Mar 28, 2010

buying a custom domain ... advice pleeeeeease!!!

did you know that you can actually buy a custom domain from blogger and change your URL from www."yourblogname" to a www."yourblogname".com? for example, now my URL is ... but if i decide to purchase a custom domain from blogger via the "publishing" tab in the settings, i will get a

no .blogspot anymore means that it actually makes your blog look more professional. it only cost $10USD a year. and correct me if i'm wrong but i read somewhere that you can also create sub-domains like or ... from your main domain if you decide to expand in the future. the whole process is supposed to be hassle-free becos blogger helps you make the transfer smoothly ... all your followers, posts, images will all be transferred to their new home with no .blogspot.

now... i'm thinking of doing that.

my question is ... what about my feeds? will that transfer too? anyone knows?

also ... i'm thinking of doing something quite drastic. i want to rebrand. i want to change my blog name, from pimpandpaint to something else. what will my consequences be if i changed to perhaps ... when i buy my new domain name? or something to that effect ... some name so different from my original blog name ... what do you think is my loss here?

i would love to have some advice here pleeeeeease ... >_<


  1. Getting your own domain name is a great idea! You won't lose your existing posts or anything. My blogger blog is hosted on my domain and it works very well.

    As for changing your name, think about it carefully before you buy it! Figure out what you want your official shop/brand name to be and get that domain. Try to leave out any hyphens or dashes in the domain name itself, unless those are already taken. Also check any existing trademarks to make sure another business isn't using the name already.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Oh, sweets...
    I'm not sure about this, sorry that I can't answer any questions. I am not familiar with it so definitely keep us posted on your outcome! It does actually sound like a fantastic idea!!! Good luck and I hope you can get the info.!

  3. Hello,my dear Luthien!-)*

    It sounds very intrestnig about you own domaine name...and I think that is also really good for you future developing here.
    But I know absolutelly nothing about this kind changing,unfortunately...
    I can't to give an advice!-(
    I would like to learn more about it and sure I wil not to loose you as a beautiful friend from these Blog Land world!

    I hope that you get more good advices,my dear Luthien,

    Wish you sunny sunday,
    Much Love,


  4. I don't have any experience with this sort of thing but I think it is a good idea. I totally agree with spotted sparrow about the hyphens. I would not use those. I have used hyphens and underscores and have regretted it, they can be a pain to type in. I wish you all the luck, keep us posted. :)

  5. It's true that converting your to .com will create a much professional image for your blog, providing that this is the kind of format you want for your official website. Of course, some prefer a much complex and playful concept than the blog-look for their website. And as for the name, I think using a part or your whole name is good idea, helps to put yourself out there a little bit more, don't you think? (^_^)

  6. Hi Luthien,
    Hm, I can't help you with any advice here. It sounds like Spotted Sparrow knows what she's talking about.
    I'll keep watching to see what you decide.

  7. ahhh... i'm thinking, still... i agree with spotted sparrow ... i think it's a good idea to have a domain, it's just the name! maybe i'll just stick to pimpandpaint and later have a totally new site for branding my jewelry ... that's probably the best option for me as i dun wanna lose the followers/or those who know me as pimpandpaint ... but at the same time i dun think it's a good name for jewelry! we'll see, we'll see ...

  8. Your blog name will still be in Blogger's directory, so people looking for Pimp and Paint should still be able to find you. When they visit the Blogger link, they'll automatically be directed to your new domain. :)

  9. I don't know anything about this, but it sounds like you've already gotten really good advice! I'll be watching to see how it goes- very interesting.....
    Cheers and hugs,

  10. Cool subject and definitely thought worthy. You received alot of good advice too. I don't think I'd change the name because of the business recognition you've already gained.

    The best thing I can talk about it the pricing which is right in line with where it should be, $10 a year. Having Blogger do the work for you rather than going through another website like Go Daddy is a good thing too since they're familiar with all the ins and outs of blogspot.

    Good luck!♥


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