Apr 10, 2010

it's party time!!

it's party time!! but no hassles of dressing up ... we encourage you come in your most comfortable attire, peejays are most welcome :)

you see ... the pretty hot chicks ^-^ at inspiration avenue are throwing a blog party on the 1-2may 2010, in honor of those of you who have helped us raise more that USD500 in our art auction for angel faces :) YAY!!!!

1. pop over and take a read at our invitation post ... leave us some love if you wish to :)

2. help us post this button on your blog, we like full houses ... the more the merrier!

grab the HTML on my immediate right sidebar

3. ahhh... but we do want "gifts" now don't we :) what's a party without "gifts"???
come back to inspiration avenue on the 1-2may to visit us with your "gifts" in the form of a recipe, a tutorial or any know-hows ... post it in your blog and leave us a link in the comments box.

4. visit other party guests at their blogs and go home with loads new ideas, inspirations and knowledge :)

it's gonna be so much FUN!!! see ya there :))

happy pimping! :)


  1. sounds great! keep reminding me,lol!

  2. sounds like fun. I'll come if I can, but away that weekend.

  3. ~sounds like a wonderful event brimming with an abundance of creativity and inspiration...thank you so for sharing this...and who doesn't l♥ve a party!?! well wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. Nice write-up Luthien.
    I grabbed the button from you,
    Hope you are feeling better,
    I love the real Red Carpet...haven't had time to work on my computer this week...but I'll get there :D


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