Mar 1, 2010

embracing the night ...

“You have to leave … ”
“Lawrence … wait … what are you afraid of?”
“If anything ever happened to you … I’d never forgive myself …”

ahh ... just can't get enough of them now, can i?

when i said i was gonna further explore the idea of combining light and dark ... i was quite serious. i had to be, cos i could think of nothing else! however, this time it didn't manifest in a piece of jewelry ... but in a handbound book, another one of my favorite crafts. why a book? perhaps i feel that there is more to tell, more depth to explore, perhaps i continue to wonder if there could have been a marriage between these two opposing realms … a love that could have been. perhaps i hoped that in this book i may rewrite a happier outcome of this unrequited love that is shared by gwen and lawrence.

If there ever was such a thing, it would have definitely involved the light of her, surrendering and embracing the night of him … hence this book, i have named nocturnal embrace ...

Essentially a mixed media piece, this handbound book combines polymer clay, paint effects, handtorn recycle paper, scrapbooking paper, silver and vintage filigrees, lace, wires, faux fur and various leathers. This book is coptic stitched with thick double black threads and the covers are mdf boards. This little baby measures approximately W5 x L4 x H1.5 inches.

i've often tried and failed miserably combining vintage and silver ... but i think i am finally quite satisfied with this combination in this piece ... it doesn't feel forced, it feels like they belong together and just flow into each other's energies ... maybe it's just me, what do you think?

i love the way the lighting turned out in this image ... casting a glow on the wires, the filigree and the light side of the heart :)


righty-o ... let's change the subject a little here :) i just wanted to share with you ... what a sweetheart my man is :) i've always wanted a smaller toaster oven to bake my polymer clay so i could safe more energy and ... well, bake more ;P

on my birthday, he bought me this little baby :)

it's really reasonable in price, has a timer, a thermometer and i can even choose to turn off the top heating element so that it doesn't burn my clay :) woohoo!!! isn't he a sweetheart :)
thank you sweetie :))

happy pimping! :)


  1. Ok, who are Gwen and Lawrence? Is this Wolfman? I'm having enough trouble with Bella, Edward and Jacob at the moment. Eclipse reading. Sometimes I just want to knock all their heads together. What's so special about Bella that she has two men completely obsessed with her? It's not really fair on the rest of the female population is it? Mind you one is a vampire and the other a werewolf, so I guess she has her problems to do deal with!

  2. I have a place my heart for altered and created books..This one is really amazing.You have added so many elements and they all go together so smoothly.A wonderful creation Luthien!!

  3. OMG! This is a beautiful book. I think the vintage and silver work very well together. It has such a masculine/feminine feeling like the leather and lace song by Stevie Nicks.
    Very sweet and thoughtful gift from your sweetie. One of these days I'd like to try working with polymer clay. Never have tried it.

  4. Luthien, that book is stunning! I love your use of different materials and the silver and swirls are beautiful!! So much to look at!

    Your hubby is indeed a sweetie pie!! xx

  5. Hi Luthien,
    I love how this multi media book has turned out.
    I also think it would encourage certain masculine and feminine script to be written in it.
    Well done on the new oven. I'm sure life will be easier now.
    Oh, my symbols were not hard to paint on. The textured surface was quite smooth. I'm glad it turned out the way it has (looks heavy)

  6. Dear Luthien,

    you amazed me again and again!-)*

    This creation of you is indeed a beautiful combination silver and dark materials!
    It gives me special feeling...the Great mix feeling about whole life.
    I mean whole life of us,where is all things are a fabulous big mix!-)***

    Great work,my dear Luthien!

    Many love and care,


  7. this is splendid ! I don't think I've seen you work with this type of thing. Just beautiful.

    I'm afraid I don't know who Lawrence and Gwen are either. Please inform.

  8. Oooh Luthien I LOVE this, all the contrasts and then repetitons; especially the way delicacy of the lace is repeated through the filgaree -gorgeous!

  9. hahahaha!!! sorry ladies :) let me just clarify ... gwen and lawrence are the 2 characters in wolfman played by emily blunt and benicio del toro :) sorry ... i'm a little more than obsessed by this movie at the moment! i normally would never go for blood and gore , but this one's a little different ... maybe becos of the casting :)

    lisa :)
    ooo ... you're doing eclipse now :) movie's coming out in november i think! can't wait! well...i think loads of girls in the world hate bella to the bone ...hahaha! i actually think bella is stephanie meyers' alter ego ... it's her fantasy to be bella ;)

    cat :)
    thank you very much! i have a soft spot for altered books too :) i've seen some really amazing creations that i drool over ...

    charlie :)
    thank you very much :) and thank you for noticing masculine and feminine ;) you should try polymer ... it's one of the most versatile mediums ever!

    catherine :)
    thank you so much :) i love experimenting with putting together different stuff :) just that sometimes ... they turn out looking quite wacky! but i think i quite like this one :)

    lulu :)
    thank you sweet lulu :)

    anna :)
    thank you so much :) hehehe ... glad my masculine and feminine "touch" came through ... since you too noticed it :)

    violetta :)
    thank you my fren :) and wow! i'm so pleased that this book gave you insights on life are so right in thinking so. we do live in a hodgepodge of things!

    jaime :)
    thank you my fren :))i use to make lots of crafts and houseware stuff before i was ultimately possessed by jewelry and polymer clay!

    stephanie :)
    thank you so much :) i am so fascinated by your take on the book ... contrasts and repetitions indeed :) it never occurred to be but you are SO right!

  10. ~your book is GORGEOUS...nothing i have ever could only hope to write in something so beautifully crafted...l♥ for the toaster oven...sometimes its those little things that make our hearts fly...happy crafting little one and may this new year bring forth much inspiration to continue creating such beautiful pieces...brightest blessings~

  11. OMG Luthien...I missed your birthday! Poo on me :(

    I think that book is your masterpiece to keep out-doing yourself and leaving a cloud of dust behind you!

    Happy belated birthday, sweet! I think your husband is lucky he has a wife who swoons over appliances and thinks they are romantic gifts...I agree with you, but a lot of know :)
    XO XO XO

  12. Wow! How easily inspirations come to you! You and your Muse must be bestest of friends! Beautiful work as usual. You really have a style of your own Luthien.

    I liked Benedicio Del Toro's character in that movie too! I thought I was the only one ranting about how well he played his character.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous !!!
    Really a whoa !!

  14. I figured since I was on here I should probably actually read your most recent post and leave a comment, lol! ;-)

    LOVE your new book!! Just wait till I show D, he'll want it for our collection - I just know it!!
    You've got one fab hubby there too, what a wonderful B'Day gift!! Congratulations!!!♥♥

  15. What a gorgeous book. I love how tactile it is. I can almost feel that fur. Hope your birthday was awesome!


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