Apr 4, 2010

Weekly Challenge - I

when i first came up with the challenge word for inspiration avenue’s weekly challenge this week, i pride myself for choosing the easiest word ever … “I”. how can anyone go wrong with “I”? basically you could create anything about you, as long as it’s connected to you in some way, that’s it! i thought, ahhhh … anyone can do this one :)

well, i was wrong! when the time came for me to come up with something, my brain was a white space. now … i really thought that i was going to end up doing “i am blank” ugh!!

the pressure was on, so i thought hard. i tried to find one word that could describe me? after a while, i realized that i couldn’t. am i that complicated? nope, i’m just unpredictable. i could be this and/or that, here and/or there, or everywhere (i mean, my thoughts are just everywhere … scattered!) ... then, a light bulb went on! of course i’m unpredictable !!!!!

I am Pisces! and proud of it!digital collage

i hope i have successfully created a digital collage that shows my extremities. i used the concept of light and dark, yes … once again :) i used 2 pieces of my jewelry, one gothic, the other elven, to symbolize this. and of course, i had to use shade and light.
*i should mention that the painting of the fishes is NOT my work … it comes from a site call artgame.com

and since i’m at this, let me also show you 3 new necklaces i created.

Heart of Florence …polymer clay, mixed media, mokume gane

this is a custom commission for a friend. the heart shaped bead is polymer clay, fashioned using the mokume gane technique, an ancient technique of imprinting, layering and slicing that was developed by the metalsmith for casting precious metal jewelry. and now this technique has been adapted by the polymer clay artists for polymer clay.

Isabella …polymer clay mixed media jewelry

a gothic piece, inspired by vampires, twilight and isabella swan ;)

Aphelle ...

this must be one of my favorite pieces! and if you realize, this is the piece i chose to symbolize 'light' in my digital collage.

polymer clay mixed media jewelry

“Born in the realms far beyond the reaches of man, Aphelle was manifested when the Sorceress and the Alchemist, the Seeress and the Astrologer came together in communion. The fate of mankind as foretold by the Seeress and seen in the night skies by the Astrologer, was to be kept in an amulet, fabricated by the Alchemist. This amulet not only exudes beauty, it is also the key to this ancient secret. And the Sorceress … she was assigned to be Keeper of Aphelle, until the time comes when the fate of mankind would be determined by the unlocking of Aphelle … “

happy pimping! :)


  1. OMG Luthien your work is really special.
    Fabulous creation. Love them all.

    Happy Easter my friend. Hugs.

  2. what an interesting process to create something that symbolizes *you*. it's a wonderful piece, of course!

  3. This was fabulous Luthien, you are truly unique and immensely loved too!

  4. Dearest Luthien!-)*

    You inspirations are so charming and extraordinary nice!!!

    Love you collage,really great work,my dear friend!!!

    And all you necklace are very special,you are amazingly talented,Luthien!-)))*

    Much Love,


  5. Wow Luthien!! Where did you learn to do that!!! It's amazing and I love it!! Love your jewellery too, but you already know that. xx

  6. What beautiful artworks to behold here- wonderful digital collage and stunning jewelry. I look forward to visiting again!

  7. Yes! I agree Luthien - Pisces is very "you" - very clever!

    I adore your new necklaces as you know - was just admiring them on Flickr earlier! x

  8. Water signs!
    I'm scorpio!
    It all makes sense now ;)
    You are so smart, girl...
    digital art? Me? HA!

  9. The Heart if my favourite of course! :)

  10. sandy :)
    thank you very much :) i hope you had a real nice easter :)

    mermaiden :)
    thank you :)
    yes it was ... but not without some amount of stress! ;)

    sharon :)
    thank you :) awww.... you make me blush!

    violetta :)
    thank you very much :)) you are ever so supportive of my work!

    catherine :)
    thank you very much :) LOL!! i didn't actually learn it officially... i just keep clicking buttons and stumble my way thru most of the time!

    lori :)
    thank you very much and thank you for visiting and making me one of your favs :) looking forward to seeing you again :)

    angie :)
    when in doubt ... blame it on the starsign :DDD
    hahahaha!!! thanks sweets!! you must be the only one who visits me on flickr and leaves nice comments!!! hahaha! and i appreciate every one of them!

    lisa :)
    water signs indeed!!!!! ahhh ... not too fast, you may end up doing it one day ;)

    paul :)
    of course!! it MUST be!!! :)

  11. Wow Luthien, this is amazing! Sorry I didn't get around to look yesterday, I had holiday duties that lasted until 9:00 at which time I went to BED!!! So, were you giving us a hint last week when you mentioned Piscies (sp?). Oh and I love your new necklaces- Florence especially speaks to me!

  12. Ah all so beautiful and very much You!
    Isabella is very beautiful I must say. Perhaps Edward will pop by and buy it from you as a gift for his love...

  13. WOW, what a splendid digital collage, Luthien! The necklaces are fabulous as always, The heart of Florence and Aphelle are my favorites!
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  14. A wonderful digital collage Luthien!and a brilliant innovation!
    The jewelery is exquisite , but moving along with spring my favorite for the season is Heart of Florence. It's absolutely lovely!

  15. Lovely new jewellery, as well as your collage of YOU very beautiful!!

  16. I love the design of Aphelle, very nice ! Do you sell it?


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Luthien :)