Jul 30, 2010

absolute beauties!!

hey hey :) i've meaning to write this post last week however certain things have happened in the family and i just haven't had the time nor the mood to blog. but as you can see, i'm back which means things have settled and the mood is certainly better :)

last month i visited my sweet fren, sharon's etsy store manamoon studios and bought a couple of keychains from her. i tell you ... her keychains are just divine as are her jewelry! they came last week and OMG!!! what absolute beauties!! they even look better in life! HAH!

and you know what ... there's more :) my jaw literally fell when i opened the package from sharon and saw this ...

i was like ... look sweetie!! (my hubster) ... look what sharon gave me! OMG!! this is just GORGEOUS!! i mean, just look at the amount of work that went into this piece! i dun always wear jewelry, but when i do i like them CHUNKY!! and sharon remembered that :) i was so touched by her generosity and kindness :) thank you so much sharon!

now ... if i wasn't a starving artist ... i would have bought a whole lot more from her!! and you know what ... now i'm thinking of doing just that becos manamoon studios is having a HUGE SALE! when i say HUGE ... i actually mean HUGE!! ... everything is 75% off!!

sadly, due to time constrains, sharon is closing down manamoon ... now, if you're thinking of christmas presents, this is the time to grab some lovelies from her shop. everything is going quick becos her stuff are really really beautifully made ... you must trust me on this one!

happy pimping! :)
and happy shopping!!

Jul 17, 2010

... i promise to love you every moment of forever ...

would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me ...

call me whatever you like (however i rather prefer the term "dreamer" ;) but admit it, you would secretly swoon too if someone says that to you ... especially if that someone is edward cullen?! yes yes yes ... 'eclipse' the movie has reignited my delirious obsession for edward cullen :)

so this week i have allowed myself to be silly. i have wanted to do this for some time but was just a wee bit embarrassed :p. however, inspired by the challenges at the inspiration avenue and the three muses ... i allowed my delirium to take over :)

this week at inspiration avenue, we have the challenge theme "books" ... now who could deny that! and since books, well journals have been my constant creations for the past month or so, i couldn't possibly miss this challenge, now could i?

and the three muses had to come up with "flying carpet ride"!! ooo ... any journey your imagination would take you on ... well, need i say that if i had a magic carpet, i would fly straight into edward cullen's arms?

on this mixed media book cover, i have combined denim and leather, a somewhat 'edward' sense of style. the escutcheon encasing those golden eyes is actually air dry clay, stamped and painted. for some reason, i suddenly have a soft spot for keys ... which to me, symbolize a choice ... to close yourself in or to open up your heart.

i have always thought of edward as a classic gentleman from the days of old ... so i needed to include ornate designs, as captured by the motifs in black and white, and the ornate filigree framing the 'cullen crest'.

no cullen book should go without this swoon-worthy line from the movie :)

the final touch comes in the form of the page marker which on one end carries a crystal-like bead symbolizing "ice" and on the other end, carries another favorite quote of mine "be safe" ...

i am so thrilled that i was able to combine 2 wonderful challenges into one indulgent creation!

happy pimping! :)

WOOHOO!!! someone reserved it already :) thank you mellie!! :)

Jul 12, 2010

fate ... or faith?

i've always been intrigued by the words "fate" and "faith" ... especially when i think of them together. of course they mean 2 completely different things but they do sound somewhat alike.

"fate" ... according to this 40 year old dictionary in my hands, means "inevitable necessity"
"faith" ... is "truth or religious system believed"

the more i think of these two little words, the more my brains get muddled up. and as 'fate' :) has it, i've been commissioned to create a journal that is precisely inspired by these 2 little words, 'fate' and 'faith', plus a couple more mind-boggling topics like 'divine prophecy', 'foreboding', 'signs' and 'hallucination' ... interesting huh?

so ... do you believe in fate?

i often think that perhaps it is "faith" that drives "fate" ... when someone, say a fortune teller tells you some things, and you have so much faith in this fortune teller, you could actually manifest her words by your own blind faith. so when the exact things she said happens ... do you then believe that they're "fated" ?

do you precisely know what life holds for you? people say things happen for a reason ... is that "fated"? or ... can you reshape your "fate"? some people believe strongly that they can ... does that now mean it is "fate" that drives "faith" ?

at the end of the day, is there a higher force that holds the key to all of this ?

see ... i told you i'm a puddle of muddle :D. i honestly didn't know how this journal would turn out, but in the end, i am truly stoked with the result!

i allowed myself to go a little havoc, and was brave enough to try things i've never (but always wanted) to try ... like the peeled up, scratched out and decrepit looking background complete with splatters and cracks!

of course, this posed to be a great opportunity to use my "self-rust" iron washer and mesh wire :) and an antique key i found at the sunday antique bazaar. the derelict clock is created with air dry clay, a rubber stamp, some rough handling, paint and destressed techniques. the tattoo-like motif is my "lorien" design, which is now in the shop, being transformed into a rubber stamp as we speak :) the white paint drip/run ... whatever you wanna call it, was a last minute addition and what a dramatic effect it gave the whole look!

to complete the look, i bound the journal using the 'single long stitch' technique on the back side of a medium soft leather, to give it a more weathered look.

an antique brass chain with a piece of mother of pearl makes a unique page marker, and completes the look.

i hope he likes it :)

oh oh oh!! i just realized that i am still in time for the three muses challenge this week :) and i did promise that i would join in their challenge when i have the chance ... well, i hope this is not cheating or anything ... but i do have some 'rust' in this creation ... namely my 'self rust' items ;) so now i'm going to just drop this link at the three muses blog and try my luck :)

happy pimping! :)

Jul 4, 2010

an experiment - rusting iron (tutorial)

goodness knows why, i suddenly have this obsession for rusty stuff! i've been nosing around etsy and ebay looking for rusted items, and i've even been picking up rusty nails on the streets! last friday i went to my local hardware store asking the guy for rusty washers. he kindly told me that they dun really have those cos no one would want to buy rusty washers. however he did search in his box full of washers, for ones that have rusted up a little :) good man!

since i can't find them rusty washers, i decided to make some. the guy at the hardware store tells me that acid would make the iron rust immediately and even offered to give me some. but with a little 5 year old octopus in the house ... bad idea. so NO acid.

however i do know that vinegar is acidic :) and i happen to have a bottle of white vinegar stashed away in the kitchen cupboard. so ... my experiment began in earnest!

3/4 cups of water

1 tablespoon of white vinegar

place nice washers in vinegar solution

leave them for a few hours or over night if you have the patience.

and this is what happens when you take them out to dry :

this washer took about 7 minutes to rust. i've however sped the video up (to 26 seconds) cos no one in the right frame of mind would wanna stare at a rusting washer for 7 minutes!

i am actually pretty excited about this! now i can make my own rusted items using cooking vinegar and air :)

just look at some of the beauties i made!
these have been in the vinegar solution several times over the weekend, so they have more depth in color. the different layers of rust stain also create unique patterns on each of the washers.

front side (left image) and back side (right image) ... the back side of the washers are not as smooth, so the rust looks "grainier".

apart from vinegar, salt also makes iron rust. that's why vehicles in places near the sea rust faster.

so i did another experiment using salt water solution.
3/4 cups of water to one tablespoon of table salt. i soaked a couple of ALREADY RUSTED washers into the solution. and this is the result.

see the darker one? that's gone into salt water. salt seems to have a reaction on the yellow rust and turns it black. too long in the salt water solution and all your yellow rust will fall off, leaving only black stains. not nice ... trust me :(

just look at these 3!! cool aren't they?

these have been in vinegar several times, dried, left to rust and then dipped in salt water, dried, then left to rust again ... this process has been repeated over several days and these are the sort of layering and coloring you would get.

simply GORGEOUS !!
this is so fun! and wouldn't they look good on my mixed media journal covers? ;)

just a word of cautionary if you wanna try this. the rust made this way ... they are non too permanent, and will fade if you rub hard enough. they are similar to water stains. afterall, they are made only in the few days:) so ... if you like the rust you see on your iron, fix it with a fixative so you won't accidentally rub it away. otherwise, continue to let the iron rust naturally until you are satisfied then fix it. i use krylon's "workable fixative" on mine. and it works just fine :)

happy rusting! and
happy pimping! :)

Jul 1, 2010

to sir with love ...

when my fren asked me to custom make a journal for his fren, the only 2 pieces of information he could give me was, his fren is a guy and he is a teacher. err... ok ... i said.

first of all, do you guys have trouble making stuff for guys? i constantly do ... not just making stuff, but buying stuff for guys as well ... i'm quite rubbish at that, so i always end up buying them food :p ... how uncreative!

but this time i can't make a journal out of food now can i? so after many days of pondering over the only 2 pieces of info he gave me ... i hope i have done "masculinity" justice ... UGH!

i was so lucky to have chanced upon a piece of craft paper with ornate fountain pens on it! i had to make it the focal piece on the cover.

and i couldn't resist printing out this piece from an old dictionary :) like the teacher needed another reminder ... *giggle*

and of course, i was so enthusiastic that i actually wanted to purchase an old manual typewriter from a second hand shop just to get the fonts right ... that was before my sweetie told me that i could actually download old type fonts from the net for free ... *turning into a beetroot* ... but i'm glad i did cos now i have four different old type fonts and in any size i want!

well, i sure hope my fren likes it! :)

happy pimping!