Apr 15, 2010

what i made this week ... and a 2-day backache

1. 9 pieces of new pendants

it all began when a friend kindly invited me to share her stall at the thursday open air bazaar. as of now, i am supposed to be sitting at my stall with my stuff on display, but as you can see, it didn't happen ...

i was really looking forward to the bazaar and so at the beginning of this week i wanted to make a few more things to fill the display. after a thought, i decided on something vintage. so i browsed around etsy to see if i could find some collage papers on vintage ladies :) i did find some in my lovely friend and teammate, maggie's shop MagpieMine. as the night went on, i continue to browse for more vintagie stuff ... but i suddenly had a naughty thot. i was visualizing some beautiful topless dancers on a pendant! well, in the end although it wasn't dancers, i did find a collection of the most beautiful topless vintage ladies in itkupilli's shop!

and so i have this new batch of pendants ... "courtesan"

polymer clay vintage courtesan pendantspolymer clay vintage courtesan pendantsinspired by one of maggie's collage sheets, i added some writings over the images of the ladies. at once i felt the sense of aching romance. it felt a little poignant, i dunno why ... it's like love notes written over the lives of these ladies ... made me wonder, did any of them find true love in their lifetime? sad isn't it ...

the base of these are made with polymer clay, the image is transferred onto the clay and then given a thick layer of resin. i really adore these ... tho it does bear a sense of sadness for me ...

2. orders!

this week i also received an order of 4 bookmarks and 2 handphone pretties from a friend, cecilia. YAY!! having the stall to think about, i thought i would make cecilia's orders in stages ...

but my rebel muse decided otherwise ... she wanted to finish all of these in one sitting! and she also made me create 2 more bookmarks on top of these ... her excuse ...

"hey sweetheart ... since you're at it anyway ... just make 2 more for the shop before you put those beads back into the box ... common!!"

well, these are now in my etsy shop - pimp & paint :)

3. new boxes

and as if you think my muse was gonna let me escape even if i told her my back is starting to ache from too much sitting ... she said excitedly,

"yo luthien ... i have an idea for a new box design ... for your bookmarks. common... let's give it a try, it's quite easy to make not like your normal old ones. these will be really pretty and unique ... common, pretty please ... just try one box ... one box and i'll let you rest that back"

handmade boxes one box? ya right! ... we ended up making 15!!

and i spent half of yesterday lying straight on the bed! and i had to tell my friend that i dun think i'm up to setting up a stall today at the bazaar. and i'm glad i didn't, cos my back is still aching today! i kicked the muse in the butt and asked her to stay out of my way, cos i wanted to rest and watch ghost hunters on youtube!!

4. the "luthien" stamp

well, i didn't make this one, but i'm quite stoked with it ...

so this is gonna appear on the back of my future pieces :) cool isn't it?

happy pimping! :)

Apr 10, 2010

it's party time!!

it's party time!! but no hassles of dressing up ... we encourage you come in your most comfortable attire, peejays are most welcome :)

you see ... the pretty hot chicks ^-^ at inspiration avenue are throwing a blog party on the 1-2may 2010, in honor of those of you who have helped us raise more that USD500 in our art auction for angel faces :) YAY!!!!

1. pop over and take a read at our invitation post ... leave us some love if you wish to :)

2. help us post this button on your blog, we like full houses ... the more the merrier!

grab the HTML on my immediate right sidebar

3. ahhh... but we do want "gifts" now don't we :) what's a party without "gifts"???
come back to inspiration avenue on the 1-2may to visit us with your "gifts" in the form of a recipe, a tutorial or any know-hows ... post it in your blog and leave us a link in the comments box.

4. visit other party guests at their blogs and go home with loads new ideas, inspirations and knowledge :)

it's gonna be so much FUN!!! see ya there :))

happy pimping! :)

Apr 4, 2010

Weekly Challenge - I

when i first came up with the challenge word for inspiration avenue’s weekly challenge this week, i pride myself for choosing the easiest word ever … “I”. how can anyone go wrong with “I”? basically you could create anything about you, as long as it’s connected to you in some way, that’s it! i thought, ahhhh … anyone can do this one :)

well, i was wrong! when the time came for me to come up with something, my brain was a white space. now … i really thought that i was going to end up doing “i am blank” ugh!!

the pressure was on, so i thought hard. i tried to find one word that could describe me? after a while, i realized that i couldn’t. am i that complicated? nope, i’m just unpredictable. i could be this and/or that, here and/or there, or everywhere (i mean, my thoughts are just everywhere … scattered!) ... then, a light bulb went on! of course i’m unpredictable !!!!!

I am Pisces! and proud of it!digital collage

i hope i have successfully created a digital collage that shows my extremities. i used the concept of light and dark, yes … once again :) i used 2 pieces of my jewelry, one gothic, the other elven, to symbolize this. and of course, i had to use shade and light.
*i should mention that the painting of the fishes is NOT my work … it comes from a site call artgame.com

and since i’m at this, let me also show you 3 new necklaces i created.

Heart of Florence …polymer clay, mixed media, mokume gane

this is a custom commission for a friend. the heart shaped bead is polymer clay, fashioned using the mokume gane technique, an ancient technique of imprinting, layering and slicing that was developed by the metalsmith for casting precious metal jewelry. and now this technique has been adapted by the polymer clay artists for polymer clay.

Isabella …polymer clay mixed media jewelry

a gothic piece, inspired by vampires, twilight and isabella swan ;)

Aphelle ...

this must be one of my favorite pieces! and if you realize, this is the piece i chose to symbolize 'light' in my digital collage.

polymer clay mixed media jewelry

“Born in the realms far beyond the reaches of man, Aphelle was manifested when the Sorceress and the Alchemist, the Seeress and the Astrologer came together in communion. The fate of mankind as foretold by the Seeress and seen in the night skies by the Astrologer, was to be kept in an amulet, fabricated by the Alchemist. This amulet not only exudes beauty, it is also the key to this ancient secret. And the Sorceress … she was assigned to be Keeper of Aphelle, until the time comes when the fate of mankind would be determined by the unlocking of Aphelle … “

happy pimping! :)