Jul 1, 2010

to sir with love ...

when my fren asked me to custom make a journal for his fren, the only 2 pieces of information he could give me was, his fren is a guy and he is a teacher. err... ok ... i said.

first of all, do you guys have trouble making stuff for guys? i constantly do ... not just making stuff, but buying stuff for guys as well ... i'm quite rubbish at that, so i always end up buying them food :p ... how uncreative!

but this time i can't make a journal out of food now can i? so after many days of pondering over the only 2 pieces of info he gave me ... i hope i have done "masculinity" justice ... UGH!

i was so lucky to have chanced upon a piece of craft paper with ornate fountain pens on it! i had to make it the focal piece on the cover.

and i couldn't resist printing out this piece from an old dictionary :) like the teacher needed another reminder ... *giggle*

and of course, i was so enthusiastic that i actually wanted to purchase an old manual typewriter from a second hand shop just to get the fonts right ... that was before my sweetie told me that i could actually download old type fonts from the net for free ... *turning into a beetroot* ... but i'm glad i did cos now i have four different old type fonts and in any size i want!

well, i sure hope my fren likes it! :)

happy pimping!


  1. Hi Luthien,
    I'm sure your friend will love it. If not, I'd be most happy to accept it.lol

  2. Hello,dear Luthien!-)*

    What a beutiful vintage look journal do you made...
    Immensly creative work,realy impressed me!

    I hope you fren like it too:-)*


  3. Well I think it looks amazing and I am sure he will love it. Great job. I love it.

  4. Hi Luthien ... this book is really beautiful, and I'm sure those who receive it will be very excited!
    Is true, do creations dedicated to men is difficult, but good as you could not pick you fabulous!
    A big kiss, see you soon!

  5. What an incredible piece of work, Luthien !!!
    Too beautiful!!!
    I can't imagine ANYONE not liking that book :)

  6. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment- Blogger wonked out on me! This is beautiful- he's sure to love it (I know *I* do!) you always do such a gorgeous job with your art!

  7. Beautiful! You did a great job on this!!! Wow!! I'm sure he's going to love it! xo Michele

  8. thank you so much ladies :)) it's always a pleasure to read all your sweet comments!! and they really make my day :) ALWAYS!! MUAX!!

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous work and suitably manly! A perfect gift for a teacher xxx

  10. It's a perfect gift. Sure your friend will like it.

  11. I think its a wonderful journal.Love the pens and all the added touches.I think your friends are going to love it!!Big Hugs-Cat


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