Jun 20, 2010

inspiration avenue challenge - wish ...

ah ... it's been a long time since i submitted an entry for IA's weekly challenge. this week i felt i could do some crafting again and since i haven't been using my right brain for some time now, i thought to get my inspirations back by visiting my very talented frens at inspiration avenue :) of course i also needed some catalyst to jump-start my crafting engine ;) and what better catalyst than the weekly challenge!

wish ... lol!! i've wished for many things in my life ... and dare i say all of them unpractical and otherworldly! more of wishful thinking than wish i think ... *contemplates* ... well, i haven't changed much this time round ...

dare i wish to travel to a different place and time?

and when i do ... perhaps i can document my travels thru space and time in this handbound journal of mine ...

if i got lost, would this compass etched in stone direct me home?

and when i finally complete it's last pages ... dare i say that i've lived a life fulfilled ...

wouldn't it be great if a time and space machine really exist?

LOL!! let's get back to reality :) i had fun making this mixed media journal and weaving stories about it! it's a little larger than what i use to make, and i think 5x7 inches is a rather good size. the techniques are the same as my mini ones ... the pages are handtorn and made from recycle brown paper, the signatures are handsewn to a soft leather spine. the covers are actually mdf boards and the compass is made of air-dry clay :)

i hope you've enjoyed that :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Hi Luthien,
    Oh honey, I'm with you. One of my dreams is to travel more!
    I'll just hop on board your train and around the world we can go.
    Love this piece!

  2. Hi Luthien!

    This journal is so beautiful. You did a wonderful job on this :)


  3. Wow. That is one of the most amazing journals I've ever laid eyes upon!

  4. Can we say "LOVE?" First off, your banner is the PERFECT submission for the "wish" theme! Second, I am a journal junkie! And This one is incredibly lovely...

  5. Beeeautifuuuul !!!!

    I love this journal so much...

  6. Luthien, you've inspired me :D i have some suede scraps and an old atlas of my daddy's....let's see if i make it happen!
    thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh Luthien it's exquisite!! Your imagination leads you to such amazing places, it's wonderful to share them with you! xxx

  8. Ohh how cool and beautiful your journay is.
    I love the cover and the spine and the compas and everything.
    Very well done.
    Have a great sunday

  9. Ooh yes! Where shall we go? Who will we meet? What adventures we will have and the perfect place to record them too :)

  10. This is really so beautiful! Stunning ideas!

  11. I love the cover of this travel journal. A very good idea. :)

  12. I love your imagination and how you translate it into beautiful art! This journal reminds me of long-ago travel when you might be transported on a camel (or even a magic carpet ;), dressed in flowing robes and scarves to protect you from the harsh elements! See what a picture you create with this lovely book!

    Welcome back to bloggieland and the IA challenges!

    Oh...I blogged about your beautiful ballet coasters! I love them so much!

  13. I LOVE your journal and am SO glad to see you at IA again :) BEAUTIFUL!

  14. I totally enjoyed it!! You are a brilliant artist and story-teller. I was off with you ... imagining new times and places ... and then ... reality. lol Great job, Luthien!

  15. hello ladies :)
    thank you once again for all your kind words and your visits!! enjoyed making this little baby very much ... i'm making some more :)

    hope everyone is having a fab day!
    luthien :)

  16. Luthien is really great! You have an extraordinary imagination, and you can also create a piece of paper ... You are really fantastic! Soon, kisses!

  17. Love this journal! It is so beautiful. Can't believe you do the pages too. wow!
    You have given me some ideas for my outside covers for my journal.....thanks!
    Have a great week and glad you are able to participate again.

  18. WOW, that's a beautiful journal!!♥

  19. salve sono margaret, complimenti per il blog e per tutti i lavori.a presto!!!!!!!


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