Jul 17, 2010

... i promise to love you every moment of forever ...

would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me ...

call me whatever you like (however i rather prefer the term "dreamer" ;) but admit it, you would secretly swoon too if someone says that to you ... especially if that someone is edward cullen?! yes yes yes ... 'eclipse' the movie has reignited my delirious obsession for edward cullen :)

so this week i have allowed myself to be silly. i have wanted to do this for some time but was just a wee bit embarrassed :p. however, inspired by the challenges at the inspiration avenue and the three muses ... i allowed my delirium to take over :)

this week at inspiration avenue, we have the challenge theme "books" ... now who could deny that! and since books, well journals have been my constant creations for the past month or so, i couldn't possibly miss this challenge, now could i?

and the three muses had to come up with "flying carpet ride"!! ooo ... any journey your imagination would take you on ... well, need i say that if i had a magic carpet, i would fly straight into edward cullen's arms?

on this mixed media book cover, i have combined denim and leather, a somewhat 'edward' sense of style. the escutcheon encasing those golden eyes is actually air dry clay, stamped and painted. for some reason, i suddenly have a soft spot for keys ... which to me, symbolize a choice ... to close yourself in or to open up your heart.

i have always thought of edward as a classic gentleman from the days of old ... so i needed to include ornate designs, as captured by the motifs in black and white, and the ornate filigree framing the 'cullen crest'.

no cullen book should go without this swoon-worthy line from the movie :)

the final touch comes in the form of the page marker which on one end carries a crystal-like bead symbolizing "ice" and on the other end, carries another favorite quote of mine "be safe" ...

i am so thrilled that i was able to combine 2 wonderful challenges into one indulgent creation!

happy pimping! :)

WOOHOO!!! someone reserved it already :) thank you mellie!! :)


  1. Oh wow, you have truly surpassed yourself here my friend. This is incredible with the level of detail and thought behind it. I wouldn't be embarrassed by your Cullen obsession! If you're creating something this cool, then go right ahead girl! Very impressed, very impressed indeed - these journals are truly something else. (Off to tweet about you now!)

  2. It 'really amazing ... compliments Luthien You were great ...
    I also love Edward Cullen and the whole saga, I gladly would fly into his arms ... but this is a dream of many girls. ...
    See you soon Kisses

  3. You creations always makes me realy happy,dear Lithien!-)*

    It's SO magical how inspirational you are and what for absolutely enchanted designs cames out you mind and you golden hands!!!


  4. I'm not an Edward fan, BUT I certainly am a Luthien fan! Your journals are stunning. Thank you so much for bringing your talent to our challenge. The details you've added to this one show such thought and artistic talent!

  5. You are unbelievable, girlfriend!
    Nothing embarrassing here...it's pure genious!

  6. Luthien, I am totally blown away by this GORGEOUS and AWESOME piece, and it was so good to read how you made it and what each piece symbolizes too. You have great talent my friend.

  7. This is a beautiful piece of art. Love all the details.

  8. awww ladies :)
    thank you for supporting my cullen obsession and your kind words, and for not laughing at silly ole me!! *nervous laugh* *still a little embarrassed* now everyone knows i'm team edward!

    luthien xoxoxo :)

  9. Really spectacular work - such beautiful attention to detail with your mixed media. I share your delight in the Twilight fantasy and characters!

  10. Ooooooh Luthien...I'm drooling over this one...JUST yesterday I finally had a chance to go see the movie and what a thrill it was as my 12 year old and I sqreeched in delight when Edward and Jacob came to view...ooooh Edward!!HEHEHEHE!!

    Your book is truly amazing!!I especially love the way you added the crest!!Really beautiful!!Big Hugs...from a fellow team Edward gal!Cat

  11. Wonderful creation, Luthien! I'm so glad you got to do this for the IA challenge. I really love your books; they look like a tremendous amount of work. But oh so beautiful! This makes me want to read all the Twilight books to see what the fuss is all about lol!

  12. wow, this look great. anyone would love to have one.

  13. Wow, this is SO beautiful Luthien!! I love your books so much!♥

  14. Coming over to see what amazing art you have produced is always a delight Luthien, and as usual I am delighted! I share your love of keys (lace too!) Only one small critisism - Edward Cullen an old fashioned gentleman? Desn't he bite people's necks and turn them into the living dead or something??? ;)

  15. hiya ladies :)
    thank you once again for your kind words!! i love you all :) MUAX!!

    cat :)
    o_o ... i never expected you to be a twilighter *squeal* YAY!!! TEAM EDWARD RULEZ!!!

    angie :)
    *sigh* ... you dun understand ... edward IS an old fashion gentleman ... that's what they do ... turn you into the living dead and then shower you with love for all eternity ... *sigh*

  16. I'm part of the trinket trade. Dropping by to say hello. Lovely blog you have here.

  17. Wowwww, I'm stunned speechless! This is absolutely gorgeous - and I'm not into the Cullens... Wonderful take on both themes. Shame, that it is already reserved... I love, love, love it!

  18. WOW this is awesome!! you are so talented
    How long does it take to make one of these books?

  19. Denim,lace,hardware and passion. yeah!

  20. Luthien, I have to ell you this is such an amazing journal! You are uber talented my dear friend. I just think this is absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!! I have always had a soft spot for skeleton keys. I like the symbolism you gave.

    I hope you and the little one inside are doing well. How is your pretty little artist?
    Take care sweets,


  22. I'm so thrilled that you let your imagination run away with you because it allows you to go where others may fear to tread!! This artpiece for the magic carpet challenge is stunning in every way - its artistry, its originality and its inspired design.

    Wonderful work!

  23. this is spectacular!!! what a piece!!! wonderful work

  24. This is just amazing...I love all the details and the rich feel....I'm glad I found the right blog for you! I was going to your jewelry blog and missed out on all this lovely art you do! Thank you for visiting me and the kind comments.

  25. You do truly beautiful work. I've also been looking over your tutorials. Thank you for sharing the instructions and your know-how. Very generous. I'm happy to follow you.

  26. Dear Luthien,

    Do you still have my e-mail address? I was wondering if you could e-mail me, so I can reply back.

    I have a question to ask you.

    Thanks so much and hope you are having a great day.


  27. This is so beautiful and of course you know I share your feelings towards Edward.....the level of detail in this is INCREDIBLE- I love it!


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