Mar 24, 2010

opposites attract ... me :)

when my fren and teammate maggie told me she thought of my "dark and light" whilst writing about IA's challenge this week "opposites", i was tickled to bits! i must have been seriously raving about it that it stuck to her LOL!! poor maggie!! *oh dear ... i just received a comment (as i am writing this post) from another fren and teammate angie ... and she says, this week's challenge reminded her of me too!! LOL!!!!!!!!

you know what, a thought just occurred to me ... i think i sort of know why "opposites" seem to attract me to no end. well ... i'm a pisces! 2 fishes swimming against each other! now that ... is what i call ... true to character!

and so not to disappoint maggie :) opposites it is!

introducing my newest post-IT earrings ... yes! earrings at last!! altho i dun think i have actually grasped the dynamics of making earrings yet ... but here they are :)

Indemnity clause : The maker of these earrings shall not be held responsible, should the wearer of this adornment develop an inability to remember spoken information, instructions, rules, knowledge, advice and other important messages. Rated PG16 ... Parental guidance is encouraged for wearers age 16 and below!

i personally am really stoked with these! they made me laugh when i first pictured them in my head complete with little comic strips of a mom scolding her teenager ... words going in one ear, and coming out the other as soon as she puts on the "magical" earrings!!

on a different note ... since i'm into earrings, i didn't stop at 2 pairs of course. i actually made part of these earlier, but just could not complete them. well ... today everything came together!

Elleth ... "a maiden born of elven descent"
Luitha ... "to enchant"

" these are the kind of adornments that i imagined the elves of lothlorien would forge for themselves. my imagination tells me … silver definitely, blended pastels and adorned with flourishes … ethereal, magical and otherworldly ... "

once again i've stayed true to character ... 2 pairs of dark and 2 pairs of light ... PISCES RULEZ!!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Ha! Those earrings are perfect for teenagers and elves (in that order!). By morning there will be a queue of pointy ears outside your door all singing...

  2. These are wonderful Luthien!


  3. Everything is just so elegant..
    I hope you have a lovely day.

  4. Ooh,my...dear,dear Luthien!-)*
    How enchanted you earrings...
    I LOVE the last two of them SOooo much,my dear sweet friend!!!

    These new creations amazed me again,Luthien,you tuched all deepest corners of my heart,
    Thank you for share these!-)))*

    Much Love and blessed spring days for you,


  5. Stunning pieces Luthien, as usual!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog about my photo problems. Can I ask you what kind of camera do you use, megapixels and zoom etc? and what photo editing program? TIA

  6. gorgeous luthien... i love them all - the funny ones and the elven ones... earrings are funny creatures - one often ends up going on an earring 'jag' for a while once they begin!!

  7. LOVE these earrings especially the last pair!

  8. what a fun idea....although in my house i think i could be the one to wear them...with the amount of traffic that goes thru, and i'm not only talking about people. your other earrings are beautiful too.

  9. Luthien you are too funny. I love the last few pairs of earrings. They are gorgeous!!
    Hugs to you dear fren.

  10. As always , gorgeous and I have to tell you everybody loves the green pendant I bought from your etsy store :)

  11. love the earrings, especially the last two. and yeah, pisces rules!

  12. The idea behind these is so clever. And even better, they look fantastic! Isn't it great when ideas really work!!!

  13. thank you so much for everyone's lovely lovely comments!!! i'm away this weekend and dun get a chance to use this very very slooooowwwwwww internet access here all the time :) but your comments just made my day fantastic!!

  14. Luthien, I love these!! They made me giggle...sometimes I think everything I say goes in one ear and out the other around here! Too bad the main culprits are guys, or I would make them a nice present of your earrings...

  15. Ah - Pisces! Of course - that explains it!

    As usual amazing work Luthien - I like your new work with the words! And I love that indemnity clause - you're funny!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend away hon xxx

  16. OH Luthien
    I LOVE that teenager- earrings.
    I do not know how often my mum used to say to me:
    You never listen, it goes in here an comes out there.
    I would have loved to have that earrings.
    Have a great week

  17. You are so clever and funny! I absolutely adore these. Great submission for this weeks challenge.
    You are on to something here. You should do more in other colors. Just too cute!

  18. hey ladies :))
    i'm glad you like them! i smirk every time i see them :) and charlie ... yes i would do some in different colors next round!

  19. I love your earrings Luthien, particularly that last pair!! Drool......


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Luthien :)