Aug 19, 2010

being preggie ...

i have nearly forgotten what it was like to be pregnant. my older girl is 5 and i am 5 months pregnant once again :) the first trimester hasn't been particularly easy but i think my body feels at home now. all the tests that a "high risk" aka "not-too-young" preggie has to go thru, i went thru them ... even the amnio test where they would insert a giant needle into your bloated belly, and into the placenta to extract the amniotic fluid of the baby. then the fluid would be sent to the lab and the chromosomes grown to check for signs of down syndrome. from the external probe that the dr used during this procedure, i can actually see the needle go in! the procedure takes about 10 minutes and there was one point, my little girl's hands were paddling towards the needle!! woah! talk about scary! and yes ... once the lab grows your baby's chromosomes, they also know if it's an XX or an XY :) and llara kaye is totally thrilled to have a sister :)

there are many taboos for a preggie in a chinese family. of course i had forgotten most of them after a lapse of 5 years. nevertheless, mil is always at hand :) only the other day i was reminded by mil, that i mustn't do any cutting, sewing or gluing on the bed. i remember a story that my paternal grandma told me of a personal experience. when she was preggers with my uncle, there was one time she had forgotten all about not sewing in bed, she embroidered a sunflower on her pillowcase ... the sunflower had 13 petals. and when my uncle was born, he had 13 fingers! was it just a coincidence? well, obviously my grandma didn't think so... but we all know that's just a medical anomaly and can be rectified just as easily.

of course, there are other taboos, like no renovations (especially hammering) in the house, no moving to a new home and no moving the bed. all of which i did when i was 8 months pregnant with llara kaye. naturally, i didn't tell my mom or my mil until everything was done and we were nicely settled in the new home. the dirty looks we got! but i'm truly lucky to have quite a cool mil :) other mils would have blown their tops ... mine just shook her head ;) apparently a cleft lip or similar disfigurements might result from hammering ... hmmm ...

i've never quite understood what the reasons are, for all these taboos. i guess being 'taboos' you dun actually have to understand them, you just have to follow them. but me ... being a rebel, i dun really follow them. well not true ... i sorta 'choose' which ones to follow just to appease the older folks ;) like i would refuse to stop hammering my wires for my jewelry making. and then mil would reluctantly smile and say, "well ... as long as you don't hammer nails into the house walls" ... and for being so lenient on me, i would not dream of hammering nails into the wall ... just for her :)

pineapples are not allowed, apparently it encourages miscarriage. no scary movies, monkey movies and such, for fear the baby might turn out looking like the scary character or the monkeys in the movies. oh dear ... i've been watching plenty of edward cullen and true blood!! yikes!!

interesting isn't it, being a preggie in a chinese family :) well ... that's just half the story. wait till you hear what happens after the baby arrives ;) but i'll keep that for another post ... this is long enough already ...

well, i'm off to fetch llara kaye from kindie.
happy pimping! :)


  1. SO beautiful post,dear Luthien and SO wonderful news!!!
    Congratulations for you and you familie;-)*
    You story is realy good and intresting for me,I never knew those special detials:''pregnant in chinese familie''...
    Wish you blessed,blessed preggie days,my Friend!
    I was preggie...27 years ago,I have twins,great boys:-)*But I can remember all little things and feelings by,Beautiful,enchanted time!!!


  2. Thanks for the update, and my goodness what a glorious picture! It sounds like you're able to enjoy your pregnancy ow that you're past the tests. But I bet you were grateful for the Cullens during your time of bedrest, scary or not! I'm glad you plan on continuing to hammer your books, they are too wonderful to be put aside :)
    Big hugs to you my friend!

  3. Congratulations!! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and a happy, healthy, beautiful baby.
    Take care!! :)

  4. I enjoy hearing about all of these folk tales and taboos! My dear friend Emily, who is Chinese, used to tell me things like this. Fascinating, and you do wonder how they got started.

    I had the amnio test when I was pregnant with Jesse. (I was nearly 37 when he was born) A little scary, and he kept trying to push the needle around too, making the doctor's job harder hehe.

    I'm so glad you are feeling better and everything is going well!


  5. Hello Luthien!!!

    Congratulation my friend! I'm so happy for you xoxo. Ahhh...the chinese taboos. Every single taboos you mentioned ever been told to me by my fiance's relatives. It's hard not to follow though, but it all depends on one's opinion and perception. Anyway, what's most important is to stay healthy and happy!


  6. Sweet blessings to you and your family!

    Long ago, I released superstitions from any power they might have over me. I just don't give it to them, and I feel very free from those sorts of hindrances.
    Now, mind you, I do not have strong cultural taboos or a mil looking over my shoulder ;]

  7. Hey there, Luthien! Ah now, I did not know you were expecting a new bundle of joy, so congrats! The picture is beautiful, of course. You belong up there with Demi Moore and Britney Spears, showing off their bellies! Hahahaa....

    So take care and enjoy reliving pregnancy! :))

  8. Congratulation !
    I had heard of this taboo and being asked to follow it....your MIL is very considerate.

    Happy and always Happy.

  9. ~luthien...a baby!! may you be blessed today and throughout your beautiful journey caring and comforting and nuturing your wee little precious wonderful for you and your family!! i l♥ve reading and hearing of your traditions...fascinating and makes you think! mine are six years apart and i wouldn't change it for anything...the help of your older will come in great handy! you look simply beautiful with your growing little tummy...thank you for sharing such a special moment with well and brightest blessings upon you always~

  10. Congrats! I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly and umm... having never had any kids, I'm not sure what else to say about it, lol! I had no idea there were such things as pregnancy taboos, for one thing, so good luck working around those taboos. :)

  11. thank you so much for all your beautiful well wishes!! i feel soooooo LOVED!!! :) *shy*
    BIG HUGS!!


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