Mar 12, 2010


it feels like the longest time since i wrote something! life has been just a little more hectic these couple of weeks with work and the art auction and all. feeling all bumped, so i thought i'll just finish these pieces that i've started but never had the mood to complete them. i hope they bring a smile to your face as they did to mine :)

so ... the question is ... are you a ...

or are you ...

i hope you enjoyed that :) do you think these would sell? :p

by the way .. did you guys manage to take a look at our art auction at inspiration avenue yet? there are a couple of new entries since it opened. please go take a look ... it's for a good cause where 100% of the proceeds go to angel faces, a wonderful sanctuary for disfigured adolescence girls. the auction closes this sunday so don't miss out the chance of helping these girls :)

happy pimping!


  1. I like the pendants - the 'Certified True Copy' is my favourite :-)

  2. Hi,my dear Luthien!-)*

    My a heart,for sure!-)))

    Love you post and warm hugs for you lovely words about my work,thank you,darling!!!

    My love and care,


  3. ~ooohhh i hope i am not rejected anytime soon...these are great happy to see you post today...missed are you...brightest blessings~

  4. Beautiful work, as always, Luthien. Love the heart.

  5. Luthie! These are terrific--so different from your other pieces. Certified true Copy...hmm
    gotta think about that

  6. Love the pendants, I'm sure that I'm a certified true copy! Thanks for posting, I've missed you!

  7. I love them all Luthien! However you are nothing but an original.
    I'm with Lisa...have to think about certified true copy for a while.

  8. Absolutely ... I think they'd sell! Imagine wearing them and the attention and questions one would get. They are beautiful and fun pieces!

    Nicely done, Luthien ... you are so talented!

    Hope everyone is running over to the auction ... it's a great opportunity to pick up some lovely items while helping out some very deserving girls. :)

  9. Hi Luthien,
    Its been awhile since your last posting. Me love love the heart pendant, very cute and quirky at the same time..Kudos on such fantastic pendants :)


  10. These are darling and would definitely sell! Feel better sweet one, just think of the little treasures that matter most and always bring a smile to your heart. ;-)

  11. awww... ladies!! thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! Glad these brought a smile to your faces too!!

  12. ~ok little lady...this is a bit have been tagged...kind of fun little game...feel free to play if ever so you wish...all my best...much l♥ve and light...brightest blessings~


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