures I stopped and said "What's this?" I'm so glad I decided to click on that little photo! Wow ... your work is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!

  19. I absolutely adore what you've done with the laces and key!! This is a really attractive piece!

    Thanks so much for entering the Simon Says Stamp & Show Challenge!!!

    Sarah :)


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Luthien :)