Apr 15, 2010

what i made this week ... and a 2-day backache

1. 9 pieces of new pendants

it all began when a friend kindly invited me to share her stall at the thursday open air bazaar. as of now, i am supposed to be sitting at my stall with my stuff on display, but as you can see, it didn't happen ...

i was really looking forward to the bazaar and so at the beginning of this week i wanted to make a few more things to fill the display. after a thought, i decided on something vintage. so i browsed around etsy to see if i could find some collage papers on vintage ladies :) i did find some in my lovely friend and teammate, maggie's shop MagpieMine. as the night went on, i continue to browse for more vintagie stuff ... but i suddenly had a naughty thot. i was visualizing some beautiful topless dancers on a pendant! well, in the end although it wasn't dancers, i did find a collection of the most beautiful topless vintage ladies in itkupilli's shop!

and so i have this new batch of pendants ... "courtesan"

polymer clay vintage courtesan pendantspolymer clay vintage courtesan pendantsinspired by one of maggie's collage sheets, i added some writings over the images of the ladies. at once i felt the sense of aching romance. it felt a little poignant, i dunno why ... it's like love notes written over the lives of these ladies ... made me wonder, did any of them find true love in their lifetime? sad isn't it ...

the base of these are made with polymer clay, the image is transferred onto the clay and then given a thick layer of resin. i really adore these ... tho it does bear a sense of sadness for me ...

2. orders!

this week i also received an order of 4 bookmarks and 2 handphone pretties from a friend, cecilia. YAY!! having the stall to think about, i thought i would make cecilia's orders in stages ...

but my rebel muse decided otherwise ... she wanted to finish all of these in one sitting! and she also made me create 2 more bookmarks on top of these ... her excuse ...

"hey sweetheart ... since you're at it anyway ... just make 2 more for the shop before you put those beads back into the box ... common!!"

well, these are now in my etsy shop - pimp & paint :)

3. new boxes

and as if you think my muse was gonna let me escape even if i told her my back is starting to ache from too much sitting ... she said excitedly,

"yo luthien ... i have an idea for a new box design ... for your bookmarks. common... let's give it a try, it's quite easy to make not like your normal old ones. these will be really pretty and unique ... common, pretty please ... just try one box ... one box and i'll let you rest that back"

handmade boxes one box? ya right! ... we ended up making 15!!

and i spent half of yesterday lying straight on the bed! and i had to tell my friend that i dun think i'm up to setting up a stall today at the bazaar. and i'm glad i didn't, cos my back is still aching today! i kicked the muse in the butt and asked her to stay out of my way, cos i wanted to rest and watch ghost hunters on youtube!!

4. the "luthien" stamp

well, i didn't make this one, but i'm quite stoked with it ...

so this is gonna appear on the back of my future pieces :) cool isn't it?

happy pimping! :)


  1. Hello,my dearest friend Lithien!-)*

    I am totally under impression about you new creations...
    I have only one word and that is:ADORABLE work,my very,very talented friend!!!-)))*
    You ''courtesan'' images are gorgeous and so inspired,woow!!!Love these thousand time,really great,Luthien!These design of you gives so special atmosphare...

    And you amazingly nice order for you friend is also talented and very pretty creations!!!

    And what I call:a''really good job'',that is you boxes,because these maked all you works in completely,beautiful end!!!-)*

    You are amazing,dear Luthien,thats real true!-)))***

    Much Love,

  2. Out-frickin-standing!
    You know I'm a fan of priti-titties!
    I adore those new pendants girl!!!

  3. of the things we do to ourselves for the sake of art!

    really like the stamp- i keep thinking about getting one, and then i never do. maybe you will be my kick-in-the-butt :D

  4. You always make the coolest stuff! I love your bookmarks and those pendants are so unique. And what a great idea to have your name in a stamp. :)

    I hope your back feels better soon!

  5. Hi Luthien,
    Oh dear, Your post is funny!
    What we artist's do when we're on a creative roll.
    Love all your pieces, I'd like to see and touch them in real life!
    Hey, that stamp is great.
    I hope your feeling better soon.
    Happy Creating,

  6. ohh, i hope you recover soon! wow, you got your own stamp..awesome!


  7. ahhh... ladies :) thank you so much for all your sweet comments and your well wishes!! glad to announce that the back is getting MUCH better today :)) hope it stays that way!!

    have a happy weekend!

  8. Aahh...there you are! So I found you at your proper place? Hahahaha... Ouch, back ache? Definitely not good. Hope you're feeling better. Well, at least you were beyond productive so it pays, right? Enjoy your award, by the way...(^__^)

  9. LUTHIEN!!!! These are wonderful, I love your naughty ladies especially; you're right they have that otherworldly, bittersweet feel- and that is what I love about them- so beautiful! And your boxes are art by themselves- but when you add them to the pendenats; they become a one of kind gift! I'm sorry your back is hurting, but wow, what a productive week!

  10. Luthien, Oh no! I hope your back is better! I know how it is to sit working too long and have your back give you a fit.

    You have been so busy! I love love love the pendants you created! The vintage pictures do make you wonder about the lives of the models. And I always love your bookmarks. Let's see...gorgeous boxes...Love the stamp! Yep, EVERYTHING's a winner!!!

    Sorry you missed the bazaar, but take care of yourself first. (Thanks for mentioning my shop :))

  11. wow...you are one busy lady! best wishes for a recovering back... no wonder! i just love your naughty girls... right up my alley!

  12. How is your back ? I hope it's better now..I also get that a lot when I'm stumble into something.

    You have got some excellent work there...I'm happy for you.

    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Ok I'm not really sure where to start here..all I can say is my mouth dropped as I scrolled down..so many wonderful pieces,the clay pendants are oh so lovely,I love the writing,and those bookmarks are so unique and cool,and I love your boxes too!!I also had a stamp made with my name and it was the best investment ever!!!I love everthing girl!!Your Muse was busy at work!!Big Hugs,Cat

  14. Luthien, I love all the new naughty ladies! I hope you back gets better quick.


  15. Wow Luthien, these are incredibly beautiful and precious bookmarks! The entire package is designed very elegantly and very creative!
    Hope your back is better!

  16. Do you rest at all, Luthien??LOL
    WOW, everything is just GORGEOUS!!! The boxes are simply FAB, so elegant and unique!
    Lots of love, Sanda xoxo

  17. Dear Luthien, that is a lot of great things.
    I believe that you love your new stamp, that´s really cool. I love your courtesan- pendants the most. They are beautiful and I love the subject.
    Have a great day

  18. Well you have been busy!! What wonderful new work - congrats on the order, and I LOVE the courtesan ladies - gorgeous!

  19. Your newest creations are gorgeous Luthien and that stamp is just too awesome!

  20. Your work is always so professional. I just love the necklace I 'won' from you a few months ago. I get so many compliments. Thank you again.

  21. Bellissimo blog, complimenti, i tuoi lavori sono favolosi!!!
    Perdonami ma con l'inglese sono una frana!

  22. Hi, Luthien~! Love your blog! You are such a talented person! I am lucky to be found by you..lol. Have a wonderful weekend.


  23. thank you so much for all your lovely comments!! sorry i didn't come back earlier, but i was out for 2 weeks and was just bed resting ... didn't really have the energy to sit at the computer for too long :) hope i'll be back soon ... cos i'm feeling really bored as well, just that the body and concentration wouldn't allow me to do anything for too long ... thanks so much for visiting ... i really appreciate everyone of you :)))

    luthien :)

  24. Hello,dear,dear Luthien!-)*

    You are a very busy,my sweet friend?!
    I missed you here and you beautiful post by blogland...
    Hope you are fine,darling!-)))*

    Wish you spring,sunny weekend,
    My Love and Hugs for you,

  25. Hi Luthien! Love that stamp on your pieces. How very cool. Sorry it took me so long to get here, but life off line has been chaotic. Feel better! ;-)

  26. Ooh I love those gorgeous ladies - they're all kind of poignant and mysterious!

    The stamp is very professional and elegant and the boxes are amazing too - 15??? No wonder you needed a lie down!

  27. Dear Luthien,

    I have been meaning to write you for some time. As you know, life has thrown some curves at me right now.

    I miss you and your sweet blog. You are as creative as ever.

    Love Melissa

  28. Hello sweet Luthien,I hope your feeling better,I really miss your inspiring blog.Thanks for stopping by and please please get better soon..miss you friend.God speed.Warmest Regards,Cat

  29. Those art pieces are truly inspiring !!!
    Hope you get well soon.

  30. So beautiful the bookmarks! And I read David Eddings and Christopher Paolini's Eragorn series too.


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