Jun 5, 2010

i have been interviewed!!

after being inactive and resting for some time now (dr's orders... but no worries, nothing major :), i was delighted and excited beyond words to find out that my interview with ARTISAN CRAFT @ deviantART was published last night :) WOOHOO!!

deviant art is a fabulous site, and for those of you who have not encountered it ... you will be amazed at the visual feast waiting for you there. and if you appreciate fantasy art like moi, you will find the world's most talented fantasy artists there! it's also a site that you can showcase your work (any medium) and the people there are truly appreciative of good work.

i am so honored that the people from the artisan craft group @ deviantART find me worthy of an indepth interview :) i am so so excited as this is my first ever interview on a public site ... actually on any site :p

so here's the link ... if you have the time pls take a peek :)



hope everyone is having a glorious june!
happy pimping! :)


  1. ~first...yeah!!! i am so happy you are back and send you healing blessings...your presence i have greatly missed! congrats on your interview...can't wait to sneak over and read...may it be a new door that has opened brings forth a bounty of blessings to you...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always~

  2. Congratulation to you Luthien! I'll check it out right away! Have a great weekend and God blessed!


  3. Hi Luthien,
    Way to go honey!
    I was wondering if you were still bed ridden with your back. Glad to see you back in blogland.
    I'm off to read your interview.

  4. ConGrATuLaTIonS!!!!! You and your fabulous work SO deserves this kind of recgnition!

  5. Hello,dear dear Luthien!-)*

    I see you to jumping and laughin with a very happy smile:-)))

    I can it imagine how happy you are and I know it,you deserved this interview and this attention and realy beautiful words,my wonderful talented Friend!!!

    always with Love,

  6. Hi luthien,
    I have been off for a while too.
    But no interview for me ( tee hee)
    Congratulations, I will check this out.
    Have a great sunday

  7. I am so proud, it's as if I was the one who was interviewed!!!
    Those people at Artisan Craft know what time it is...It's Luthie time 8)
    Congrats, my friend!
    I am zipping over to read it now!
    PS: give that tummy a warm rub :)

  8. I just stumbled upon your post here on Blogger (via "Next Post") but your mentioning DeviantArt caught my eye.

    Congrats on your dA win! Yes, everybody should check out dA. Lots of interesting stuff there, no matter what your interests.

    (p.s. I'm "BuddhaRocks" on dA)

  9. this is a wonderful interview! i learned so much about you... i think it is so interesting about your entertainment background... what we seem to share in common is the reluctance any more to just make things to sell... they have more behind them, need a buyer who loves and appreciates them...your wolfman piece is stunning... you know how i feel about those eleven pieces (swoon)!

  10. What a wonderful interview !!
    I'm happy for you too :)

  11. thank you thank you all for your wonderful words and for taking the time to read the interview :) i really really appreciate all of you :))


thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post :) it makes my day!!
Luthien :)