Aug 22, 2010

coffee, tea and erm ... wheels ?

i've been meddling with some jewelry this week. made a couple of mixed media ones, experimenting actually, and they are very unlike the pieces that i've been doing with my polymer clay. since being preggie, i've refrained from cooking polymer clay and playing with resin in case they were toxic to the baby. i've missed rolling my clay in the pasta roller ... but i guess i can still twist and hammer my wires :)

fortunately, the pieces i made this week seem to fit into a couple of challenges amidst on bloggie land. first up, is inspiration avenue's weekly challenge "coffee or tea" ... well, i normally prefer tea to coffee, but this time i'll be indulgent and go for both!

may i present to you, Book of Eli ...

a miniature book i made using tea AND coffee stained papers (top right photo). and see that beautiful slim model? well, it's not me ;( ... that's my niece who's come to stay for a while and her first task is to model for her preggie auntie :)

the next challenge is at the three muses, themed "wheels" .

i give to you, Relic ...

the "wheels" on here are clock cogs which i salvaged from an antique brass clock.

i realize my tastes have changed quite a bit ... perhaps it's the hormones? but i guess these make me happy for now :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Beautiful pieces as always. I love the effect of tea and coffee stains on paper, I use them a lot too.

  2. Wonderful steam punk jewelry! Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  3. This is what happens when you drop out of cyber world for a while.I am still having issues with my computer,and now a days I have resorted to using kids computer just to check in..Ugh!!

    I was thrilled to see your post.First because before my laptop had issues I sent out my newsletter and announced your blog as one of my favorites and I never even told you!!Well it is..and its not hard to see why..your latest creations are Kick Butt!!!No kidding..your getting better and better!!I cant even pick a favorite here..Book or Relic..Nope..Love them both!!Wish I had some money to buy them.hehehe!!

    Now..about your big big Congrats Luthien!!Blessings to you and your little one!!

    Big Hugs,Cat

  4. Luthiem, I really how the way you approach your work-it feel romantic with a classic edge. Love it!

  5. You are a master jeweler, Luthien...I am happy with my place mats, but the book of Eli has my name wished all over it!!!
    I am going to your shops now...if it isn't there
    please tell me when/if it is!!!!

  6. Beautiful work. There's a magical feel about them, I especially love the little book attached. How clever you are.
    And Congratulations on the baby!

  7. Luthien, I'm so happy you have entered the challenge this week! Yay!

    I'm really loving the steampunk theme. Your work is always exquisite! The tea- and coffee-stained book necklace is wonderful!

    Your niece is a perfect model :)

  8. Dear Luthien:-)*

    You amazed me,you beautiful creations are so talented,so nice!!!
    You have absolutely bizarre eye for jewelery design...


  9. Coffee and tea staining are great favourites of mine too, love your take on it! And as for your "Relic" - what a show stopper! Gorgeous art :)

  10. Gorgeous pieces. I love your little book.


  11. those pieces are both so beautiful! love them. :)

  12. Both equally beautiful, but I have to say I am drawn to that little book! Lovely inspiring work!

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous pieces Luthien!! I love how you fit the necklace into the IA challenge - too cool!
    I hope you're feeling wonderful and enjoying that lovely company!

  14. Superb artwork and craftsmanship. Your most beautiful necklace fits so well into the Muses theme of "wheels" this week. Thankyou so much for sharing it with your blog friends.

  15. hiya ladies :)
    thank you for all your wonderful messages :) you don't know how much each and everyone of them meant to me :) HUGS!!
    luthien :)

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous work- I'm loving the new look whether it's from hormones or not! Maybe you're just expanding on your already wonderful style?
    P.S. Sorry I haven't left a comment before now- I thought I *had* and then when reading thru noticed there wasn't anything from me in there.


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Luthien :)