Mar 17, 2010

blessed i am ...

i wanna say a big thank you to the mystical and magical faerwillow who resides in the faraway land of ~serendipity~ for tagging me with this "funnest" game ever!

blessed i am ... to share my life with this most beautiful and priceless work of art !!

this picture was actually taken by her granddad, when i brought llara kaye to visit my parents one weekend. she was probably 3+ here... in july she will be turning 5! how time flies!!! i'm thinking that she was all sweaty that's why grandma tied her hair up. and judging from that look on her face ... she must be in contemplation ... contemplating how to manifest another earth shattering act of mischief!

i must admit that i broke into cold sweat as i edgily searched for the object of desire that is to be the main ingredient for this game. i wished so hard that it wasn't gonna be some indecent picture of me without my eyebrows! but in the end ... it was all good!

and the rules of this very fun tag game :

open your first photo file

scroll to the 10th photo

post the photo and the story behind it

all the wonderful ladies do the most unique and fabulous works of art ... please take some time to pay them a visit. clicking on their names would magically transport you there. no need for FLOO powder!

... and oh talking about magical ... don't forget to visit the sweet lady faerwillow of ~serendipity~ too ... for a journey to the mystical realms of pure magic!

happy pimping! :)


  1. ~such a sweet one...she is beautiful...l♥ve her intense look...our littlest will be 5 in june and shares the same earth shattering mischief as yours!! so happy you played along and thank you so for your kind kind words...much l♥ve and light...brightest blessings~

  2. OH how fun! You're lucky you did get a great photo to talk about.I'm scared to see what I'll come up with.....
    Your daughter is beautiful! Children are such blessings in so many ways. Have fun with her.

  3. Thank you Luthien, for cheering me up! What a fun game. You are so lucky your 10th picture was of Ilara Kaye ~ she's so precious and a joy to write (and read) about! You are truly blessed!

    Off to find my 10th picture...who knows what it will be...

  4. You have such a beautiful daughter - she's just adorable! Love the game - very original - though like Charlie I'm a bit worried about what I'll find lol! x

  5. Hi,my dear,dear Luthien!-)*

    You tuched me with these post,my dear friend...
    And this photo of you dougter,oh,my Godness!!!

    I love her look SO much,innocense and pure nature...
    I has visiting the blog of ''lady faierwillow...''and I stay to riding there!-)*
    I like these kind of thoughts and I would love to visit more and more,

    Thank you for you beautiful post,dear Luthien,
    and many,many thank's for you kind and dear for me commnets!!!

    With love and blessings,


  6. What a fun game and a beautiful photo!

  7. She is so beautiful, she is a gem

  8. It´s me again,my dear Luthien!-)*

    I wish you fantastic weekend,my dear friend and check please my last post...
    I have there for you one lovely Award,my talented virtual friend!!!

    Hugs and blessings,



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