Jul 12, 2010

fate ... or faith?

i've always been intrigued by the words "fate" and "faith" ... especially when i think of them together. of course they mean 2 completely different things but they do sound somewhat alike.

"fate" ... according to this 40 year old dictionary in my hands, means "inevitable necessity"
"faith" ... is "truth or religious system believed"

the more i think of these two little words, the more my brains get muddled up. and as 'fate' :) has it, i've been commissioned to create a journal that is precisely inspired by these 2 little words, 'fate' and 'faith', plus a couple more mind-boggling topics like 'divine prophecy', 'foreboding', 'signs' and 'hallucination' ... interesting huh?

so ... do you believe in fate?

i often think that perhaps it is "faith" that drives "fate" ... when someone, say a fortune teller tells you some things, and you have so much faith in this fortune teller, you could actually manifest her words by your own blind faith. so when the exact things she said happens ... do you then believe that they're "fated" ?

do you precisely know what life holds for you? people say things happen for a reason ... is that "fated"? or ... can you reshape your "fate"? some people believe strongly that they can ... does that now mean it is "fate" that drives "faith" ?

at the end of the day, is there a higher force that holds the key to all of this ?

see ... i told you i'm a puddle of muddle :D. i honestly didn't know how this journal would turn out, but in the end, i am truly stoked with the result!

i allowed myself to go a little havoc, and was brave enough to try things i've never (but always wanted) to try ... like the peeled up, scratched out and decrepit looking background complete with splatters and cracks!

of course, this posed to be a great opportunity to use my "self-rust" iron washer and mesh wire :) and an antique key i found at the sunday antique bazaar. the derelict clock is created with air dry clay, a rubber stamp, some rough handling, paint and destressed techniques. the tattoo-like motif is my "lorien" design, which is now in the shop, being transformed into a rubber stamp as we speak :) the white paint drip/run ... whatever you wanna call it, was a last minute addition and what a dramatic effect it gave the whole look!

to complete the look, i bound the journal using the 'single long stitch' technique on the back side of a medium soft leather, to give it a more weathered look.

an antique brass chain with a piece of mother of pearl makes a unique page marker, and completes the look.

i hope he likes it :)

oh oh oh!! i just realized that i am still in time for the three muses challenge this week :) and i did promise that i would join in their challenge when i have the chance ... well, i hope this is not cheating or anything ... but i do have some 'rust' in this creation ... namely my 'self rust' items ;) so now i'm going to just drop this link at the three muses blog and try my luck :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Hey there Love these. Are you submitting this ti the challenge? There are Paisley's in there

  2. Another little piece of magic from you my friend. This will surely be something to be treasured for generations!

  3. I never thought of the words 'fate' and 'faith' being related, actually thought they were kind of opposite ~ with the Christian concept of free will kind of negating fate. But I believe in self-fulfilling prophecies, like the fortune teller example. I can think of many more examples of self-fulfilling prophecies...Faith could just cause you to create your own fate! Whew, Luthien, what will you think of next lol!

    LOVE this journal! I know your client will be so pleased!!

  4. Dear Luthien:-)*

    You have so ''bizarre eye'' for all things,just astonishing special work,absolutely gorgeous creation of you!

    Love and blessings,

  5. what a great Book of Shadows that would make!

  6. I don't believe in fate, but I have faith in faith...and I have a keen eye for indescribable beauty...and THIS journal is IT!!!!
    Smashing! Crashing through to new, exciting frontiers! Wow girl, you are wonderful!!!

  7. hiya ladies :)
    once again thank you for your wonderful comments! this journal is actually for the hubster as he begins his new project :) actually this book is inspired by the elements in his new project :)

    maggie :)
    yes, self fulling prophecy ... i believe in that too ... anyhow, i still can't decide if i believe in "fate" and "faith" ... but like lisa D, i'm probably more inclined to "faith" ... at least it doesn't sound like you have no choice like "fate". hmmm...confusing! i'm confusing! LOL!!

  8. SO beautiful, and what a great vehicle for your rust experiments- they surely paid off! My favorite part is the clock/washer combo and that book mark is wonderful- I LOVE IT!

  9. Oh my dear Luthien, I'm SO glad you shared this with us. It's incredible. I'm fast becoming a great fan of your work. I hope you always find time for our challenge!

  10. So glad to find you; your work is stunning. I would die to have a journal like this. I'm sure it will be cherished for several lifetimes. Can't wait to have time to look around within your awesome blog. Happy creating!

  11. Luthien I am so glad you found time to share this week, your work for the Muses is fantastic.

  12. Welcome to the Muses, Luthien. Your artwork is superb - so creative, strong and beautiful. I love your blog and all its treasures.

  13. ~luthien...what a muddled puddled of thoughts you presented...i am both a believer of having faith and fate presenting itself upon us...gorgeous is your journal...a piece that will long be treasured with its beauty...l♥ve it...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  14. Luthien deary, how are you? Aah, I see you're provoking minds nowadays? Hahaha, yes fate and faith are two most bewildering concepts, aren't they? Each person has distinct opinions about them, and you have just teased my brain for another exercise this morning! :D :D

    And this journal, without a doubt will delight your client to his wits! I love how you're experimenting tremendously with your skills. Keep on! :))

  15. this is a gorgeous piece! i love how you used the cord to bind the key and the screen over the text. it's perfect!

  16. You should have been employed by Disney for props for their Pirates of Caribbean movie I tell you. In fact you should be employed for props/jewelery for movies period!

  17. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you are creating! This piece is brilliant!. Love the colors and the texture... simply perfect!
    Gaby xo

  18. Amazing piece Luthien! Really beautiful! xo

  19. Ya know, I thought this piece had a bit of masculine flair to it. So very nice. Your hubster is one lucky man! I have to say I have faith, so I don't believe that fate came before faith because fate was founded by faith. Ok, now I'm confusing myself. Maybe it is my fate to have faith. :)

  20. thank you so much ladies and gent ;)
    your wonderful comments and support mean so much to me!

  21. I love your journals, they are absolutly great.
    Have a great weekend

  22. wow, i never seen this before. i love it. it awesome.

  23. Gorgeous work! I definitely have faith. I'm one of those odd people who believes that we decided what we needed to learn and chose our next life before we even got here. It's all so mind boggling at times though :)

  24. Luthien,

    Your talent has no boundaries. I so admire you and your work.



  25. Luthien,

    I think my brain would be muddled with this thought as well.

    I am so glad that I have come back to blogging. I have missed you so.



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