Jul 30, 2010

absolute beauties!!

hey hey :) i've meaning to write this post last week however certain things have happened in the family and i just haven't had the time nor the mood to blog. but as you can see, i'm back which means things have settled and the mood is certainly better :)

last month i visited my sweet fren, sharon's etsy store manamoon studios and bought a couple of keychains from her. i tell you ... her keychains are just divine as are her jewelry! they came last week and OMG!!! what absolute beauties!! they even look better in life! HAH!

and you know what ... there's more :) my jaw literally fell when i opened the package from sharon and saw this ...

i was like ... look sweetie!! (my hubster) ... look what sharon gave me! OMG!! this is just GORGEOUS!! i mean, just look at the amount of work that went into this piece! i dun always wear jewelry, but when i do i like them CHUNKY!! and sharon remembered that :) i was so touched by her generosity and kindness :) thank you so much sharon!

now ... if i wasn't a starving artist ... i would have bought a whole lot more from her!! and you know what ... now i'm thinking of doing just that becos manamoon studios is having a HUGE SALE! when i say HUGE ... i actually mean HUGE!! ... everything is 75% off!!

sadly, due to time constrains, sharon is closing down manamoon ... now, if you're thinking of christmas presents, this is the time to grab some lovelies from her shop. everything is going quick becos her stuff are really really beautifully made ... you must trust me on this one!

happy pimping! :)
and happy shopping!!


  1. I bought some goodies this morning - so there's even less left now!!

  2. Hi,dear Luthien!-)*
    The are realy beautiful treausers from Sharon...
    Woow,Woow and Wooow!!!

    Thank you for share,


  3. It's a real shame she's closing down - she's clearly got a talent for it, that necklace in the first pic is gorgeous!

  4. I understand about Sharon's time restraints.. you can only do so much but I do hate to see her not making this beautiful jewelry anymore. Well occasionally she said. But, oh my goodness you've got some good loot there! Gorgeous!! I"m totally jealous about that chunky bracelet by the way! And your creations are quite fabulous, too!

  5. Hi Luthien,i check your blog totally.its really creative and nice.me come from plum rose lane and i just enjoy my time here.i checked even your etsy shop.everything is nice.thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks for letting us know about her shop..really gorgeous pieces!!Big Hugs,Cat

  7. Sharon is such a sweet talented lady- that bracelet is fabulous! If I wasn't a starving artist too, I'd go buy one of everything from her beautiful store!

  8. how nice of you to feature another artist and her work!!!
    I am off to go shop!!!

  9. I'll try again .....
    nice of you to support your fellow artists!!

  10. These pieces are absolutely stunning! I'm off to visit here shop!


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