Mar 22, 2010

i heart hearts ...

you know what ... i so wanted to do today's challenge at inspiration avenue themed "my town" ... unfortunately i live in such a sterile and boring new township there is absolutely nothing to show, unless you want to see the largest ikea in malaysia ... well, i'm 5 minutes drive away *shrug*

BUT ... you might like to take a trip down to inspiration avenue's blog and take a look at what fabulous places my friends live in *sob sob* i am sooooo jealous!!

having no town to show, i decided to settle for some hot from the oven, newly baked hearts instead! now, i'm not lying ... these were really baked like a cookie! LOL!

Enya Elvira ...

made last week but didn't get to post it here tho some of you might have seen it on my facebook. a vintage gothic choker in antique brass and black. where the focal bead is polymer clay and resin-ed, finished with a dragonfly :)

polymer clay mixed media necklaceif you have noticed, i like to name my pieces in the weirdest names! sometimes elven words, other times just names. they all have been girls so far ... i wonder if i would create a 'male' one of these days.


" It is said that when the Age of Man begins, the elves would fade and return to the Ancient West. Athelia is inspired by the Grey Havens, the harbor where the last of the elves of Middle Earth would embark on their final journey home to Valinor..."

polymer clay mixed media necklace* can be worn long or short ... your call :)

and finally Daelithe

" Daelithe is inspired by the dawn of a new cycle, the rebirth of new energy, new growth and new hope. Daelithe is a celebration of the coming of Spring. Rejoice! "

polymer clay mixed media necklace*also can be worn long or short ...

once again, i'm swaying between dark and light ... also endings and beginnings as is evident in the latest 2 pieces i made. one speaks of the passing of a race, the other speaks of the dawn of a new beginning ...

on a different note however ... i have suddenly become quite obsessed with ocean jasper!! arghhhhh!! i basically spent a whole day oooogling at them on the net. then went straight to my bead supplier and guess what!! i managed to buy a couple of strands of ocean jaspers! hehehe ... see if you can spot them on my new pieces?

also, i've been experimenting on some new blending techniques with polymer clay as seen in the striations on daelithe. i have made a couple more beads with this technique and can't wait to form them into a piece of adornment!

polymer clay
and of course, i still want my blacks!!

polymer clay
oooo ... i am pretty excited already!!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Your creativity is amazing!!So much detail and beauty.Hugs-Cat

  2. I love your necklaces. Just stunning!!

  3. My dear Luthien!-)*

    How much I love you creations,my dear talented friend!!!

    You ''hearts'' designs are really,really nice!-))***
    And all materials what do you using here is SO diffrent and always so fascinated!
    I am SO glad and proud that I meet you these magic Blog Land,my Luthien

    With all my love and blessings,


  4. OMGoodness, these new necklaces are just FAB!!! Great job!
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  5. i am absolutely swooning over the choker - and as always your work is stunning... a very talented woman - you bring class and artistry to your township!

  6. My favourite shape is the Heart too! Hence, The Heart of Paul :D

    All your heart shaped creations are amazing!! Especially he Daelithe one!

  7. OMG!! these are simply gorgeous!!! i just LURVE your touch... :)

  8. They're all incredibly beautiful,and your photo style does nothing but compliment them (^_^).. really inspiring work!

    Chloe x

  9. These are SO gorgeous, I don't think I could choose a favorite because I love them all....BTW, my daughter's 16th b-day was last week and I finally gave her the dream catcher which she LOVED and hung over her bed just like Bella in New Moon. She was also enchanted that it came from so far away:)

  10. cat, brenda, violetta, sanda, maire, paul, sheerah, chloe, stephanie ...

    your comments mean the world to me ... it keeps me encouraged, it keeps me inspired, it keeps me here and it keeps me staying true to who i am. when i'm lost, it brings me home ... and i truly am blessed and honored that i have met all of you and many others thru the worldwide web. thank you all for your support all this time and know that i appreciate and am inspired by each and everyone of you!!

    luthien xoxo :)

  11. Luthien, all of these are so gorgeous, I love them all. I especially like the choker with the dragonfly though. You are so creative!

    I really wish you had entered the "my town" challenge! Nothing's more boring than my town, just ask my son! lol.

    This week's challenge might be right up your street. I haven't posted it yet, but the theme is Opposites. I thought of your Light and Dark pieces while I was writing about it...

  12. I love expecially the dark one. It looks amazing.

  13. Oh Luthie...I love your hearts...the way the two halves are sewn together...each is more beautiful than the last! I will own one one day!

    I am playing catch up on my blog friends and i will post my picture tomorrow for the tag game.

    One more thing...funny you mentioned doing a male...I was just imagining the same thing. The only male painting I've ever done was my son and I was trying to imagine who I would get some male inspiration know what they say about great minds :)
    Hugs sweet!

  14. I love where your art is taking you Luthien!! Isn't it wonderful to look back to see how far you've come and where life is taking you. Your necklaces are so stunning!! xx

  15. Your creations are as gorgeous as always Luthien, I just adore them!! One day you're work will be world famous and I can say I knew you when. ;-)

  16. maggie, janine, lisa, catherine, sharon :)

    awww... thank you!! you are all such sweethearts!! i feel so loved :) hehehe ...

  17. I love your hearts Luthien - you do such beautiful work! Your home town I'm sure would have been fascinating to me (and I'm even jealous you're so close to Ikea ha ha)

    This week's team challenge - opposites - made me think of you actually, one of your inspirations I think :)


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Luthien :)