Mar 30, 2010

blog in transition!

YES!!! i made the decision!

i bought a custom domain ... and i am happy, for now ... YAY!!! no more ".blogspot"

i shall have to register a completely new domain for my jewelry when i decide to go full swing, and when i can think of a nice name to brand my jewelry :) and find the domain for it ... you can't always get the name you want ...

this blog will be in transition. google tells me that it could take 3 days! so please bear with me ...

but you can still find me at my old URL "" ... it will redirect you to my new page ... so i don't loose you my frens! that's the biggest advantage of buying from google and not directly from an independent domain company. google doesn't own a domain company, it still buys from like say GoDaddy ... but when you buy thru google as the middle agent, you dun have to bother about the transition process ... it's ALL done for you :) YAY!!

happy pimping! :)


  1. This is SO cool and I'm so happy it's worked out for you! Now you have me wanting to jump on the bandwagon so where do I sign up? Congratulations!! Looks fab!!♥

  2. Congrats on your brand new custom domain :)

  3. Yeah!! Your very own domain! You rock!


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